Mula shows the quality of Sagittarius that is courageous fierce and independent.

Mula Nakshatra literally means root and it is where we pull things out by the roots. It comes after Scorpio and the section of the zodiac where we are very connected to life on Earth, where we have the two fixed signs from Leo to Scorpio. We are very fixed and solid here on Earth and our earthly accomplishments.


Deity: Nirriti

Sign(s)/Degrees: 0:00 – 13:20 Sagittarius

Ruler: Ketu

Symbol: crouching lion

Story: The last sign in that section of the zodiac is Scorpio which is where we become aware that we have no control (a big keyword for the fixed sign) over our life on Earth and especially how it feels to us. Scorpio is a fixed water sign and it is where we try to stabilize our emotions eventhough the emotions are always flowing. That creates lots of fears and stress.

The last section of zodiac from Sagittarius to Pisces is where the soul becomes free and liberated from the tangle of materiality that is really typified by that section of the zodiac from Leo to Scorpio.

The first Nakshatra is Mula where we uproot and plant the seeds of truth and wisdom. It is the first section of Sagittarius and again facing that sort of dark chasm of Scorpio or that fixed water where we are trying to fix life and stabilize things. Consequently, we try to control outer circumstances so that our inner circumstance becomes more solid. That creates lots of stress, worry and fear and compels us to look for a higher meaning or purpose which is Sagittarius.

Again, the first Nakshatra is Mula which means root but it is also where we uproot and then we plant the seeds of new karma of a higher purpose and principle in our mind the consciousness that is why it is related to a bundle of seeds. The deity is called Nirriti which literally means “calamity” and became the goddess Kali in modern Indian myth. This section of the sky where we have Mula is opposite section of the sky where we have Ardra Nakshatra.

Ardra is related to Shiva and Mula is related to Kali. If you have you seen the pictures of the goddess Kali, she’s dancing on Shiva. Shiva is lying prostrate beneath her and she dances the wild dance of destruction. This deity was very feared in the Vedas. They were like asking the other gods to make Nirriti go away and not bring her around because she is going to change and transform everything.

Eventhough it is Sagittarius, it is an intense section of the zodiac and in fact its where the plane of the galaxy runs and the galactic core is. So when we have a planet in Mula and we see it, we are looking back toward the center of our galaxy to the galactic core. It is like literally the core of our galaxy.

That is where we are looking at when we are looking at Mula. It means root which also has to do with the root chakra and it is where we uproot and plant the seeds of truth. Whatever we uproot and planted, that is what is growing in our life. We will see that this section of zodiac, as played off through the Nakshatras, show this need to uproot darkness and ignorance from the previous section— from Leo to Scorpio — to plant the seeds of truth and how those seeds of truth unfold is shown in this section of the zodiac and the Nakshatras played the story out really well the first one being Mula ruled by Nirriti, uprooting and planting the seeds of truth.

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