The 99% Ego Factor

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When we are present, we are living in truth and in flow with dharma (the truth and wisdom of the universe). The easiest way to “get present” is to get present to the body, because the body is the part of you that is always present.

The body is the wisest part of you, much smarter than your (thinking) brain (what you call your “intelligence”). Your body is always present – breathing, keeping the heart beating, digesting your food, making endless little adjustments so “YOU” do not have to do these things.

If you had to remember to do what the body does naturally, you would die very quickly – and that does not even consider that you have no idea how the body knows what to do and the enormity of wisdom it contains.

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This is why the main spiritual practice of all traditions is about presence – becoming present to the breath (usually). In the present moment there is no room for suffering – all is bliss. Suffering needs time and distance between the “actual reality” / the magic and beauty of the present, and the ‘self-created reality” you inhabit. That reality of opinions, ideas about how things should be – regrets, hopes.. you know all the stuff our body frees us up to think about.

The 1st house is that open and clear presence and shows that “Your True Reality” is but an aggregate of what you have actually experienced (1st house), not what you think about – etc.

Your body is the wisdom of the universe gifted to you. Being present to it and its wisdom is the only way you will ever open the door of truth. But we live 99% of our life in the third house – in our mind, in “our version of truth”.

The Ego is not the first house, it is the third house.


  1. Daniel A. Septembre

    Very interesting lecture. I like the way you explain the interplay of Dharma and Kama houses (hope one day you do the same for Artha and Moksha houses). The information you give seems to go well together with other things I’ve been reading about/listening to (like the law of attraction: what you are focused upon comes eventually into being, which is how you explain the 5th house). I would never have thought that I spend so much time in my 3rd house (I think, I want, I like/dislike …), because I supposed that with no planets there and some planets in the 1st house (even the thinking planet Mercury) it was automatically “all” about the 1st house.
    Slowly but steadily building my understanding of how the symbols relate to the reality as I experience it. With the help, amongst other things, of your online lectures. Thank you

  2. Ajay Prasad

    Hi Sam,
    Interesting perspective of Dharma and Kama houses .

    One question: you said the same planets can never be ruling or influencing opposite Dharma and Kama houses!

    Do they also will have opposing energies ? Like a mars ruled house is your Dharma house, the opposite Kama will be something like Venus or Moon? Jupiter as Dharma will have Mercury as opposing Kama?

    In subsequent videos will look forward to evolutionary relation to respective Arth and Mohsha houses!

    And finally thanks for having me here in the forum.. maybe later in the course will like to validate the timing of my connection here 🙂


    • Sam Geppi

      “Do they also will have opposing energies ? Like a mars ruled house is your Dharma house, the opposite Kama will be something like Venus or Moon?

      >> not “something like” .. but it is ruled by the OPPOSITE planet. Venus IS opposite Mars. Jupiter IS opposite Mercury – same with Sun/Moon and saturn

      Jupiter as Dharma will have Mercury as opposing Kama?
      >> Yes, that is how the houses will oppose each other and the rulers will reflect that:
      1/7 – 3/9 – etc. Look at the rulers and the houses and how those things become specific to the planets as rulers.

  3. http://www./

    I like it! It’s a little repetitive, kinda. But when you add the drum beat it’s really neat. I can see this going in different ways! You can speed it up and make it technoy, you can keep it creepy, dancy! It’s such a great start

  4. http://www./

    Mario, many thanks. 🙂 Since reading Fun Home, I have Are You My Mother? on my reading list… which has been sadly neglected due to a variety of other projects in the works. I also felt pretty comfortable with her allusions to the literary canon and mixed references to theory; however, I also realize I’ve spent a number of years studying this stuff. Had read this when it was originally published, I’m less certain I’d have paid as close attention to all of the details she provided.

  5. Liana

    Dear Sam,
    Would it be possible for you to do a reading for me? If so, could you email me to let me know how to arrange that? Also, I received an error message when I tried to sign up for the daily forecasts this morning.
    Thank you so much. And thank you for sharing the information on this site, it is amazing!


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  7. Margie

    That’s a knowing answer to a dilfciuft question

  8. Nancy Raffaele-ILic

    I got so much out of this video. I took a lot of notes. So want to do your full program when it opens up. Whenever I have checked into it, it wasn’t available at the time? It would really benefit me and my clients.

  9. Jennifer Perez

    Hey Sam, is the first house also someones energy that others feel?

  10. Jocelyne

    thanks Sam, I felt my heart and head quickening as I watched this, I can feel the truth of it.
    Looking forward to the next one.

  11. Julene

    Thanks Sam. I am so glad to see the three cycles of self, others, and universal in this and so much of your work (like with the nakshatras and gandanta). It is so very important. Thank you.

  12. Jennifer

    This makes perfect sense and the examples really made it easy to understand and translatable to me. Thanks once again

  13. Beth

    Jeeeeeze… this clears so much up for me in this moment! Lovely, lovely, concise info Sam…. as someone with tons of Air… getting off being addicted to "being in my head" and intellectualizing everything to death, lol is a tough struggle for me. Really clarifies what is ego babble and what is Source material. Now.. I need to go out and get EXPERIENCE! 😀


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