Moon yogas

Moon yogas


In vedic astrology, planets that rise before the moon (meaning 12th sign from the moon), show what are mind (our heart) is going to gravitate toward- for example, if jupiter is before the moon, it might lead us to gravitate toward big things and have philosophy about everything. If it’s venus- it gravitates us in the way we would like to receive only venus stuff and venus issues.

Planets that rise after the moon (2nd sign from the moon), allow us to integrate that experience we need to have- so after we have felt something, we need to integrate it, like for example, if we have mars after the moon, we can argue a lot or we can have sharp, strong opinions- there will be kind of sharp, harsh nature in us in the way how we are responding or processing our feelings.

Planets join the moon would show how we are experiencing our feelings, the way we are responding to things- like, jupiter joined with the moon can give us big emotions, big hopes and optimism- sort of attitude “everything is fine”.

There is one particular yoga called Kemadruma yoga. If there is no planet on either side of the moon, or joined the moon (no planet 12th house before the moon and no planet 2nd house after the moon)- so, basically, the moon stands alone.

Person A, lets call him John, has kemadruma yoga in his chart- his moon is in his first house, no planet in his 12th house, no planet in his 2nd house either. He was wondering why he felt so lonely most of the time, when he was younger especially, even when he was surrounded with bunch of people or big crowd. He did consider himself to be a social being and he loved people. It was like, there was no support- no buffer before the moon and especially no planet after the moon on which he could rely on. On the other hand, he was lucky to have crowded 4th house in his rasi chart- he had mercury and mars placed there, among some other planets. His kemadruma yoga was modified- he had planets existed on the first angle from the moon and it is said that offers support just when the loneliness and fears significant for this yoga occur. Since it was the first angle and it was his 4th house, he was able to integrate difficult emotions through meditation or reflection. He was very much drawn to meditation and breathing practices which were helping him to maintain a peace of his mind.

And what is very interesting- he had mars and mercury in his 4th house – and in this lifetime he got very supportive sister and mother, especially supportive for his career.

Lets take a person B for example- lets call him Stuart. Stuart has also kemadruma yoga in his chart which was aslo modified- no planets in first or second angle from the moon, but planets in the third angle from the moon- 10th house from the moon. While planets in the 10th house itself are literal support for the carrer, planets in the 10th from the moon are psychological support- they likely give an emotional satisfaction. These person, Stuart, has sun and mercury in the 10th house from the moon, which were modifiying his kemadruma yoga and gave him sense of duties and responsibilities (mercury) and quite ego (sun), which were all directly tied to his carrer. Most of his communication and dealing with people in general were strongly tied to his daily job. I talked to him about his feeling of loneliness and he told me that he didnt even have time to think about his social life or the lack of emotional support because he was so overwhelmed with his work and daily job and his social life is mainly revolving around his career.