Ketu is. the south node in Vedic astrology. The lunar nodes are the points where the orbits of the sun moon and earth lineup in three-dimensional space. The South lunar node is the trailing node, whereas the North node is the leading node.

Evaluating the South but astrologically is quite tricky. It has to do with things from the past – past lives, things we have forgotten from our childhood, things that are buried in hidden. As such, many times these show hidden skills and latent abilities that we didn’t know we had – until we are forced to use them.

We tend to avoid the qualities of the South node, because they often represent painful, and buried life events – as was mentioned. But when called upon and when necessary those skills emerge. However, there is often much confusion while we are using these latent skills. We are often thrust back into forgotten parts of our psyche and abandoned parts of our soul.

An important attribute of the South node is the fierce scrutiny upon which anything it touches will fall under. There is a sort of recoiling in disgust from anything the south node influences. We feel as if we are “used up” in that area of life. We feel as though we have already done enough. And it’s true, there is a lot of expertise in the area where the South node resides. But the karma is not yet complete. Much of our work with the South node is about being compassionate with those around us who are less skilled and precise as we are in that area.

Eclipses with the South node often show these hidden and buried skills coming to the surface again for all of us. The excavation of the skills often requires us to go to very uncomfortable parts of ourselves and untangle a lot of buried confusion.

But underneath it all, Ketu is one of the most spiritual influences in the astrology chart, And I mean purely spiritual. This astrological influence is really not of this world at all. In fact, that’s the most telling attribute of Ketu, is the party that doesn’t really want to be here. It is divine discontent personified.

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