Full Moon Guru Purnima

Full Moon Guru Purnima

Full Moon in Capricorn Guru Purnima

The New and Full Moon’s are the true life cycles that influence – each month – and / or every 2 weeks. On Tuesday June 19 we will have a full moon in Capricorn. This full moon in Capricorn is also the Guru Purnima (Full moon of the Guru/teacher) this year. On this day we can much more easily grasp the deeper meaning of our teachings than on any other day. The Moon is our mind and consciousness. When it is full at this time of the year enormous breakthroughs are possible wit hyour teachers.

You do not have a Gurus?,.. Sure You Do!
We are all following some kind of teacher or teaching. Whether we just learn through the School of “Hard Knocks” or a spiritual teacher in robes. We are all learning and growing in one way or another. But what are we learning? What lessons are we getting from ife’s setbacks and (most importantly) who are we quoting on Facebook?

Are we quoting, Gandhi, Yogananda or George Carlin or Bernie or Donald Trump,.. or?,.. We all have teachers and philosophies that are important to us. Now is time of year when we can actually see the truth of where those philosophies are taking us.ONTRAPORT___Messages

This full moon is in Uttara Ashada Nakshatra, which is the Nakshatra that guarantees our later victories. This Nakshatra is ruled by the Vishwa Devas, “the universal gods”. These universal gods include time, desire, action, and other universal principles. It is those universal principles that we apply after we nurture the seeds shown earlier. This guarantees the “later victory” and whether or not we manifest things the way we want – and exactly how we manifest them. So, relative to how much our actions are related to truth or “Dharma” and that we commit to them – and work hard (which is karma) do we get results. These things determine the integrity of the results we get. So this is a very rich metaphor for the full moon now.

Rather than just enjoying life, it’s time to be willing to sacrifice for those things that are meaningful. The willingness to do that is the nature of Saturn, who will also be aspecting the moon as he moves through Capricorn for the next couple of days. In addition we have a powerful Mercury and Venus aspecting the moon as it’s going through Capricorn. So this brings a lot of creativity now.

This is also a very good time for the next couple of days to talk things out with others – to work things out with your partners or maybe people who you’ve had some difficulties with lately. It is Tuesday, which is ruled by Mars, so you might find there could be some confrontational situations. But it’s good for disciplined actions, like yoga. So be careful if you get into conflict today and tomorrow especially

Full Moon Guru Purnima

Astrological Cycles and Daily Forecasts

Astrological Cycles and Daily Forecasts

Astrological Cycles and Daily Forecasts

Life is full of cycles within other cycles. Two of the most important cycles are the Sun and Moon cycles. These are the two main cycles that I assess my member site.

The sun cycle shows 30 days of action And initiation. The sun cycle starts when the sun and moon come together, in a particular sign. Wherever that sign falls from each ascendant shows the area of life that individual should focus on that month.

The full moon is the initiation of the moon cycle, and it’s related to letting go during that 30 day cycle. The moon is the indicator of surrender, letting go and integration.

In addition to these two cycles, running simultaneous with each other, are the daily forecasts. The daily forecasts are based on five most important factors. The day, the sign, the Nakshatra, the aspect, and the tithi / lunar phase.

Thus, in any 30 day cycle our action should be focused on the house related to the most recent new moon, and the attributes of that sign. Simultaneous to that, we should be looking to let go of, surrender and integrate things related to the moon sign and whichever house that move falls in from our ascendant.

If you want to get more information about staying up-to-date with these monthly and daily cycles, Check out this page – where you can get daily forecasts, three master classes and several other bonuses for just $.50 on a 14 day trial.


Check out the Video Below Where I Explained the Cycles in More Detail

Sagittarius Full Moon – Solstice Cycle

Sagittarius Full Moon – Solstice Cycle

Sagittarius Full Moon – Solstice Cycle coincides this year. The Full moon brings into question the power of the Sun and Moon – with both of them bright – with the masculine and feminine both strong. In this case, along the Gemini / Sagittarius axis / principle.Sagittarius Full Moon - Solstice Cycle - Video

Now is a time for the intellect to be united with the bigger picture – and harmonizing that with the need to make sense of your personal philosophies, intellectually.

This Full moon comes just a day before the Summer Solstice, which now (based on precession) is happening as the Sun passes through the Plane of the Galaxy. The alignment of those 2 things (the solstice and the Galactic Plane) is what precipitated the Mayan calendar resetting.

Sagittarius Full Moon – Solstice Cycle – Video

Saturn Sun Opposition Aspect in Vedic Astrology

Saturn Sun Opposition Aspect in Vedic Astrology

When Saturn and the Sun aspect each other sets up the sort of internal tug-of-war, between two of the most important planets for our spiritual growth and development the Sun and Saturn In many ways they are similar. Both the Sun and Saturn share one important theme: power6a0133f538e9e4970b016768819dfa970b-500wi

The sun is the ultimate power. It is the maker of everything, the life force itself. Without the sun there would be no life or vitality. All of the food we eat is simply sunlight in one form or another. The sun also refers to how we use our vitality to live a life of meaning and purpose. But it also shows how we lose ourselves, and our true power, in the external world – especially in power struggles with others.

Saturn is the real overlord here on earth though. As Saturn rules the limitations of earth, including the biggest one of all, time. no one wants to waste their time, because wasting our time is wasting our vitality (the sun).

Saturn Sun Opposition Aspect in Vedic Astrology – Video

Jupiter Trine Moon Vedic Astrology

Jupiter Trine Moon Vedic Astrology

Jupiter is the planet of teachings, philosophies and how they inspire us towards something higher. The Sanskrit name for Jupiter is “guru”. There are many meanings to that word. One of my favorites is “heavy”, because something heavy sinks deeper than just the surface. Also, as astrology correlates to science/astronomy, Jupiter is obviously the heaviest planet in the solar system, with immense gravity. And so we can infer that Jupiter/our principles and philosophies, are the things in our life that have “gravitas”. These are things we pay attention to and they guide us from within to something hopeful and inspired.

Of course, all of that sounds great, and we are tempted to think it is something “good”. But these are also the corrupt principles that lead us away from our true, authentic path. We are all being taught something based on our family, our culture and our basic predispositions, or what we would call “karma”. The evolution of our principles and philosophies into something truly “transcendent” is the evolutionary process of Jupiter in you and in life itself.

The moon is “the mind”, called “Manas”, which includes what we identify as emotions, memories, moods and also the voice in our head which is interpreting all of those things, and also feeding it/looping back on it. We could simply say that the moon is “the heart”, but that can be deceptive to a Western audience. Because we in the West equate the heart with “emotions”. But the emotions are just the surface of the heart much like the waves on the surface of the ocean. Emotions are a byproduct of our inner/feeling nature, mixed with our external desires. Underneath it all, this mixture of emotions, memories, intellect and information lead to what is called the “Ahamkara”, the “I-maker” – what we would call in the West “the ego”. All of these originate in the moon, which simply refers to the “feeling of being alive”, as a separate entity. Ultimately, it is through the that we dissolve this feeling of individuation, toward a non-dual/universal self.
Jupiter Trine Moon Vedic Astrology
When Jupiter aspects the moon, through a trinal aspect, our principles and philosophies deeply imprint our mind. An individual will be strongly motivated to follow what inspires them, for good or bad. As we’ve seen, Jupiter shows what inspires us, it doesn’t necessarily mean those inspirations are leading us towards truth.

For example, we may be inspired to make a lot of money. That inspiration motivates us on a very deep level. When our philosophy is “he who gets the most toys wins”, a common Western ethos, a Jupiter aspect to the moon, will show the person’s entire consciousness and identity will revolve around following that inspiration. They will also experience the disappointment in such a failing and flawed notion of life. Eventually, as the flaws are revealed in that philosophy, they will seek a more pure version of Jupiter energy, better philosophy.

We typically inherit the philosophy of our family first, then we push up against it based on our own individuality, then later in life as we start to experience losses and our personal philosophy fails, we revert to some sort of “religion” or “belief system”, based on our own struggle. This is the hero’s struggle.

Jupiter Trine Moon in Vedic Astrology – Video

Mercury in Aries in Vedic Astrology

Mercury in Aries in Vedic Astrology

Mercury in Aries in Vedic Astrology
Mercury in Aries in Vedic Astrology
When Mercury is in Aries the intellect is fast, but may lack precision. There may be impatience and a tendency to grasp for a quick opinion, rather than waiting for all of the facts. Mercury is the part of you that is curious, enjoying the process of gathering information – not deciding if “X” or “Y” is right or wrong.
With mercury, the ability to hold paradox is important, and all views are seen as worthwhile – and have their place.

The main problem of Mercury in Aries is forming a conclusion too quickly. Because Mars / Aries is fast and wants to take action .. So there can be the idea that “I have enough information already to act / speak / argue over” — even after hearing a sentence or 2!,.. when, as you know, anything of depth requires A lot of listening and experimentation, before we actually know what the heck we are talking about!,.. BUT on the positive side, greater skill will be developed through taking action.. and it will be a very proactive learning process. Get a little info, think it is enough to act on/speak about – then take action on that. Make a mistake / gather information about the mistake, adjust.. impulsively act again – etc., etc.

Mercury in Aries in Vedic Astrology – VIDEO



Full Moon in Scorpio May 21, 2016
Personal and Natural Disasters and Redemption

We have a full Moon in Scorpio, joined both Mars and Saturn on May 21 – which shows a lot of personal and natural volatility and stress through the upcoming weekend.

On the worldly level, this could mean man-made or natural disasters, like earthquakes, fires floods. Of course, the human contribution to such things include things exploding, terror, beheadings, etc.
However, this stress and pressure is simply the entry point into something deeper and profoundly gorgeous, at least on the human level. It really is. I’m not just saying this to try to put “lipstick on a pig”.
Full Moon in Scorpio May 21, 2016
Scorpio is the sign of emotional depth and courage and consistent devotion that is unwavering. However, this gem is only revealed after we face our mortal terror, and we all have it. Everyone is terrified of dying, terrified of our loved ones dying. Yet, everyone you know will one day be dead and so will you. We all know this, yet we act as if we don’t. We pretend. Not only that, we try to control external situations and people, as if they are going to last forever.

The pain and pathology of this tragic flaw in our human character is revealed in Scorpio – but so is the redemption. In facing this most fearful and vulnerable part of ourselves, we can transform it into enormous emotional strength (Scorpio = Mars ruling Fixed Water), but only after we have the courage to face it and release fear and anger into the depths of compassion.

So now, not only will the moon be full in Scorpio, it will be joined Saturn (that planet of pressure and stress) and Mars (the planet of aggression).

A few key issues:
Forgiveness of Others.
We all have our grievances against those who mistreated us. The more you hang on to those things, the more imprisoned you are. And no, I’m not talking about “forgiveness of yourself”. We forgive ourselves of everything very quickly. The ego is a master of spin and hiding out in our justifications.
* note
I think almost every time I post something about forgiveness, there are endless responses that say “what about forgiveness of our self”. I actually think we need more of the opposite. I think most people need much more “accountability”.

The past will imprison you if you do not release your anger over your parents, your siblings, your failed romantic partners, this person/that person. The more you’re able to let it all go, the more you’re able to be present.

Personal Courage.
We all know the truth, yet we are afraid to face it and act in accordance with what we know is right. Every day, every breath is one day and breath closer to the death of this body. You incarnated here to try to learn the truth of who you are. Yet, instead of facing this boldly, we waste time, usually in pursuit of ephemeral pleasures. Of course it is important to enjoy life, but be honest with yourself, 99% of your life revolves around enjoying yourself and being happy. This leads to a world that mainly revolves around other people, where there is almost no solitude, introspection, and discipline towards higher consciousness and connecting with what is beyond, connecting with your true self.

Friendship and Work.
The fixed nature of Scorpio leads to enormous devotion, particularly in situations where our “personal desires” are not on the line. For instance, with our friends or our gurus/teachers we feel enormous gratitude and are willing to stay connected and face our own unpleasantness (rather than projected that onto others).
Also, when doing the great work of our life we bring the same commitment, Because we love that work more than we love “saving our skin” or “winning”. So, now is a great time to be a good friend, connect with your teachings or teachers or immerse yourself in the fulfilling work that is your souls calling.

Combust Venus and Purification of Desires
I’ve seen quite a few posts recently about Venus combust, and frankly, I think most of them miss the mark. A combust planet is becoming “purified” of its worldly/physical qualities. You need only look at the astronomy of the combust planet to understand this. It is furthest away from the earth (our worldly experience of it) with its rays passing through the sun (the spiritual/pure essence).

Have you noticed a deeper contentment with people, yet less “personal desires” attached to them? For example, you may be noticing a lot more “overall appreciation” for the people/partners in your life, yet without all of the “romantic/sexual charge” that usually accompanies that appreciation.
This is shown by combust Venus moving into Taurus.

Lunation Cycles and Natural Disasters
It is been well-known for a long time that many seismic shifts occur very close to full moons or new moons, full moons especially. This is due to a very simple principle, gravity. It is true that planets do not have much gravitational influence on the earth. However, the sun and moon exert enormous gravity on the earth and when we have a full moon, the sun is pulling on one side and the moon is pulling on the other side – like a tug of war.

In addition, when Jupiter, Saturn and Mars also “Square”, join or oppose lunation cycles, especially full moons, there can be increased seismic activity as well. When these alignments occur in fixed astrological signs, the likelihood increases even more for seismic activity. Also, when the nodes also square the lunation axis, especially with Jupiter also relating with that square, even more potential exists.

All of these conditions are present now. Thus, there could be some increased seismic activity over the next several days to a week or so.

Full Moon in Scorpio May 21, 2016 – VIDEO

Venus Exalted in Vedic Astrology

Venus Exalted in Vedic Astrology

Venus Exalted in Vedic Astrology
Venus is exalted in Pisces, the sign of otherworldly energy and creativity. With Pisces we seem to have 1 foot in this world and 1 foot in the other. Venus, the planet of desires becomes elevated in Pisces, where we find happiness in the highest, most metaphysical ways. Instead of seeking pleasure, the lowest quality of Venus, or happiness through others, we seek a sort of divine love.

Typically, human beings disappoint us, because we have extremely high expectations and desires we are trying to fulfill through them. When Venus is in Pisces our desires are elevated toward things more eternal. We find the highest beauty in teachings from great spiritual masters and other elevated things.

The real lesson of exalted Venus is it shows how are supposed to use that energy, in a high sense. Meaning, we are meant to elevate our desires beyond just the physical or the emotional. We’re meant to find “happiness for no reason”, whereas typically the mind finds many excuses not to be happy or contented.

Venus Exalted in Vedic Astrology – Video

Sun in Taurus in Vedic Astrology

Sun in Taurus in Vedic Astrology

Sun in Taurus in Vedic Astrology.

When the sun is in Taurus there’s focus on comfort, stability and structure. These things often take the form of our family, our money and those things we’ve gathered around us.

Of course, we all want to enjoy life and be surrounded by the things that make us happy. We have to be careful not to get stuck in our ways and live to just maintain stability. This is the danger of Taurus energy. Most of us crave stability and structure more than growth. A healthy balance between change/transformation and stability must be achieved in life.

Underneath it all, our desire to keep accumulating people, things and experiences must also be replaced by contentment. Once this happens we enter the present moment, which is the only true source of peace and consistency in life.

You can see the power of Taurus by observing cows. They are very much creatures of habit. They like things to be a certain way each day, and when the routine is disrupted they can become quite aggressive and angry. But once they have their momentary needs met, they are the most contented and peaceful creatures you could ever see. Sitting nearby watching a cow chewing its cud is a deeply relaxing experience. If you meditate near that large, contented animal, you will certainly feel contentment yourself.

Astronomy and Astrology of Retrograde and Combustion

Astronomy and Astrology of Retrograde and Combustion

When planets are either retrograde or combust they are at the extremes in their orbits, relative to the earth.

For example, when planets are retrograde, they are closer to the earth. When planets are combust, they are furthest from the earth, except for Mercury and Venus which can be both retrograde and combust at the same time.Retrograde and Combust

The video below “brings to life” and astrology chart, showing the actual sky reflected in the chart we are looking at.

You can also see easily why I prefer using the South Indian style of chart for Vedic astrology, as it shows the sky correctly, as opposed to other chart styles which are a “representation” of the sky.

When planets are retrograde they become more internal and psychological. The things they rule back-up and make is go inward to get closer to their true essence. This included what the planet rules as a Karakas (natural indicator) and well as what is rules as a house lord. These things get delayed, feel obstructed and are generally confusing.

When planets are combust they are burnt up in the rays of the Sun and feel like a sort of “sunburn”, being pretty touchy and sensitive – that can lead to anger and outbursts. We will have a sensitive spot for that planet based on its nature as a Karaka – often referring back to things from our past or childhood where we were deprived or mistreated. But this is to purify that thing, and focus it with enormous power (related to the Sun) – although we may not enjoy it personally ourselves.

Retrograde and Combust – VIDEO

Saturn Retrograde in Vedic Astrology

Saturn Retrograde in Vedic Astrology

Saturn is retrograde close to half the time. This teaches us that we are meant to be reflecting on our long-term commitments, and making sure they resonate, almost half of the time. Then, the rest of the time we are meant to be determined and focused on our long-term goal.Saturn-

The larger process of Saturn takes us back to our fears, and unfolding them internally, toward things more eternal. Meaning, most of the things we have committed to are based on a certain expectation of “lack”. This refers back to our own insecurities and fears.

For example, how many people are truly committed to bringing out their highest purpose and vision? And instead, how many are just trying to make sure they have enough money to survive, from a point of view of “hanging on”?

With Saturn, we feel time passing as we see people get older, people die, and we start to truly evaluate the time we have and the contributions we can make, or that we are not making. This painful awareness is either a catalyst for greatness or cowardice.

Ultimately, a powerful Saturn leads us to solitude, sensitivity and introspection. We give up the illusion that somehow the world is going to save us, or someone in the world will save us. The wispy promise of worldly happiness through other people, experiences, travel or whatever keeps us bound to the ego, the earth and time itself. We need to grow up about this and become mature. Facing the (not so) harsh realities of Saturn brings this maturity and makes life meaningful.

Donald Trump and The Luck of a Jupiter Transit

Donald Trump and The Luck of a Jupiter Transit

Donald Trump was just named the presumptive Republican nominee. Yet there are still enormous obstacles ahead for him to be even be accepted by that party, let alone be elected President.

His improbable rise has been shown by the transit of Jupiter through his first house, since July 2015, when he burst on the Political scene.Republican_Party_presidential_primaries__2016_-_Wikipedia__the_free_encyclopedia

His Chart is a fascinating case study in the specifics of astrology, in this case the transit of Jupiter through his first house — and its influence on his persona and Natal Mars in the first house.

For his rise to be possible there needed to be many things in place, they include:
~ A weak field / Competitors unwilling to hold him accountable
~ A complicit media fawning over him / entertained by him
~ The underestimation of his chances by party elders until it was too late
~ Several mid-level / weak candidates splitting the vote once the Primaries began.

All of these things have come together for him since the summer of 2015 when Jupiter entered his first house and went over his natal Mars, the Yoga Karaka in his first house and his SubDasa planet.Donald Trump Luck Jupiter Transit

Unlike the Past,. in Trump’s Favor

In elections past, a majority candidate emerged to take down a fringe candidate, early in the process, one who earned a similar percentage as Trump. For example, Mitt Romney in 2012 quickly began to earn 50% or more in 2012, with New Gingrich Ron Paul and Rick Santorum eating up about 45% of the rest of the vote. This is normal.

Thus, even though Trump has barely gotten 40% of the vote, he has gotten close to 70% of the Delegates. This UNpopularity (within his own party) will be death of him as a General election candidate, and is showing up now as Speaker Ryan and other prominent Republican party members are still against Trump – former presidents and candidates will not endorse him or even show up to the Republican convention.

Foolhardiness and Overconfidence of Jupiter

One thing to understand about Jupiter, is he also can mask the truth for while, as we ride high, overlooking the underlying factors, as i see the media now doing with Trump – speaking as if he is “so popular” because he is “winning”,.. all the while overlooking these obvious numbers and fortunate circumstances.

His luck is about to change though, as Jupiter will move forward in early May and Trump will be challenged to be a “uniter” and rally this very divided party behind him. This will be no small feat, as Trump has created most of the divisions himself, and he is also riding high – not thinking HE should unify, but rather they should reach out to HIM, the mighty one.

In the middle of August Jupiter will move into his second house and the circumstances will change. He will have a very tough battle on his hands where he will need to be accountable for his words and be facing battles from all directions, including within the Republican party itself.

Donald Trump Luck Jupiter Transit – Video

May 2016 Vedic Astrology Forecast

May 2016 begins with two fiery shifts, the Aries cycle, and Jupiter in Leo turning direct. Expect to feel enthusiastic and even restless the first half of the month. Get ready to hit the ground running with your projects and inspirations. By midmonth, there’s more of a shift toward manifestation and grounding, with both the Sun and Venus in Taurus. This will be important by the end of the month, when a challenging full Moon in Scorpio, joined Saturn and Mars, threatens to overturn the applecart.

May 1 and 2 – The Moon is joined Ketu in Aquarius. There may be a feeling of “nagging discontent” now, especially as it relates to your social circle or community. We all would like to think we are leaving the world better than we found it. You may be examining those things now and looking for opportunities to contribute more. Be careful of self criticism now.

May 6 – New Moon is in Aries today, joined Venus and retrograde Mercury. The next 30 days will hold the promise of new beginnings and exciting breakthroughs. Now you can connect with your true purpose and let it inspire you, courageously. The curiosity of Mercury and the desire of Venus to spread joy will also be of assistance. However, Mercury is retrograde, so you want to take care with your words and actions until May 22.

This new moon is in the Nakshatra of Bharani, ruled by the God Yama, the God of restraint. For success to be realized, it is not enough to charge forth only following our personal agenda. We must exercise restraint, care and caution. Keep this in mind now.

May 9 – Jupiter turns direct in Leo, after having been retrograde since early January. Now is a great time to connect your goals with higher teachings. Also, this is a great time to get additional training, especially as it relates to making your mark on the world. Jupiter is closely joined Rahu, the North node bringing unusual teachers into your life. Be careful of confusing teachers or (if you are a teacher), be careful not to confuse your students.

May 19 – The Sun and Venus are in Taurus, beginning a cycle of stability and manifestation for the next few weeks. Now is an excellent time to make important purchases, connect with your desires and live a happy life. This brings up themes of family and personal values as well. Care must be taken to avoid materialism and greed. The deeper lesson of Taurus is not accumulation, wealth or enjoyment; it is contentment. In yoga this is called “santosha”, where we appreciate all we have and, in so doing, share abundantly our time and resources.

May 21 – Full Moon is in Scorpio now joined Mars and Saturn, who are both retrograde. This will be a time of deep emotions, many could be painful and/or aggressive. When the moon is full, there can be a lot of triggering and attachment to our own point of view. When the moon joins Mars our protective opinions also become important. Beware of feeling victimized and picked on now. Don’t seek revenge or justification. Just let things pass. The rusty chains of past grievances may be a heavy burden now as well. Instead of reacting, be disciplined and devoted. This is achieved by sitting with your own discomfort, and finding stillness in your own heart, rather than projecting your pain onto another.

This full moon is in Anuradha Nakshatra, the star of devotion. Mitra, the God of friendship, rules this Nakshatra. Instead of saving your own skin, put some attention on others, and help support their growth. This is the highest quality of Scorpio, but also one of the hardest things to do.

May 22 – Mercury turns direct in Aries, where he is been retrograde since the end of April. Hopefully since then you have been reflecting more on your speech and communication style, rather than recklessly blasting others or overlooking important details. Now that Mercury is moving forward, he can bring great skill to benefit your projects and get the details straight, including the details you communicate others. It is also a good time for writing, speaking or other modes of interaction.

May 24 and 25 – The Moon is in Sagittarius aspected by Jupiter. Expect to feel more inspiration and hope now. This is especially important considering the recent full moon in Scorpio, described above. After such an intense “deep dive”, it is nice to land in the arms of grace and good teachings. This is the realm of Jupiter and of the sign he rules, Sagittarius. Pay attention to important signs from spiritual teachers and leaders now. Look for pure teachings and traditional forms of worship to deliver you from the pain and sorrow of the world.

Mercury Retrograde in Vedic Astrology

Mercury Retrograde in Vedic Astrology

Mercury Retrograde in Vedic Astrology. Mercury is the planet of curiosity, humor, speech and communication. Facility with Mercury shows up as an intelligent approach to life and one where we learn and correctly interpret life’s experiences. Mercury is the planet of curiosity, humor, speech and communication. Facility with Mercury shows up as an intelligent approach to life and one where we learn and correctly interpret life’s experiences. Think about how many things in your life you never begin or undertake because you are certain it is not possible for you – based on the story you are telling yourself about something.

Ever catch yourself saying things like this:
“You can’t make a living doing that..”
“I am not smart enough”
“So and so person is a real loser and deserves what he gets”,..

What would happen if that story shifted? What do you think would be possible for your life if you shifted those “certainties” in your head. Because make no mistake, you are listening to that voice in your head and you think it is real.

That is the real promise of retrograde Mercury, not foul-ups with technology and phones and other of the sillier things often discussed when Mercury is retrograde. This Retrograde motion occurs when a planet is closest to the earth. At that time the planet’s energy becomes a deep internal / psychological force and its energy is much more prominent.

Mercury Retrograde in Vedic Astrology – Video

Exalted Sun in Aries

Exalted Sun in Aries

The Sun is the soul’s light and power. It is that part of you that has a dedicated focus to something much bigger than yourself – a higher vision. It is that Sun / Soul’s light within you that is the source of your true power and generosity. It is that sense of contribution and fullness that makes life worth living.

When the Sun in Aries we act instinctively on this Soul’s power, as Aries is the Sign of instinctive action, courage and enthusiasm. We are meant to act upon that soul’s inner light. When we act upon that power our generosity and spirit become a driving force.

The true Sun is like the pure light within that is not corrupted by the shadow of the world and ego and mind and the lack of confidence we usually associate with the world. That confidence and enthusiasm are magnified in Aries.

Exalted Sun in Aries – VIDEO

Venus in Aries

Venus in Aries

Venus in Aries

Venus in Aries

Venus is the planet of beauty, enjoyment and our desire to experience – for ourselves, with others and eventually through all of existence. We can experience personal happiness most easily in the form of pleasure. but then we seek a higher form of happiness with others – when we can share it with another. eventually we learn that happiness best takes the form of something not dependent upon an experience at all, and it becomes a state of mind, closely related to contentment.

Aries is the first sign of the Zodiac, where life is hot and urgent and fast. it is often experienced as pushy and aggressive when we do not have a proper channel for our passions and enthusiasm.

When Venus is in Aries we are very focused on our desires getting fulfilled and vigilant to whether our needs are being met and our compromises are being appreciated. After Venus in Pisces, this change is noticeable, as Venus is Pisces tends to be very forgiving and Venus in Aries more diligent.

Venus in Aries can also very sexual where we are burning and aggressively pursuing our desires. This can also become extreme as we may get combative toward those who stand between us and our personal pleasure.

Venus in Aries – VIDEO

Planetary Stations in Vedic Astrology

Planetary Stations in Vedic Astrology

Planetary Stations in Vedic Astrology are very important. Before planets change directions they appear to completely stop in the sky.

This is called a “Station”,.. and show energy concentrated and not moving. This shows where are stuck at a certain time .. either ready move backward or forward.

In a natal chart this is also important and shows energies that are stuck.

Planets are “stationary retrograde” before they go backward. Then “stationary direct” before they go forward again. The outer planets (Mars, Saturn and Jupiter) can station, or slow down dramatically, for a month at a time or more.

Planetary Stations in Vedic Astrology – VIDEO

New Moon in Pisces on April 7, 2016

New Moon in Pisces on April 7, 2016

New Moon in Pisces on April 7, 2016

The Moon will be new in Pisces on the early morning of April 7, 2016 in Revati Nakshatra. Pisces is the feminine sign ruled by Jupiter, where we reflect on the deeper, metaphysical promise in life. Often this leads to a higher creative impulse – but sometimes it just makes us a little spacey and ungrounded.

This new Moon is in the Nakshatra of Revati, ruled by the God Pushan – the shepherd of the Gods. Now you can feel divine providence leading your weary soul to it’s home.

This new Moon in Pisces is also considered a “New Year” in Indian culture – and begins a “Divine Mother” festival. The next 10 days are good for worshipping the sacred feminine.

Over the next month we will also be dealing with the exalted Sun in Aries, giving a lot of drive toward your personal goals. Also, Venus is exalted showing a higher potential for forgiveness and connection to beauty.

New Moon in Pisces on April 7, 2016 – VIDEO

April 2016 Forecast

April 2016 Forecast

April is a month with a strong focus on themes related to the Self and others – with a New moon in Aries and a Full Moon in Libra. Also, exalted Venus and the Sun affirms themes of beauty and personal strength.

April 1
Venus enters Pisces where she is exalted and where she will be until April 25. Venus is the planet of happiness, where we wish to fulfill our desires and live a good life. Venus is exalted in Pisces, the sign of emotional and cosmic unity. Now is a time where we will seek a sublime beauty, and may find it! Usually our happiness is conditioned on people or other worldly things. As such, this is a great time for romance and creativity. But be mindful of fantasizing or escaping from things you find unpleasant, the shadow side of Pisces.

April 7
The new Moon is in Pisces today, beginning a 30-day cycle of emotional expansion, inspiration and hope – themes of Pisces. Now is a great time to connect with your authentic heart, not just the emotions. Pisces is a dual sign, where the emotions change quickly. Pisces is also the sign of mystical emotions, not just worldly ones. The fish must swim in the deep waters if she is to survive; only a dead fish floats on the surface. Emotions are the surface of the mind, dive deep into the heart the next 30 days.

This New Moon happens in Revati Nakshatra, ruled by the God Pushan, the shepherd. There is a gentle, protective energy now. Allow yourself to be enveloped in this healing love.

April 13
The Sun enters Aries, his sign of exaltation. The Sun is exalted in Aries, because it shows the need to act instinctively (Aries) on our true power (the Sun). For the next 30 days trust your gut and act on your highest inspiration and purpose. This is a great time to blaze forth with your career goals and life purpose. Be careful of overconfidence and arrogance.

April 17
Mars turns retrograde in Scorpio until June 30. Since the end of February we have been plunging into deep emotional waters. For the next 2.5 months expect some inner turbulence as these waters churn more and more. Now is a time to face your emotional fears, anger and jealousy. Discipline transforms these ugly, negative emotions into personal strengths, but it takes a lot of courage. This is not easy and requires we sit with ourselves and not project our stress onto others.

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April 19-20
The Moon in Virgo is aspecting exalted Venus now, bringing a firm grounding to the creative, mystical promise of Venus in Pisces. The Virgo moon is a kind of fussy, but the Venus aspect also brings, grace and creativity. Now is a great time to actually produce a piece of music or art or yummy meal. Then later, relax into the fullness of existence in your heart. Also spend time with loved ones.

April 21
The Moon is full in Libra now, bringing an emphasis on relationship connections and interactions with others, including business partners. This full moon in is opposition to the exalted Sun in Aries – showing the need to connect our personal power with others if there is to be growth and power. In many ways, our personal strength is meaningless unless we can share it with others. Expect some volatility in this area of life now, as “Self and Other” becomes important now.

This Full Moon happens in Swati Nakshatra, ruled by the god Vayu, the God of the wind. The monkey God Hanuman was the son of Vayu. He represents the power of the mind to be a superhuman force, when brought under control. Careless and reckless speech can be especially damaging.

April 24 – 25
Moon is with Saturn and Mars in Scorpio now. This monthly treat has been delivering a dose of stress and anxiety lately. Expect some deep frustrations again now. Be careful trying to manage (or control) the emotions of others. Instead try to stabilize yourself, and connect to your true heart; dive deeper than the surface. But this is especially hard, as you may feel jealous, insecure and victimized now. Do not be tempted to attack others because “they deserve it”, based on what they did to you. That is the fast track to more and more drama, rather than more and more peace. You get to decide.

April 26 – 27
The moon will be in Sagittarius aspected by Jupiter in Leo, bringing some much needed hope and inspiration after the drama of the last few days. Now is a good time to reconnect with your teachings and beliefs. This is a great day for serious study, or serious teaching. Inspire others today and learn.

Retrograde Planets in Vedic Astrology

Retrograde Planets in Vedic Astrology

Retrograde Planets in Vedic Astrology

Planets go retrograde they are closest to the earth. At that time the relative speeds of the 2 planets create the illusion that one is moving backwards. This is similar to when we are in a faster moving car and the one next to us is moving slower. At that time, the slower moving car appears to be moving backward.

Even though it is not moving backward, for all intents and purposes it will slow us down. If we are depending on those in the car (like we are on the planets), we will only fully reach our destination until those in the car also arrive.
Retrograde planets are much like that. They are areas of life that do not keep up to speed with the rest of our life. These delays often arrive in the form of mistakes we make and confusion about what to do in the areas of life ruled by the Retrograde planet.

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Retrograde Planets in Vedic Astrology

In the example to the right , all planets would be retrograde. Mercury and Venus are moving faster and at the same part of their orbit as the Earth. The Earth is doing the same relative to Saturn Mars and Jupiter.

In such cases,the innate quality of the retrograde planet will be important and developed internally to the native, as well as the psychology of the planet (psychology is internal).

However, the things in life ruled by the retrograde planet AS A HOUSE RULER AND ORGANIC, LIVING KARAKA will not unfold smoothly.

Retrograde Planets in Vedic Astrology – Video

Saturn Retrograde and More for the Next Few Months

Saturn Retrograde and More for the Next Few Months

Saturn Retrograde and More for the Next Few Months

Saturn is now retrograde – Mars will soon also be retrograde (both in Scorpio) – and Jupiter is already retrograde in Leo. Now the real inner work on yourself begins. Since Mars entered Scorpio on February 21, there has been more frustration, anxiety and pressure around Scorpio themes:

  • transforming and stabilizing our irrational emotional fears
  • controlling situations and people in order to manage those fears
  • cultivating deeper devotion and emotional courage

Saturn shows the consequences and the pain of our mistakes in these areas, and Mars is trying to summon the courage to change them. But sadly our response is to try to confront, challenge or change an outer circumstance or person, rather than the source of the problem: our maniacal ego. When Saturn and Mars both go retrograde in Scorpio, the futility of our external efforts are revealed and bring a lot of pain that shows us the things that are our fault .. which is pretty much all of it. It is called Karma. You are doing all of it, and always have. Sorry, but you can’t believe that you are “The Goddess” or the “Divine Self” AND also be a victim of circumstance. Well, you can but it is delusional.

It is time to put away all of the pretty faces so many New-Agers put on their problems. Once you grow up, all of your problems are your fault and yours to change. That is true liberation. It is your cunning ego that claims to be “All Powerful” in one sentence then blames others for your problems in the next. These ridiculous stories keep you trapped and always have. It is called the wheel of “Samsara”. This is not confusing. Everything you need and are looking for is available to you every moment, but you are not present to it. You are present to the tapestry of BS weaved by your cowardly ego. It is time to face the truth (Saturn) and have the courage (Mars) to destroy this inner fiction. The only way to do this is some kind of authentic spiritual practice (Sadhana) that in one way or another leads to solitude, rather than clinging to another person or cause as the focal point of your life.

Underneath it all, the ego just wants one thing: Attention / Validation that it Exists and is Real. Ignoring the ego leads to the death of the ego. But like a child, the ego first tries to get attention and what it wants by doing the “good” behaviors it has learned. If that fails, it will do something bad / explode / coerce / threaten with a tantrum / using all of the power it has, to get its way and the attention it needs to survive. Mars gives the courage and capacity to be disciplined and destroy this pathological monster in all of us – YES IN YOU – and do the right things each moment. Saturn gives us the commitment to do those things over and over again, not just once in a while.

My Guru Amma describes the pain of transformation and the beauty that results with an analogy. In order to create a great sculpture, the artist must chip away the stone with a sharp chisel, piece by piece. Over time, and with great effort, a beautiful piece of art emerges from within that rough stone.

Mars is the sharp chisel.
Saturn is the effort over time, chipping away piece by piece.
Of course – You are the work of art.

So, its game on now for about 5 months at least.

Brussels Bombing of March 22, 2016

Brussels Bombing of March 22, 2016

Brussels Bombing of March 22, 2016
About 1 day before the Lunar eclipse, releasing the tension of the Sun / Ketu eclipse in Aquarius, this tragedy struck. As I recently discussed, this lunar eclipse actually happens in Virgo, in the 8th Sign from Aquarius – showing a potential obliteration of global togetherness.

Immediately after the bombings there were calls for “torture” of terrorists by the Republican front-runner for US President and increased racial profiling by the other Republican front-runner. Thus, not only do we have danger and fanaticism from the terrorists, but we also see the fanatical response. We are on the precipice of deciding who and what we are looking to be as a country – and indeed, a world.Window_and_Kala_-______3_22_2016__08_00_00________MAIN_SCREEN__

Aries, Leo – Guru Chandal Yoga
At the time of the bombing we see an Aries ascendant, with Mars and Saturn in the 8th house. This is
further showing the potential for annihilation. The Moon and retrograde Jupiter join Rahu in Leo in the 5th house. Leo is the Sign of the government and centralized power. This shows fanaticism (Rahu / Jupiter) assaulting the seat of power (Leo) for injustices, either real or imagined, and the willingness to die for those causes. This is a classic “Guru Chandal” Yoga come to life in the most treacherous way.

Nakshatra of Purva Phalguni
The Nakshatra is Purva Phaguni, ruled by the God, Bhaga – the God of delight. This Nakshatra shows the need for a kingdom / government to share the wealth and be generous with its citizens.

Saturn’s one way aspect to the Moon, Jupiter, Rahu stellium portends the willingness to die for their principles and the danger of the situation.

Brussels Bombing of March 22, 2016 – VIDEO

Vernal Equinox 2016

Vernal Equinox 2016

The Vernal Equinox is the day when the Sun crosses the celestial equator moving north. Equinox means “equal night”, and shows the day when Sunlight is evenly distributed all over the earth. Essentially if you could make the round globe flat, the equinoxes are the days when that flat surface is most perpendicular / flat toward the Sun.

The Vernal Equinox marks the first day of more sunlight in the Northern Hemisphere and Less in the South, for the next 6 months. In the Northern Hemisphere, it is the first day of spring – where new beginnings abound.

Vernal Equinox 2016 – VIDEO

Lunar Eclipse in Virgo

Lunar Eclipse in Virgo

On March 23 there’s a lunar eclipse in Virgo on march 23. This is a unique lunar eclipse because although Rahu when Jupiter are in Leo, the moon is actually in Virgo when it is being eclipsed, in the 8th house from the Solar eclipse.

Typically what happens is we have a solar eclipse in one sign (in this case Aquarius) and then the lunar eclipse harmonizes and contrast that energy, by being eclipsed in the opposite sign (in this case and it would’ve been Leo). Now this typical harmonizing, with its opposite sign, is broken at this time.lunar-eclipse-2000-espenak

This seventh house connection is the same that takes place in relationships with individuals. In order to have a good relationship, of any sort, each individual must transform a part of themselves toward the higher connection they have. In this way we grow beyond just our own self and start to connect with other selves. This is the typical trajectory of comparison and contrast that happens with seventh house situations, including all new moons full moons and eclipses.

But at this time, with the sun being eclipsed in Aquarius, then the moon eclipsed in Virgo, we can see a total destruction/ transformation of those Aquarian themes. More specifically, we’re seeing how the collective will is being totally transformed by a focus on detail of how our governments and leaders and social structures are being organized, specifically.

For example, we can see around the world political systems being disrupted as citizens focus on the nuts and bolt specifics of their economy and their alliances with others. In the UK, there’s talk of seceding from the EU. In the United States there is a incredibly contentious political battle underway. Globally the specifics of how different countries are relating with each other is also being scrutinized, down to the fine details.

This portends enormous destruction and transformation of our social structures for the next several months, through the summer and until the next eclipse, September 1, 2016

Uttara Phalguni Nakshatra

This eclipse happens in Uttara Phalguni Nakshatra which is about negotiations, contracts and good relationships with those you are partnered with. It is called “the marriage star”, and also shows a bad marriage and a mishandling of legal structures. It is the Nakshatra where Leo becomes Virgo, where the kingdom needs to be organized and where we can see the corruption and abuse of authority filtering down into favors and nepotism.

It is not surprising to see the emotions raging now, as globally citizens are waking up to the idea that in this dark age, absolute power often corrupts absolutely and our “political leaders” are often tarred by the same brush and motivated by the same goal, padding their own coffers.

On a personal level, you can map the same power structures over into your life. First of all, your health and vitality is a focal point, and how that filters down into your diet, your activity level, and other things. You may be noticing how your social obligations and duties and spiritual communities, etc. may be depleting you and taking you away from what you know to be correct..

Lunar Eclipse in Virgo – Video

Aquarius Eclipse in Purva Bhadra Nakshatra March 8, 2016

Aquarius Eclipse in Purva Bhadra Nakshatra March 8, 2016

Aquarius Eclipse – Purva Bhadra Nakshatra

The Aquarius eclipse will bring into play themes of community and service, and purify our personal relationship with them. We are also going to be gifted with the chance to purify our personal identity – and our attachments to others.

Aquarius Eclipse - Purva Bhadra Nakshatra

Aquarius Eclipse – Purva Bhadra Nakshatra

Purva Bhadra pada is a Nakshatra related to a transcendent glimpse beyond, where our Self or our ego suffers a death of sorts. This is the section of the Zodiac where the soul begins its path to liberation.

Mercury and Venus both in Aquarius shows how communication and discrimination is also being purified now.

The Mars / Saturn conjunction in Scorpio shows how we are facing our insecurities – willingly or unwillingly!

Every planet in the FIXED signs show a quality of Fixation and stubbornness now — related to the themes mentioned.

Aquarius Eclipse – Purva Bhadra Nakshatra – VIDEO

Mars and Saturn and Depression

Mars and Saturn and Depression

Mars gives is the courage to fight and destroy things that are making us weak – physically, emotionally and spiritually. The negative quality of Mars sees us lashing out aggressively (or passive aggressively) to injure others who we think have injured us. This gives us a feeling of temporary relief to our frustrations – but comes at a high price. We destroy the trust and connection and safety (Saturn) that we feel around another person.Mars and Saturn and Depression

Saturn rules long-term consequences and structures – like time and pressure. When we are in situations where we cannot “vent” or change the situation, it becomes depressing.

For example:
You can vent at your employees but not at your boss. Sadly, we also tend to vent at those who love us, where there are not consequences for our bad behavior. But over time, those intimate relationships get destroyed and the trust eroded..

When Mars and Saturn come together, Saturn brings a larger situation into the mix – and puts us in a situation where consequences inhibit us.

Notice the capacity to get depressed now over situations you have broken and you see no way to go back to it now.

Mars and Saturn and Depression – VIDEO

The Calendar – The Zodiacs and Timekeeping

The Calendar – The Zodiacs and Timekeeping

There is a huge difference in the way time is measured and kept in the East and the West. We see a lot of these differences played out in the 2 Zodiacs.

Western timekeeping is very Sun / Earth centric .. with a calendar and a Zodiac based on fixed Gregorian Calendar dates. These calendar dates are not in even in synch with the very Sun / Earth cycle it purports to model. Meaning, April 1, etc.. has no connection to a season or a Zodiac sign, etc. The beginning of the Year has no relationship to anything astronomical, even though the Astronomy is implicit in the Calendar.

In the East, the calendar is much more holistic. The calendar / months / cycles are based on the Sun / moon / Earth relationship. Usually a New Year, or a festival, etc.. begins on a New moon. The same is true with their months and seasons.

Regardless of these things, a 360/365 day year, broken up into 12 divisions (as shown by both Signs and Months) is an attempt to bring together Sun and moon cycles.

The Calendar – The Zodiacs and Timekeeping – VIDEO

Aquarius Eclipse Season in Vedic Astrology

Aquarius Eclipse Season in Vedic Astrology

Aquarius Eclipse Season in Vedic Astrology
This Ketu / Sun eclipse cycle is getting heated up now, as many themes related to the Leo/Aquarius axis are getting destroyed. Ketu Solar eclipses show an “erasing/destroying” effect, relative to the most important themes. In particular, now we are seeing the utter destruction of social / governmental structures and how they implicate our personal lives.

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Meaning, we all have a certain amount of personal power and we also have a desire to connect that personal power with others, socially. We experience these things as “politics”, “social causes”, “community” and even “religion”.

The Leo/Aquarius axis has a lot to do with governments, and their need to represent the people. History has shown, no matter how much power a government or a kingdom possesses, they do not have the numbers. Even the most powerful monarch is subject to citizen reprisal if they abuse of authority.

The political climate in the United States clearly reflects this now. On the Republican/right side of the aisle we have extreme hard-line, protectionist ideologies and a standard of conservatism never seen before. On the Democratic/left side of the aisle we have an openly declared socialist pushing the agenda toward more and more forms of liberalism.

In many ways, these extremes are reactions to a general abuse of authority, and maintenance of the status quo. Over the last 20 to 30 years there has been a deep blurring of the lines between right and left, toward a more centrist model where both parties simply worship power. Implicated in this corruption is the media, big business, lobbyists, Wall Street and on and on.

Aquarius Eclipse Season in Vedic Astrology – Video

Kala Sarpa Yoga in Vedic Astrology

Kala Sarpa Yoga in Vedic Astrology

Kala Sarpa Yoga Vedic AstrologyKala Sarpa Yoga Vedic Astrology
The “Serpent of Time” (Kala Sarpa) Yoga is one of the more dynamic placements in Vedic astrology. The Kala Sarpa Yoga is when all of the planets exists between the Nodes, on one side or the other. There are several ways to analyze this placement. But mainly we can say there are unconscious and confusing themes related to the House and Sign indicated by the Nodal placement – and the node in question.

Also, the Kala Sarpa is different depending on which end of the Node is Leading. Remembering that the Nodes move backwards, if all planets exist between Rahu and Ketu it will show a theme of new Karma’s beginning. If all planets exist between Ketu and Rahu there are themes of karma’s ending.

The nodes represent a confusing polarity, both personally and collectively. We must be careful not to judge the Nodes too harshly, for good or ill, until we closely inspect the planets they join and the other indications.

A person born with the Kala Sarpa Yoga will usually live a very transformative life, but maybe it will not be beneficial. The otherworldly energy of the Nodes must be channeled as a force for good in such nativities. Any planets joined either one of the Nodes in the Kala Sarpa Yoga become a strong catalyst for the transformation of the lifetime. By transit the Kala Sarpa Yoga shows a confusing and transformational time.

Now we can focus the nature of Ketu devouring the form of each planet this way:
Sun – Focus on transcendent personal power, not ego
Moon – Focus on pure feeling, not emotion
Mars – Focus on discipline and courage, not battles with others
Mercury – Focus on discrimination and truth, not details and stimulation
Jupiter – Focus on pure teaching and wisdom, not beliefs or issues being demagogued
Venus – Focus on pure beauty and devotion, not personal desire
Saturn – Focus on letting go and solitude, not control and clinging

Kala Sarpa Yoga Vedic Astrology – Video