The full Moon is a time of “emotional harmonizing”, in opposition to the sun sign. In this case, the sun is in Libra, the sign of compromise.

Now, the full Moon in Aries has us ready to express our own individual needs, Perhaps with excessive force. If we have recently buried our head in the sand, and tried to play nice with certain things (rather than maintaining a balance between our principles and where we can compromise), there may be a strong backlash against those who we feel have been oppressing us.aries-mui09

At best this is what would be called “righteous anger”, at worst it is just emotional frustration boiling over. If you find yourself really frustrated over something (for example the recent election results), also notice how much you did beforehand to actually prevent this result.

I am noticing a lot of people who buried their head in the sand for months, not wanting to talk about it or stand tall to make sure Donald Trump was not elected, who are now completely furious about the result.

Well, where were you?

I will speak for myself. For more than a year I voiced my opinion about how I thought Donald Trump would be dangerous, and I took a lot of heat for it. And most of that heat I took all alone.

Yes, I would post on Facebook something very strong, outlining the choice we face between these 2. And I would get hundreds of people “liking” the post. But I would also get sometimes dozens of people posting anti-HRC propaganda. Most of them were not Trump supporters, they were just against HRC.

Months and months of smearing her over and over again like this depressed the turn out among independents. In addition, when people would post this anti-HRC propaganda, I was usually all by myself to have to defend her. All of these people who “liked” my post, would disappear when it came to actually defending her / me and the choice that we faced.

Of course, there were also many allies in my “anti-trump” campaign. Most of those allies are now somewhat resolved to this outcome. In many ways, they, like me, had been carrying that burden the whole time, while others were tuning that out. So rather than being furious all of a sudden, like me they are ready to move on to constructive solutions.

Their “anger” was being channeled in real time, while there was time to actually affect the situation.

How Mars Works
In many ways, this is how Mars works. We only become frustrated and furious after we are backed into a corner, usually after the courage to stand up with integrity in real time has passed.

I’m reminded of Pres. Obama’s words the last couple weeks of the campaign in every speech he said:
“We will have no one to blame except ourselves if she loses. If we show up and vote we will win.” That Is exactly what happened.

The reason HRC lost is because voter turnout for her was way down. The year of sniping at her depressed people so much about her that they didn’t show up. And now we have this result.

So, if you’re one of the furious and frustrated people now that Trump has been elected. Notice how much your frustration is directly proportionate to how much you were willing to stand up and defend HRC in recent months.

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