I have heard over and over again, the idea of “synthesizing” astrology placements. So many times I am asked questions where two or three astrological indicators are spoken of, and then I am asked “what does this mean?… Is it good or bad?”. For example.

The Illusion of Synthesis in Vedic Astrology

I want to offer a different way of approaching things. And in fact, what I have noticed, is good astrology explanations are not a “synthesis”, they are in unraveling or in unpacking of many details. Comparison and contrast, confluence of similarities, prioritized and sequenced properly, these are what astrologers say when bringing the chart to life.

In fact, I think something that keeps students from stuck is this concept of trying to “synthesize” everything. I invite you to give up the idea that you are supposed to take a complicated astrological placement and reduce it to one or two sentences, synthesizing all of the attributes into a couple salient thoughts.

In fact, when you do this, you’re very likely polarizing and running roughshod over the subtleties. The subtleties and nuances are what need to be spoken and communicated. Astrology shows life, in all its subtle, fragile, ironic beauty. No matter how great something is, it is always mixed with pain and some kind of distortion. Similarly, no matter how difficult something is there’s always beauty and growth in the process.

It is not important that you judge something or call it a name. What is important is that you simply expose what it is within the range of likelihoods and possibilities. When someone hears this type of exposition of their astrological placements, it is a great gift to them. Too often astrologers place too much importance on being afraid to get a prediction wrong, or something like that. People care a lot less about whether or not you predict when the boyfriend will leave, for example. They care a lot more about increasing their understanding of the process they are going through and the attachments they are grappling with along the way.

Bringing objectivity, nuance and honor to all astrological placements require that you understand the larger universal frameworks at play, and then save them to the person. The more you try to “synthesize” complex astrological placements, the more you run the risk of oversimplifying things, turning them into polarized judgments, and thereby making them dead energies that the person cannot really relate to. Stop synthesizing stop synthesizing

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