On December 28 the moon will be new in Sagittarius, the sign ruled by Jupiter, expressing his masculine, fiery side. Sagittarius is a sign of inspiration and hope, where we look for higher meaning and purpose. This takes the form of religion, teachers and those philosophies that allow us to rise above the day-to-day setbacks.

Everybody has a philosophy about life. Maybe your philosophy is something very elevated, something cosmic and metaphysical. Maybe your philosophy is something much more down-to-earth, related to just “being a good person”. But maybe your philosophy is something much more to insidious, such as “the Jews are the problem”, or “white people need to take their countries back”. All of these philosophies have a strong Jupiter/Sagittarius feel to them.

We see this in the world now, everyone backed up against the wall defending themselves and their beliefs. We see the proliferation of “fake news”, which now includes any news site that you don’t agree with. Many say that established new sites such as CNN, the Wall Street Journal and major networks are the “real” fake news. While others say fringe right-wing or left-wing publications are the fake news.

Besides the more worldly concerns, we have spiritual ones that are just as noticeable in Sagittarius. We believe in a certain cosmic order, that the universe was made/is here for a certain reason (even “no reason at all” is a reason). Atheism is as much a belief as Christianity or Buddhism.

The next 30 days will be a time to examine your beliefs and how much sense they make. If you believe things blindly, they will not benefit you when you need them the most. Unintegrated beliefs lead us to religious hypocrisy, spiritual bypassing and all kinds of other mistakes.

Purva Ashada Nakshatra
This new moon happens in Purva Ashada Nakshatra, ruled by the God of the ocean, Apas. This is a section of Sagittarius related to blind faith and selfless love. It’s related to the ocean, the nourishing and nurturing influence that allows life to be created. It’s this love and nurturing that leads to our “early victories”. Purva Ashada means early victories.

Sagittarius New Moon December 28, 2016 – VIDEO

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