On January 20, 2017 Donald Trump will be sworn in as the 45th president of the United States.
Notable on that day are three planets sandhi (last or first degrees), (I am including Jupiter at 28:33) either the last degree in their current sign or the 1st° of their new sign.
When planets are at the last degree, or extremely close to it, their energy is less “together”. A good analogy is when you are moving/changing residence. Half of your things are in boxes, you feel totally in transition and not quite settled. After 1°or before 29° (at bare minimum) the energy settles down.
Mars is changing signs, moving from Aquarius into Pisces today. This may portend more peace and less combativeness than we expect. It also may show confusion / disarray and escapism from facts/precision (negative qualities of Pisces).

Saturn is at the very last degree of Scorpio, about to enter Sagittarius on January 26. This could show less emotional/psychological manipulation (the negative qualities Scorpio) and more commitment to an inspired vision (higher qualities of Sagittarius) then we may expect. But it may also show the last vestiges of the darkness, fear and manipulation of the recent political campaign. It is my opinion that those same tactics will be disastrous for his presidency, as the upcoming transit of Saturn into Sagittarius will demand a more hopeful vision.

Jupiter is almost at the very last degree of Virgo, showing less attention to detail / precision and more emphasis on social concerns.

Also, based on exact degrees, Mars is casting a very tight 8th house aspect (though the aspect is now separating) to Jupiter from the sixth and 12 houses (on the cusp of the 5th and 11th houses). I interpret this to show quite a lot of battles ahead (Mars) especially ideological battles (Jupiter) about policy and the soon to be president’s ethical conflicts of interest.
The exchange between Jupiter and Mercury is probably the most positive part of this chart, Especially considering Mercury is in the ninth house. This shows the potential for cooperation between practical and ideological concerns. Trump will likely try to find practical solutions, to what he sees as big problems. He may be surprisingly bipartisan (infuriating Republicans even) if he thinks it will advance the agenda he thinks is correct.

However, Mercury is a vicious, functional malefic for an Aries chart, ruling the third and sixth houses of self-will and ego (third house) and combativeness (sixth house). It shows the Aries tendency to use language and ideas for arguments, when they are better in action. This may show Trump using his words, language, and skills at propaganda (Mercury) to either benefit or detract from the principles (ninth house) of the country. Of course, that benefit or detraction is largely based on one’s political views. With Jupiter and Mercury exchanging between the sixth and the ninth houses, we can expect a lot of ideological battles during the Trump presidency.

The moon is in the 7th house, showing a “populist” message and that he will try to appeal to the masses. We can already see how he does this / bypassing the conventional media through the use of Social media and Twitter. He may wind up being surprisingly more popular than many believe. He may also get boggled down in gossip and the shallow end of the “Libra Pool” – and disperse his authority through the constant tit-for-tat personal feuding. The Moon in Swati has that potential to scatter and waste energy.

Overall, it is concerning to me that so many planets are in very late or very early degrees. After thousands of chart readings and close to 15 years of research I have seen these placements to show a lot of instability and volatility. When someone has multiple/many planets sandhi like this. When one is the chart ruler (in this case, Mars) and the other is the 10th house ruler (Saturn) it can show a person not meeting their responsibilities or duties with clarity. There are already many reports/complaints of the new administration “not being ready. It has been noteworthy to witness some (if not most) of his cabinet picks. Most are highly unqualified, have never held jobs in the agency they will lead, are totally antagonistic toward what the agency does, etc.

On a more positive or neutral note, such a weakened Mars, is rendered somewhat toothless. So the power (Or perhaps desire) to harm becomes less. The ruling planet in the 12th house also can show deceitfulness and secrets.

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