Sravana Nakshatra literally means “hearing” — hearing the truth, making adjustments based on what we hear and forming connections to society and culture. It is from 10:00 – 23:19 of Capricorn and it is related to the god Lord Vishnu who is the pervader and the one who maintains the harmony of the universe. He is the God of Sravana.

Sravana- Famous, Hearing – Video


Sign(s)/Degrees:10:00 – 23:19 Capricorn


Symbol:3 Footprints, Arrow

Story: It literally means hearing, not just hearing a sound but hearing the truth. It is about being perceptive to the truth and the vibrations of life. A sound travels through vibration and space which is the container of everything. This is also why it is related to mantra, sound, singing, sacred vibration and manifesting things. Things manifest through sound and Lord Vishnu is the manifestor. These are all important principles.

This is in Capricorn which is very interested in manifestation. One of the other main things that allow us to manifest is our relations to the other people. Sravana literally means listening for the truth, behind the words that are spoken not just the literal words. You are listening for the truth behind the question not the literal informational truth. Being able to understand and hear the truth behind what is said and make a proper adjustment is important.

You see people misunderstand teachings all the time like the atheists who want to act like God does not exists because religions are stupid. A lot of religions are stupid, they have blind beliefs and you can find holes in any kind of religion but that is not hearing with Sravana. Hearing with Sravana is saying “that is a metaphor”.

Sravana is a capacity to hear the truth and make a proper adjustment in order to manifest. Once that victory is sure then we want to hold, grow and have it nurture our heart and go deeply into existence itself so that we can shed the individuality and start to become more universalized which also the nature of Sravana and its relationship to other people and that vibration of creativity itself.

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