Lunar Eclipse in Pisces – September 27, 2015

Sunday’s SuperMoon will technically be a perigee full moon, the closest full moon of the year, NASA says. It happens in Pisces, the sign of mutable water, where emotions are fluid.

Lunar Eclipse in Pisces – September 27, 2015 – VIDEO


Lunar Eclipse in Pisces by the South Node
The Moon is eclipse in Pisces by the South Node where our mental preconceptions and emotions are criticized and scrutinized heavily. This may lead us into escaping, for the discomfort, or if we are familiar wit this discomfort – we may escape into a deeper metaphysical truth.

Leo / Virgo Solar Eclipse Cycle
The Full Moon / Lunar eclipse is to harmonize the current Sun Cycle, which occurred 2 weeks ago when we had the Solar eclipse in Leo, with the North node in Virgo. As this astrology correspondent reported then, themes of power and how to organize that power is the central theme of this cycle. The Full moon / Lunar eclipse, as much as anything, is to tempt us to NOT just escape from the literal details and pressures of life.

Uttara Bhadra Nakshatra
This Nakshatra is ruled by a Deity called “Ahibhudnya”, also known as the “Serpent of the deep”. It is this deity, one of the Rudras, who takes the lightning spark of inspiration shown in Purva Bhadra, and takes it deeper – to the Oceanic depths of the Soul.

Exalted Retrograde Mercury with Rahu and Sun in Virgo
There is enormous potential for deeper understanding and discrimination now. Not only is Mercury retrograde but it is also exalted. Both of these conditions are favorable, for different reasons. I discussed those things in this recent article. Now we are scrutinizing the important details that are supporting our life and vision – or NOT supporting it.

Mars / Jupiter in Leo
Both Mars and Jupiter are in Leo now, fueling a lot of high hopes and wishes, and also showing our willingness to fight for our principles, which shows the combative nature of recent weeks.

Astronomy of the Full Moon
Check out this Video that shows the Astronomy of the “Blood Moon” in Perigee


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