Full moon in Libra Wednesday, May 10, 2017
On Wednesday there’s a full moon in Libra. This full moon is a balancing point to the individual willfulness of the current Aries cycle. The last couple weeks have had a lot of individual opportunities, and the desire to strike out on our own. But in order to have that individual purpose and mission be meaningful, we need to connect it with others. That is the essence of this Full moon in Libra.

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Full moon Libra

The Big Libra Problem (Full Moon in Libra continued,..)
The biggest problem with Libra energy is the tendency to compromise too much, then feel cheated and abused later.

Understand this:
Most of our compromises are for selfish reasons.

We mainly compromise because of what it gives us in the short term, happiness. Think about it, the fast track to happiness in the moment, especially with other people, is just a give them what they want. It’s difficult to assert your individuality and willfulness in response to what another person wants from you because it breaks the connection, and we all want connection because it makes us happy. So typically, when were faced with a situation where we are in rapport with another person, then they ask something of us, our first instinct is to try to get along. This is why it’s so important to check in with those “no compromise zones”, especially in any sort of intimate relationship or friendship. This fine line between compromising with others, and holding our own ground, is the big Aries/Libra (apparent) conflict. Of course, romantic relationships bring this out in dramatic fashion.

Vishaka Nakshatra
This full moon happens in Vishaka Nakshatra, ruled by the gods Indra and Agni, the gods of the sky/ lightning and the God of fire. This is a section of lever that is much more interested in social justice and crusading for larger purposes, rather than personal relationships and enjoyment. There is a sense of something high, mighty and purposeful in the air now.

Now is a great time for astrology students to study relationships. If you’re interested in that, look over the special that I put together this week on relationship astrology.

Full Moon in Libra – Video

Relationship Astrology Course Special

This Full Moon in Libra is a great time to study Relationship Astrology.
If you are interested in that, I have a special for you for this week.
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