October 2015 Vedic Astrology Forecast
There are many important configurations in October 2015 – with Mars, Venus and Jupiter in Leo. Also Mercury will turn direct after being retrograde for a few weeks. Add from Address Book
October 2015 Vedic Astrology Forecast – VIDEO

October 1-2 – The Moon is exalted in Taurus, which brings more peace and calm into the heart, after the recent lunar eclipse of September 27, a few days earlier. Taurus is a sign of stability and peace. Now is the time for gratitude and spending time enjoying life, perhaps with friends and family.

This exalted moon is aspected by Saturn, which leads to introspection and humility. But since the aspect comes from Scorpio, you may need to process your fears, vulnerabilities and insecurities first.

October 9-10 – The Moon is in Leo joined Mars, Venus and Jupiter, placing a lot of importance on your individuality and personal strength. This may bring you into conflict with partners, especially if you feel they have disappointed you or watered down your uniqueness. Compromise may be hard to come by now.autumn_trees_wallpaper_-_Wallpapers

Also, Mercury has ceased his retrograde motion now, in Virgo. This gives the potential to purify your daily habits, diet and also make sensible adjustments to things that have confused you lately.

October 12 – The new Moon is in Virgo, with the moon also joined the sun, Mercury and the North node, Rahu. This sets off a new 30 day cycle of structure, organization and skillfully managing life’s details. You may make a lot of progress into these areas of life now as Mercury is there, the ruler of Virgo. The sign before Virgo is Leo, the power of our kingdom. Virgo is about organizing power intelligently. Whether the power is in our body, in our bank account, or fueling our spiritual progress, it must be harnessed correctly or all is lost. The North node is also joined the sun and Mercury, bringing confusion, which may lead to great breakthroughs.

This new Moon is in Chitra Nakshatra, ruled by the celestial architect. Making tangible progress in your worldly life is supported now. Build something meaningful and beautiful for the world to benefit from and enjoy.

October 16-17 – The Moon is in Scorpio, where it is debilitated and emotions are intense. Be careful not to be overwhelmed by your imagined fears and projections now. Instead, allow that intensity to be a great catalyst drawing you deeper into the truth of the heart and selfless love

This moon is also joined with Saturn, the planet of stress and worry. Take it easy on yourself and others now. You might be painfully aware of everyone’s mistakes, including your own. Resist the urge to punish yourself or others.

October 23-24 – The Moon is in Aquarius, aspected by Venus, Jupiter and Mars in Leo. This aspect is an opposition, where conflict can arise with others who oppose you. In this case, battles of will with others may be blocking your desire to contribute to higher social causes and themes you believe in. Turning opponents into allies will be very important now, and if you can manage this, those opponents could be your greatest allies in the fight. The stress of this opposition may also spillover into your romantic relationships.

October 27 – The full moon is in Aries today, and opposite the debilitated Sun in Libra, the sign of compromising with others. This weak sun and fiery moon may create an inner conflict. For example, your individuality is low because the sun is weak and given to compromise. Yet the heart/the moon is “full” in individualistic Aries. As it relates to others, “are you coming or going, and where”? In addition, Jupiter is aspecting from Leo, adding grace and inspiration to your restless heart.

This full Moon is in Ashwini Nakshatra, a place of enthusiasm and energy. Ashwini refers to two horses. The trick is to get these horses running in the same direction. Focus is the key now, but what are you focusing on?

October 29 –Mercury enters Libra, after being in Virgo since the end of August. The next few weeks will support flexibility and communication with others. This is a time of healing in your personal relationships, as Mercury facilitates greater understanding and humor, and Libra is the sign of honoring with others.

However, Mercury will also be hemmed between Saturn and Rahu, showing there could be confusion, stress and pressure challenging these interactions with others.

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