Let’s discuss retrograde planets — what they do, why they do it and what you can know specifically about them. Learn why the retrograde planet acts the way it acts and how can we benefit from it.

Retrograde Planets in Vedic Astrology


First thing that is important is, there is this stereotype in Western Astrology that retrograde planets are considered “bad” and in Vedic Astrology, they are considered “good”. The truth of matter is, they both really are functioning under the same idea but it is really a difference between Eastern and Western culture and how we are interpreting UNIVERSAL VEDIC ASTROLOGYthe same energy.

The fact is, retrograde planets do tend to interrupt things. They tend to make things slow down and back up in our consciousness. What happens with the retrograde planet is, it appears to be moving backward relative to the Earth’s movement. This is the same phenomena that you’ll experience when you are in the car that is travelling 60 miles an hour and you pass a car that is travelling 45 miles an hour. That 45-mile an hour car appears to move backwards as you pass it. It is actually not moving backward, it is just moving 45 miles an hour but you are moving 60 miles an hour so you are moving past it.

Some people say retrograde planet is just an optical illusion because it is not moving backwards. That is true. It is not actually moving backwards, but relative how fast you are moving, it does appear to move backwards, and that is the important thing. It is not really an optical illusion any more than anything else is based on life on Earth.

We see sunrise everyday and the Sun has never risen, the Earth is turning. Thus “retrograde” is no less real than any other optical illusion we are looking at astronomically and astrologically.

It is a real phenomena and basically, the retrograde planet is not keeping up to the speed of your life at that moment, just like that car that is traveling 45 miles an hour.

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