When planets exchange they agreed to work together on areas of life that they can, and all planets share something in common with the others. Some planets do not share much, So it’s important to understand how to systematically break down how planets operate. The easiest way to do that are through the universal principles of gunas, elements, sign rulership’s, etc.

Saturn and Mars operate in completely different ways, but they share a very important principle with each other: The Tamasic guna. Both Saturn and Mars are poised to destroy things that make us weak (Mars) or avoid/prevent things that could be dangerous (Saturn).In excess, we can say very clearly that Mars shows anger and Saturn shows fear. But again, that is just an excessive and unintegrated expression. The balanced, integrated nature of Mars is “courage” and “discipline”. The balanced, integrated nature of Saturn is “determination” and “maturity”.

When These two planets aspect or exchange or interact in any way, we generally see that Mars gets the better of it, because Mars benefits from the determination of Saturn. Whereas Saturn can be disrupted by the impulsiveness of Mars.

Vedic astrology – Mars Saturn Exchange – VIDEO

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