If you’re planning holiday get-togethers, be aware of the “intensity potential”, as the moon will enter Scorpio, its sign of debilitation, on Christmas morning.

The moon is debilitated in Scorpio because Scorpio is the sign where we feel emotional vulnerability, get our feelings hurt easily and often want to strike back.

Of course, that’s not the only possibility in Scorpio. It is also a sign of deep devotion and emotional depth. But that is more of a long-term/universal quality of the sign. Meaning in the short term/momentary experience, the moon in Scorpio makes us prone to being triggered emotionally, reactive, and challenged to “stay calm and cool”.

So course, you as an enlightened spiritual person, who is aware of the astrology, may be just fine. But uncle Joe and aunt Mary are not, and may be triggered to the max – remembering the times when you got drunk at their daughters wedding or snubbed them – or voted for “Hillary” (or Donald) or someone else or whatever. And of course, after a while uncle Joe and aunt Mary and those goofy cousins just start to wear you down. After a few icy stares and rolled eyes you too could be easily primed for battle with the Moon in Scorpio.

In Scorpio, even an uncomfortable silence or an ambiguous moment, can lead us to think and imagine what the other person is thinking. Then we fall back on “our programming” and project that potentially dark scenario. So, you can have two people, both feeling awkward and without malice trigger each other very easily when the moon is in Scorpio.

In addition, Mars and Saturn have been in an exchange for a couple months. This shows we’re ready to fight to the death if the cause is just. Also, Mercury and Jupiter are exchanging, so our blabbering mouth is connected to our principles and the things we believe (but might not really understand very well). And of course uncle Joe, aunt Mary, your goofy cousins and everybody else are also ready to fight to the death for their opinions and blabber on and on about what they believe but have not figured out or thought through very clearly.


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