Holistic Astrology

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31 Minutes


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There are 12 signs, 12 houses and 9 visible planets, which create the subtle astrological tapestry know as the Zodiac.

In this video Sam explores the connections between the signs and a Holistic Universe that underpins all systems.

An awareness of the inter-relatedness is essential to mastering astrology on a deep level.


  1. Linda Bachop

    Now I really know I don’t know anything – keep teaching me. Thank you Sam.

  2. Ryan

    Fantastic presentation. Brings a sense of contentedness to the zodiac I have yet to see anywhere else. Looking forward to learning more.

  3. Anonymous

    This is profound manner of study in astrology. As I was once told; you could be studying astrology forever!

    This video allows us to see how little “we” know! Hey, Sam! Great for cutting through the astrologer’s ego! Love it!

  4. Johnnie Walker

    I never thought of all the rest of the signs being present in the ascendant sign. That calls for some deep contemplation. Thank you for sharing the video Sam. It is always beneficial

  5. Alicia Isdes

    Oh Sam you made me laugh out loud when you talked about the mars nature of Libra. This video was great. I can see the joy you are having sharing such elegant principles with us in Sam’s Kitchen. Thanks for sharing free videos and I look forward to the rest of your classes.

  6. ixm025

    Intriguing and wonderful explanation!

  7. vinita

    I like the flow part of it the best…which shows that everything is connected….

  8. Nidhish Shivashankar

    Hi! I watched this an hour ago and spent my time just organizing my thoughts on astrology and understanding how the signs are symbolic of a conscious being’s cycle from birth to death and i wanted you to know that this helped me alot! since I started learning about astrology what I was after was a way of using it as a language for understanding the world around me, and not just a belief system of interspersed events. I appreciate very much these posts you have put up!

  9. vicki howard

    I've studied astrology off and on all of my life. (I'm 70 years old) – both Western and Vedic. I find all of your posts very articulate and enjoy very much your deep understanding. I would like to listen to more of your lectures – but I don't do facebook or tweets – and find it hard to navigate how to connect with you! I have a business that takes almost all of my time – so I need to fit in your courses whenever I can.


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