Kala Purusha and The Astrology Self Integration

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50 Minute Video



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  1. Ajay Prasad

    Hi Sam,
    This WHAT | HOW | CONNECT video presentation on Astrology is amazing primer to the other majestic knowledge spectrum of colours it brings, starting from those three basic principles of Satvic, Rajasic and tamsic ingradients present in everything in the cosmos! Thanks!

  2. Barbara

    You open my heart and mind to the Vedicart & Science.
    Thank you so much for your time and information.
    Greatly appreciated!!!

  3. Nancy Raffaele-ILic

    I love your instructional videos. You have a lot of knowledge to share in a very meaningful way. This is a life course. I want to take your next course. I spoke to you on the phone a few days ago. Please let me know when the next sign up is. I think I have always missed the sign up times for your previous courses. Thank You, Nancy

    • KSK

      I tried the horoscope generator here, in D-10 am seeing Rahu and Ketu in same house, is it possible and valid in astrology, are they not always in the opposite..?

  4. vicki howard

    Another great lesson. Thank you!
    I really would like to take the certification course.

  5. Pamela

    Thank you Sadasiva for the easy breakdown to the beginning of the understanding of Jyotish.

  6. James A

    since i'm new to this, i have to set aside 2 hours to watch this 4 times to get some knowledge to stick:)

  7. Shyam

    Brilliant video Sam, I found this more interesting because you teaching the CORE fundamentals in the chart. I also used to think each house was separate in effect but as you mention it's all linked like a circuit and one house leads to another. More fundamentals please! 😉

    • samgeppi

      yes Shyam, this is one the biggest revelations I have had about astrology.

  8. Shirley

    Thanks Sam. Very informative. Shirley

  9. Robyn

    More great info Sam! I just keep wanting more! I need to get the roots deep so I can not only remember but understand…Thanks

  10. Sasha

    This is great video. Thank you.

  11. sam

    Kamaldas said:
    "Hope u make a video on how to defeat the zodiac and escape from this unholy time machine and its controllers.Find hope and free the soul. "

    Haha!.. no way to "defeat the Zodiac",.. sir. This is exactly the type of thinking I am talking about that is rampant in the Vedic astrology community. Astrology is a way to defeat the bad stuff.

    You create the bad stuff in your mind and are under the harsh illusion of separateness.

    You live amongst infinite love and beauty in the Cosmos,, yet you call it out so harshly.

    That harshness is in your mind and defeating the Zodiac (as you call it) is an inner experience that astrology can also show,.. You must connect to the Sattwic energy of the grahas as you are now tangled up in Tamas – fear and anger.

    Best wishes,

  12. Jeanine Ligon

    Jai Ho! I feel very positively about life. I am truly grateful to be here experiencing all of this karma, conflicts and all. No pain, no gain. I think it is a great idea to have a road map and that is what astrology is. How do we navigate from here to there and you are a great navigator. I truly want to learn this stuff from you when I can afford to do so. I can see the ship coming this way on the horizon, so it is not too far off. In the meantime, thank you for your generosity and time. You have a great sense of humor, even though I can see you are very serious about your work, you teach with candor. A great big hug. Namaste Jeanine

    • sam

      Great Jeanine.. !

  13. kamaldas gurubani

    sadasiva is very good at explaining the zodiac. excellent video once again my hat off to you, very good.
    Hope u make a video on how to defeat the zodiac and escape from this unholy time machine and its controllers.Find hope and free the soul.

  14. kamaldas

    Bottom line is the whole zodiac controls all things and everyone in it and the whole zodiac is filled with conflicts everywhere and the angles are how the conflicts are expressed. Vedic astrology explain the conflicts of the zodiac the best.
    As long as you don't rise above the body consciousness you stay in the fucking muck of reincarnating again and again, wearing a new demon body burning in pain and pleasure and living in Ignorance day after day till disease old age and death again and again.What a pitiful condition of the soul.


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