The Sun and moon come together in Scorpio on November 29, 2016 – starting a 30 day cycle emphasizing deep emotions, passions and fears. Scorpio is a sign of emotional depth and concentration. When healthy this leads to enormous love and devotion. But it is also where we can get stuck in negative emotions as well. Jealousies, fears and vulnerabilities could predominate the next few weeks as the Moon waxes toward the full Moon.

This New moon also joins Saturn, bringing increased drama and stress and desire to control our feelings and the feelings of others.

This new moon happens in the Nakshatra of Anuradha, ruled by the God Mitra, the divine friend. Now is a good time to be less emotionally attached and more detached, like you are with your friends. Emotion and drama become devotion and peace when we are not just trying to save our skin or defend ourselves. Possessiveness is the real downfall of Scorpio.

Now is the time to develop real emotional courage and not resist the changes in life. We all have Scorpio somewhere in our chart and will be affected differently by this New Moon.

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New Moon in Scorpio – November 29, 2016 – VIDEO

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