Modern and Traditional Vedic Astrology

We must walk many fine lines between cultures and epochs of human history if we are to learn and apply the teaching of Vedic astrology. It is hard to know which parts to honor, which parts to let go and when.

Modern and Traditional Vedic Astrology – Video – forgive the Typo

A few things to know:
1. The astrologers of ancient India were part of the Brahmin Caste, the “advanced education” Class. Others were educated in trades and certain skill like business or warfare, but relative to the standard of education we receive in this modern world, were are what would be considered the Brahmin class in ancient India. These were the advisors and doctors and priests, etc.
2. At this advanced stage intellectual stage, our worldly, detailed mind is meant to connect with the cosmic mind.
3. You are meant to know your place in the Cosmos. The need to have the Priest class be an intermediary between you and you karma is an outdated notion of the Dark Ages. Every spiritual tradition has at one time or another had revolutions against the Priest Class. Lord Buddha appeared to restore Sanatana Dharma to the people.zodiac_astrology_horoscope.png__PNG_Image__885 × 696_pixels_
* Read this great article by Swami Sivananda about Lord Buddha

You must understand the the ancient culture of India was much different, where the people relied on the Brahmins to help them understand their karma. These people did not have access to great mahatmas (Saints) and great wisdom teachings like Yoga and Ayurveda – like we do today.

When looking into remedies, for example, you need to understand that and know that in this era we have the necessary methods and disciplines to awaken to the truth directly through our own experience – without the need for astrologers even. Astrology became more of a fortune-telling system in order to help these ancient people and villagers. But the real power in astrology is not in these predictions, etc. It is understanding the very nature of creation itself – and our place in it.

It is for this reason that I make available all of the free classes and courses and more formal certifications. You may be saying to yourself that you do not want to be an astrologer, but that is not the reason to study. Everyone is not interestedi n being an astrologer, but everyone is interested in their place in the Cosmos, including you. Everyone is also supremely interested in helping others. When you study astrology, and learn it well enough to understand your place in the Universe, it is not long before you are helping others do the same, and teaching them as well. I will tell you from experience, there is nothing more rewarding that I know of than to help a person understand their place in the Universe.

Seriously consider studying astrology.

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