Shatabishak is related to a god called Varuna who is the god of the seasons, separating the day and the night and the upper atmosphere. It is related to the upper atmosphere like clouds/storm clouds, the richness and moisture in the air like in the upper atmosphere of the Earth but also in the upper atmosphere of your mind.

Shatabishak- 100 Medicines or Doctors – Video

Deity: Varuna

Sign(s)/Degrees: 6:40 – 19:59 Aquarius

Ruler: Rahu

Symbol: Circle, flower

Story: The term Shatabishak literally means “a hundred doctors” or “a hundred physicians” or “a hundred medicines”. It has to do with the metaphysical angst that compels us to seek an alternative answer. For instance, if someone gets sick and cannot be cured, we look everywhere for cure. In doing so, it makes us a great healer. It is this kind of eccentric genius that comes forth in Shatabishak where we need to become a physician or a metaphysician ourself in order to find a cure for if it is not a physical ailment then an emotional or psychological ailment — and really just to figure out our human condition.

The God Varuna separates the day from the night and from the seasons and keeps cosmic order inline. It is related to that upper atmosphere like you can imagine storm clouds that are charged with electrostatic energy.

The previous Nakshatra, Dhanishta, was the fire in the Earth. The fire in the Earth is trying to move up and the static electricity from the heaven is up there and they sort of pull on each other.

Varuna has to do with the storm clouds or with the air charged with a lot of static power and the previous Nakshatra, Dhanishta, was that fire in the spine or the Earth that is trying to move up, like a volcano trying to erupt.

Shatabishak, the hundred physicians or the hundred medicines have to do with that rich, ripe energy in the upper atmosphere of your mind and in the sky as well.

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