Pushya shows the ultra-conservative and devotional nature of Cancer. It exists from 3:20 until 16:40 of Cancer.

Pushya – Nourisher, Flower, The Best – Video


Deity: Brihaspati

Sign(s)/Degrees: 3:20 – 16:40 Cancer

Ruler: Saturn

Symbol: Teat of cow, arrow, flower

Story: Pushya literally means “nourishment” or “nurturing.” The symbol is the otter of a cow so it really shows a deep intention because the otter of the cow is just kind of vessel of nourishment, a food source which exists to feed. Pushya has that quality.

The deity is called Brihaspati who is the Vedic priest. Brihaspati is the actuating deity of Jupiter, the planet of progeny of children. This is that part of Cancer that is very much about wanting to nurture and feed, like a mother who feels good when she is feeding the family.

In a higher sense, it has a lot to do with that stable, solid and what we also call Sattvic intention which is to serve and perpetuate life and see life advanced regardless of the circumstance.

The wife of Brihaspati, Tara, who was the most beautiful woman in the universe, ran off with the Moon and would not come back. All the gods were up in arms, the universe was about to shut down and finally she was coerced to come back but she was already pregnant with the Moon’s child. She gave birth and the child was Mercury. The gods wanted for Brihaspati to send the illegitimate child away but Brihaspati loved and raised the child as his own. For him, regardless of how the child got there, he needs to raise, nurture and give love to the child. This is a deep story of the Pushya energy.

This is the quality of Cancer that only knows how to love and nurture and Pushya has that quality to it. The symbol is the cow’s otter which is just about nurturing. Brihaspati, the priest, is the benevolent, gentle soul that does not hold grudges.

We need to honor that any planets in that Nakshatra will have this kind of forgiveness, benevolence and want to seek the good, nurture and feed others.

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