Pisces 2018 – Month of Chaos and (hopefully) Redemption

Pisces 2018 – Month of Chaos and (hopefully) Redemption

A Month of Chaos and (hopefully) Redemption

A new 30-day cycle, related to Pisces, begins on March 17. Pisces is ruled by Jupiter, the planet of hope and inspiration. Through the sign of Pisces this becomes emotional and psychological, whereas Sagittarius is the masculine and assertive quality of Jupiter.

Pisces is where we feel the innate connection to that which is beyond the earth, that which inspires us to rise above all the problems of the world. This can lead us to spirituality, creativity, romance. But it can also lead to fantasy, delusion, and escapism, where we just can’t bear the pain of this world and our separation from spirit

In the highest sense, Pisces is the part of you that is not of this Earth, the part of you that simply wants to merge, through the heart, with existence itself. As such, it is the part of you that knows there is no place to go, that you are already home.

But then the mind and intellect gets lost. We may ask foolish questions and assume things incorrectly. For example, we may ask ourselves or our teachers: “If I am already pure spirit and consciousness, then why do anything? Why not just trust that everything is working out.”

Of course, to some extent that’s true. But it assumes a lot. Just because we have “God potential”, it doesn’t mean that the potential is realized. Because those who have fully realized their “God potential” – see the good and the bad, the pleasant and the unpleasant, in the same way. They are not trying to avoid or escape from difficulty or unpleasantness. Thus, the confusion and delusion of Pisces.

In the deepest sense, we know that we emanate from spirit. However, that (False) “knowledge” leaves the ego to form conclusions that have not been experienced.

This is why we need to harmonize the qualities of Pisces with the practical methodology and willingness to “show off” to do the work, of Virgo.

Purva Bhadra Nakshatra
This new moon happens in Purva Bhadra Nakshatra, which is related to Lord Shiva’s energy, and the lightning bolts that shock us into a deeper awareness of a deeper reality. In the very early stages of Pisces, we first become aware of our true existence, beyond “saving the world”, being “one with humanity” and all of these very high ideals that we as individuals hold dear.

The utopian vision of life on earth is penetrated by the lightning strike of that which is beyond. This lightning strike may make us fanatical, as we first catch this glimpse of something beyond the earth. So we must be careful of that fanaticism.

On a more mundane level, we have to be careful of the fanatical world leaders and sudden, shocking actions based moral impulse then on rationale.

The Virgo full moon
The next 30 days will challenge us to stay engaged with the messy details of world in order to be freed from them, and the false attachments we have developed to our physical, embodied life. These “messy details” are related to the sign of Virgo, the opposite sign from Pisces.

The full Moon in Virgo on March 31 will show the harmonizing of these two forces: the force of surrender to actual truth (Pisces) and the need to stay engaged and alert to all the details that facilitate that surrender (Virgo).

Debilitated Mercury

This new Moon happens with Mercury debilitated in Pisces. This shows where we might not be thinking so clearly, or speaking so clearly. When Mercury is debilitated, we get the details wrong, then we speak them incorrectly. This is also a politically correct way of saying, “be careful of liars and people lying and trying to deceive you”.

Also, you must be careful of misspeaking and unwittingly lying yourself, as a result of “self-delusion”. Most people do not say to themselves “now I am going to lie”. No, instead, we willingly cooperate with a story we know is not true, then spread that story to others. Over time, we lose credibility once people understand we are doing this.

Exalted Venus
Venus is exalted now, which shows a high potential for spiritual devotion and connecting to that sublime beauty of life. There could be a lot of romance and high desires now. But also, we may be disappointed in our romantic relationship, due to the otherworldly projection so many people inflict on their partners.

Try to stay realistic and grateful. The highest promise of exalted Venus is devotion to God, the only “otherworldly” thing we can rely on. People will always disappoint us, and we will disappoint them. Now is the time to “awaken from the soulmate fantasy”. Instead, we can “awaken to the God consciousness reality”.

Mars/Saturn conjunction
Mars and Saturn are now closely joined in Sagittarius, which can be quite dangerous. On the worldly level, we hear the saber rattling of dictators, and power grabs everywhere. The Chinese leader has just declared himself king (basically). Other authoritarians are jockeying for position in an ever more dangerous world. Putin, Kim Jong un and Pres. Trump all seem to be playing very dangerous games that could blow up at any minute.

We must be very careful, particularly around the end of March and into early April.

Global Implications and President Trump – 8th House
Because president Trump wields so much power on the world stage, it’s important to see how this will affect him. A quick review, and recent predictions from this astrologer, shows how volatile and destabilized he is – and how it has been clearly shown by the astrology – and how dangerous this next month could be.

The recent lunar eclipse in his 12th house, over his relationship factors, showed the eclipsing of all the women in his life. His wife, his daughter, his close assistant (Hope Hicks) have all been marginalized if not under siege and attack. In addition, an ever-growing lawsuit from an adult film star threatens his credibility, if not presidency. All of this was predicted as shown by the eclipse on his relationship factors – and then the solar eclipse in his seventh house (relationships).

This Pisces cycle will occur in president Trump’s 8th house – the house of death, destruction, war, unpredictable and unexpected chaotic events. Basically, if you think there’s been chaos so far, hang onto your hats. Because the president is about to have things blow up in his life, even more. This could mean scandal, lawsuits, death, war – all 8th house’s events.

It is the house where secrets become exposed (if we have been lying), and the consequences of how we treat others also comes to the forefront. Under normal circumstances, these revelations take us to a deeper awareness of life and make us face our fragile insecurities. But our president has shown no desire to own up to any of his misstatements, mistakes, deceit and corruption. Instead, he doubles and triples down on them and tries to deflect attention.

It’s not beyond the realm of imagination that his entire “meeting with King Jong Un” is a way to distract from an emerging sex scandal with a porn star! But these high stakes “winging it” gambits, where the endgame is not known are extremely dangerous.

There could be more firings (especially Mueller, McMaster and/or Kelly) and military action is possible. It has been reported, and seems obvious, that Pres. Trump is ready to “take the shackles off”, now that he’s been president for one year and “really understand the job now”. Extreme hardliners such as John Bolton have been floated as replacing McMaster. This is like pouring gasoline on the fire.

By the way, in early April 2017 Pres. Trump bombed Syria, and then tested the MOAB ordinance – showing how this 8th house transit of the sun from Pres. Trump’s point of view is related to war and destruction.

Ketu in Vedic Astrology

Ketu in Vedic Astrology

Ketu is. the south node in Vedic astrology. The lunar nodes are the points where the orbits of the sun moon and earth lineup in three-dimensional space. The South lunar node is the trailing node, whereas the North node is the leading node.

Evaluating the South but astrologically is quite tricky. It has to do with things from the past – past lives, things we have forgotten from our childhood, things that are buried in hidden. As such, many times these show hidden skills and latent abilities that we didn’t know we had – until we are forced to use them.

We tend to avoid the qualities of the South node, because they often represent painful, and buried life events – as was mentioned. But when called upon and when necessary those skills emerge. However, there is often much confusion while we are using these latent skills. We are often thrust back into forgotten parts of our psyche and abandoned parts of our soul.

An important attribute of the South node is the fierce scrutiny upon which anything it touches will fall under. There is a sort of recoiling in disgust from anything the south node influences. We feel as if we are “used up” in that area of life. We feel as though we have already done enough. And it’s true, there is a lot of expertise in the area where the South node resides. But the karma is not yet complete. Much of our work with the South node is about being compassionate with those around us who are less skilled and precise as we are in that area.

Eclipses with the South node often show these hidden and buried skills coming to the surface again for all of us. The excavation of the skills often requires us to go to very uncomfortable parts of ourselves and untangle a lot of buried confusion.

But underneath it all, Ketu is one of the most spiritual influences in the astrology chart, And I mean purely spiritual. This astrological influence is really not of this world at all. In fact, that’s the most telling attribute of Ketu, is the party that doesn’t really want to be here. It is divine discontent personified.

Solar Eclipse in Aquarius – We are stuck with each other

Solar Eclipse in Aquarius – We are stuck with each other

On February 15 we have the first solar eclipse of 2018, when the moon moves between the earth and the sun in the constellation of Aquarius. Mercury and Venus are also joined the sun and the South node in Aquarius at that time.

When Aquarius gets eclipsed, our relationship with society and culture get shaken up, distorted and refocused. We can see this globally as Russia, North Korea, China and other countries have taken more prominent positions of power since early 2016 (when the eclipses started in the Leo/Aquarius axis). It all seems up for grabs at this point.

On a personal level, you should feel prepared to refocus and recommit to “being the change you want to see” in the world. This doesn’t mean you have to get out and protest, or become political. But it does explain the radical shifts we are all noticing and will be forced to accommodate, whether we like it or not. In fact both sides are pushing the other to extremes now. We have no option but to live with each other, that is the lesson.

We see watershed changes shown by the #metoo movement, systemic shifting of our social institutions, like the media and intelligence services, measured against extreme conservatism. These are all related to Aquarius, the social and political structures we have built and share in common with each other. As these things shift, there is a stress, because we’re not sure what’s going to replace the culture we had “pre-2016”.

A sense of altruism is a good thing, and much needed now. Even if you don’t set out to “change the world” now, you could certainly make improvements in the workplace, or in any environment where you have to co-mingle with others. But yes, you may also feel a sudden itch to do some work in the community, or in your spiritual circle, or in service of causes that will outlive you. These are the larger lessons of Aquarius.

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Mercury and Venus – Fake News and Selfies
Mercury and Venus are also getting eclipsed. This shows a deep reevaluation of our communication style and our information (Mercury), and our sense of beauty and how we share that in partnership with others (Venus). This is a difficult time for relationship intimacy and connection, not just because of Venus being eclipsed but Mars as well (see below). Reevaluating meaningful connections is important now, in our “self obsessed” attention seeking culture. When we pay more attention to “Facebook likes” than authentic sharing and connection.

This is also time to reevaluate our sense of discrimination and separating fact from bias and opinion. These things are so incredibly blurry in our world now, to the detriment of civil discourse and a fact-based shared reality. When faced with facts we don’t like, no need to listen to the other person, just call it “fake news”, then move on. This is going to kill us all if we don’t get it worked out and learn how to listen to each other. A good place to start would be to return to common sense, and a common set of agreed-upon “facts”.

Dhanishta Nakshtra – The Drum of Creation
This eclipse is in the Nakshatra of Dhanishta, which is symbolized by the drum of Lord Shiva. As the dancing God Nataraj, Shiva plays the “Damaru” drum. This symbolizes the heartbeat of life, the steady pulse and drumbeat of existence. This wild, ecstatic dance is of both creation and destruction – a simultaneous frenzy of birth and death. This is creativity itself.

Every act of creation is preceded by an act of destruction. Before we can plant flowers, we must destroy weeds. Every rebirth is preceded by death. This is the ever rejuvenating life force personified as time itself. The drumbeat of time, and the need to not waste it, is shown by this Nakshatra. The word “dhan” (the first syllable of Dhanishta) means “wealth” or “value”. The greatest value and wealth we have in life, is time and what we do with it.

We can spend our time chasing material wealth or spiritual wealth. This Nakshatra bridges the two signs ruled by Saturn, Capricorn and Aquarius. Saturn is the planet of time, and the one who takes it away from us. This extremely sensitive point in the zodiac shows the transition from making peace with our limited time in Capricorn, then sharing that inner strength with others in Aquarius.

Mars and Saturn – Facing Fear and Anger
Also important on this eclipse is Mars in Scorpio and Saturn in Sagittarius. Now is the time to develop more emotional courage and discipline, or else we can spin out into emotional battles with others and wasting our time in useless drama. Mars and Scorpio is challenging us in this way. But you may be feeling emotionally irritable and restless with others. It is always easier to dump our frustrations onto our circumstances. But instead, there’s a great window open for you to “own your hurt” now.

Saturn in Sagittarius is prominent now, because Saturn is the ruler of this eclipse and is also aspecting Aquarius. Saturn is the planet of stillness, silence and making peace with death. In order to make peace with the death however, we have to go through the fear and stress of facing it. So these could be important and heavy things now. But as always, the pressures and difficulties are only on the surface, only psychological and emotional. Beneath the surface, in the center of the heart, there is great liberation and ecstasy. All of that is possible now, but you need to sit still and not project your fear and anger onto others, stated simply.

Maha Shiva Ratri – Reconnect to OM
Tuesday night, February 13, will be Maha Shiva ratri, the great night of Lord Shiva. This is the night to stay up and celebrate the change and transformation I am discussing. This is a great night to train your mind to focus and meditate and be still and silent. As I already stated above, Mars and Saturn are bringing a lot of discipline and determined energy on your behalf.

This eclipse is trying to show us that we as individuals on earth, depend on each other for our survival. The days of a “Superpower” dominating others is becoming less important, as the damage that can be done by terrorists or rogue nations are becoming less and less important. We are starting to sense that our true vulnerability is a distrust of each other, and an inability to recognize truth and treat each other with respect when we disagree.

Stated simply, we need to learn to get along with our neighbors, other countries, and our planet. May we learn this lesson gently, both personally and collectively. Because the other option is not very pretty. History has shown us that sometimes the only way we learn to get along is in the aftermath of a personal or collective “catastrophe”.

You can watch the video here:

Vedic Astrology and the Sidereal Zodiac in the Age of Misinformation

Vedic astrology is the most powerful, stable and scientific astrological system the world has ever seen. It has endured in its original form for thousands of years.

Inseparable from that stability and timeless endurance is the sidereal zodiac, the mapping system used in Vedic astrology, which integrates 12 solar portions with 27 lunar portions, as they (according to Parashara) “occupy the same space”.

A Quick History Lesson on Zodiacs
The earliest record of the 12, 30° signs is from the Babylonian Empire, from about the fifth century BC, written on their cuneiform tablets. The original zodiac was sidereal, connecting precise ecliptic coordinates to 30° portions. Later, these sidereal 30° portions found their way to Greece, then later to Egypt where around the first century CE. At that time, all zodiacs were sidereal and the tropical zodiac did not exist until Claudius Ptolemy proposed to pin them to seasons, by declaring the 1st° of Aries to be the vernal equinox.

As we now know, the distance between the original, precise sidereal zodiac from Babylon and used by the Indians to this day, and the extrapolated tropical zodiac from the Greeks, that pinned the vernal equinox to the first degree of Aries, has now drifted by about 24°. It will continue to drift about 1° every 70 years for eternity.

Indian Astrology Is Sidereal
By contrast the sidereal zodiac is the same as it was thousands of years ago, when Magha was at 0° Leo, showing the “king on the throne” in the sign of Leo, rather than having drifted into Virgo. The Nakshatra of Pushya (the breasts) is still squarely in Cancer, the sign of motherhood, rather than having drifted into Leo, etc.

In every Vedic astrology text proper, sidereal signs and Nakshatra’s are integrated. Varahamihira states Ashwini (Nakshtra), Aries (Rasi) and the Nakshatra padas are aligned, for example. No one disputes this, (even those novel Vedic astrologers / students using the “tropical zodiac”) nor does anyone dispute the fact that in spite of being influenced by the tropical zodiac, Indian astrology developed and was conceived of sidereally. Although there are a few who think (strangely enough) that the Indians made a mistake using the Sidereal Zodiac.

When we look into some texts (after the Greeks pinned the seasons to the zodiac), references to what would become “the tropical zodiac” show up in “astronomy texts” and some of India’s secular/non-astrological writings. In these instances we see the equinoxes and solstices joined to “astrology signs”, rather than measured sidereally, as we would expect. This has confused some, for good reason.

In these texts the Sun is described in relationship to the seasons and other purely “earthbound” activities, the length of the year, etc. But there are no astrological methods or techniques in those books. They are not astrology books. So, we should not make hard conclusions about how to “practice astrology” based on these writings, except to take notice that the influence of the Greeks made its way to India at this time.

Thus, in spite of these references in astronomical and secular texts, the wise Indian astrologers never conflated the seasonal / tropical zodiac of the Greeks with the primordial, original sidereal zodiac. As was said, that original zodiac of 12, 30° portions was first seen formally in Babylon, then was exported to Greece, then migrated to Egypt, then joined with the seasons – eventually making it to India, where it was rejected for erecting horoscopes.

Why Did the Indians Resist?
So, why did the Indians resist using “what we now call” the tropical zodiac? Well, we may never know exactly, but it seems pretty simple. The Indians never used the tropical zodiac. (as it did not exist at that point and why would it?) They already had an extremely precise, sidereal mapping system that had been in place for thousands of years by that time.

In the ancient (Rig and Yajur) Vedanga Jyotisha, we see the ancient Indians were master astronomers, having calculated the year very precisely, and even measuring out 30° portions of the year (Sidereally). They also measured “five-year cycles”, which were likely meant to compensate for the extra days, like a leap year. Like all ancient cultures of that time, the first “zodiac” is more of a calendar, not used erecting horoscopes or for practicing astrology. That would come later, as the zodiac signs and Nakshatra indicators would eventually be formalized into a chart reading system. Of course, this system would revolve around the sidereal portions of sky they were already using.

Every calculation in the Vedanga Jyotisha was sidereal. Solstices were measured with Nakshatra’s, which are sidereal. The length of their five-year cycle was measured in Nakshatra’s, 135 Nakshatra’s to be precise. Seasons were measured to be 4.5 Nakshatra’s. There’s no evidence whatsoever that the Indians used what would be considered a “tropical zodiac”. Every historian and researcher for thousands of years has come to these same conclusions. There is no mystery here.

Tropical Zodiac a Mistake?
The tropical zodiac did not exist at that time, and to many throughout history, the tropical zodiac itself is considered to be an irrational juxtaposition of things that should not go together. Here’s why.

The zodiac was (and still is) a system of precise coordinates that are meant to map celestial movements of planets as they (apparently) circle the earth. Exact degrees matter with the zodiac. But how is it being calculated? Is it being calculated by precise, ecliptic coordinates, that are virtually unmoving over time (Sidereally)? Or is it being calculated by taking our place on earth (which is moving slightly over time) and projecting THAT into space to find precise coordinates for a circling heavenly body (Tropical)?

By the way, I do not think the tropical zodiac was a mistake for erecting astrology charts. But many in the Western astrology tradition, like Cyril Fagan and the tradition of sidereal Western astrology assert this. Many who examine the tropical zodiac see it is a conflation of two things that have nothing to do with each other. The earth going around the sun and the equinoxes/solstices inherently have nothing to do with the band of celestial coordinates that we use to measure planets moving through the sky. The tropical zodiac connects these two things.

This is why the Egyptologist and Western astrologer Cyril Fagan, in the 1940s, completely rejected tropical Western astrology, after he realized the nature of the tropical zodiac. Fagan thought it was not a legitimate way to erect horoscopes. This tradition continues today, with many sidereal Western astrologers who have returned to the original zodiac. This original zodiac also connects to the sky as it was when the original Western astrology texts were written!

Union of the Sun and Moon in One Connected Zodiac
Indeed, this rigorous sidereal zodiac system of Rasi and Nakshatra, that underpins Vedic astrology, is the envy of astrological systems the world over. The Indians always used the exact, sidereal coordinates from the Vedanga Jyotisha with Nakshatra’s, then later (and currently) interlaced them with the sidereal zodiac sign portions.

With remarkable precision (and probably a sharing of sciences and culture), the 12, 30° divisions of the original, Babylonian, sidereal zodiac overlaid almost perfectly with the 27 sidereal, Indian portions. Thus, after the Greeks converted the sidereal zodiac to the moving, tropical zodiac by pinning the 1st° of Aries to the vernal equinox, the Indians resisted.

This is not an opinion. This is the story. And again, what was the result? The result is the most stable, scientific astrological system the world has ever seen. In fact, it is so stable and solid that even the discovery of new planets and other emergent celestial bodies are not necessary to improve it. Indeed, the Indians obviously knew exactly what they were doing. They were following the accuracy of already established traditions.

This is not surprising, as the Indians developed many spiritual sciences that work hand-in-hand with each other. Vedic astrology, and especially its connection to the Cosmology of the sky and usage of the sidereal zodiac, are even further proof of their timeless genius. They were wise enough to resist the conflation of the Greeks, who connected the seasons with the sidereal portions of sky. In resisting this, the Indians preserved the Sun and Moon portions as one integrated system.

Is Tropical Zodiac Wrong For Practicing Astrology?
The tropical zodiac was conceived at the same time that both the Vedic and Western astrology systems were being developed. Thus, both systems can work for erecting horoscopes. Especially for Western astrologers and that tradition, tropical zodiac works very well. You can see it in their methods, which have changed and developed with the discovery of new planets, asteroids, fluid sign rulership, etc.

But even if you are a Vedic astrologer who resonates more with the Tropical Zodiac, and you use it in your practice, I personally will champion your choice and right to do so. This is because each “zodiac” is the organizing principle around which all “methods” work. So, if Vedic astrologers use the tropical zodiac or Western astrologers use the sidereal zodiac or astrologers use the zodiac of their tradition, I am for it all.

Our heart and nervous system must first connect with a zodiac, either sidereal or tropical before any astrology practice can take hold. This is why people get so passionate about their zodiac. After our heart connects to one zodiac we gravitate to practices and methodologies (usually with in the tradition of the system itself) in order to go deeper and interpret astrology charts correctly.

I think all of that is beautiful and I would never attack a person’s system. As I said, both systems developed at the same time that the tropical zodiac was conceived and led to western astrology and the Vedic astrology practice was galvanized around the sidereal zodiac and precise methods that have led to centuries of precise, scientific astrology.

Full Moon in Sagittarius

Full Moon in Sagittarius

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On July 6 will be full of Sagittarius, which is opposite the sun in Gemini.

Two weeks ago, when the Sun and moon came together Gemini, we started that 30 day cycle of communication, exploring new ideas and testing our preconceived ideas and beliefs about things. The halfway point in that Gemini cycle is Sagittarius, the place of beliefs and wanting to connect information with a higher purpose.

We can feel inspiration from our teachers and our beliefs now. And those inspirations are measured against our recent experimentations and trials. Remember, we are in the Gemini cycle, so we’re exploring new ideas. But on the full moon in Sagittarius, we connect those new ideas with our existing beliefs and find either a deeper alignment or a disconnect.

This is why in the Gemini cycle, we may look for new teachers, or deepen our connection to our existing teachings. The deepening comes from a greater application and intellectual understanding of our beliefs.

But on this full Moon in Sagittarius, we can feel the gratitude for our teachers in our heart. Rather than just spinning a bunch of ideas in our head, we sink deeply into an emotional connection, gratitude and devotion. This is how we’re meant to learn and study. When information stays in the head, and does not connect to the heart, there’s no integration. When I say “the heart” I don’t mean “the emotions”. I mean our deeper intuition and are felt experience of life.

Too often the things we learn, talk about and think about, remain intellectual and sterile. They do not become experiential and connected to real life situations. When that happens, nothing really changes, we just play with ideas and basically go nowhere. On this full Moon in Sagittarius however, your existing beliefs combined with your intellectual curiosity and experimentation can lead to enormous devotion and gratitude for your teachers and their teachings.

Purva Ashada Nakshatra
This Full moon happens in Purva Ashada Nakshatra. Purva Ashada is ruled by Apas, the God of the ocean. This is indicative of the devotion in our heart which fills in the information gaps intuitively. This is the part of Sagittarius related to devotion. However, it also shows where we need to be more precise in our thinking, and not just believe blindly in what happens.

Belief Vs. Intellect – This Full Moon in Sagittarius and You
Every person has a different relationship with the Gemini/Sagittarius axis in their life. For example, a Taurus person will experience this as a struggle between values and stability versus intensity and instability. A Leo person will see this as a contest between their personal inspirations and those things that inspire the masses, that we need to serve.

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Full Moon in Sagittarius – Video

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Why We Resist Learning Something New

Why We Resist Learning Something New

3 Brains and Why We Resist Learning Something New
Learning something new is difficult, we all know this. But why? What is actually happening in our brain, scientifically, when we learn something new? What makes it so uncomfortable or annoying, or even terrifying?

Of course, the answer is complicated, but also pretty simple if we understand how our brain works. Our brain is a complex system of neural networks. Our deepest patterns, tendencies and hardwired responses connect to the deepest levels of our brain, to the reptile brain. That reptile level of brain governs responses such as survival, aggression, fear and anger, and other primal instincts to keep us alive. It is also wired to our nervous system and physiology directly – including our heartbeat, respiration and autonomic functions.

When we learn something new, something that will hopefully inspire us, we are looking to activate the “human” part of our brain, the cerebral cortex, the abstract-thinking brain. We use this brain to derive meaning in life, to ponder our purpose and to evolve beyond just the conditioned responses of the reptile.

Between the reptile and human brain is the mammal brain, the brain of stimulation and socialization and curiosity about all things. In many ways, it is this brain that does the learning and the information gathering. Eventually, the learning and gathering of data (much like our hunter/gatherer past) leads to wisdom, purpose and meaning.

Inner Brains and Inner Conflicts and Giving Up
Along the way, our more primal and instinctive brains resist. We experience frustration and stress on the primal level, when our preconceived ideas clash with the new information we are learning. We compare new information and data, with our existing beliefs and see they either support and expand them, or perhaps are in conflict with them.

When we find the information and teachings we agree with and believe in, the brain is getting rewired. The neural pathways are getting reformed. This process of reforming these neural networks can be exhilarating, as if we are being cast into the unknown for a while. But even in the best case there is difficulty, and at times we need a break. This is why it is often encouraged to “get away from it” for a while when we are learning something new, so our values can catch up with the new information, and certain pathways can be reset.

However, there is also a danger when we are learning something new, when we “get away from it” for a while, that we never return – and instead we return to our previous tendencies. As these neural pathways are getting redirected toward the new knowledge, they are still very fragile, and if they are neglected we will simply snap back into our old ways.

Repetition and Staying on the Path
It is like a group of people walking through the woods. If they all follow each other, their footsteps will cumulatively create a path on the ground. If we have five people following each other, the path will not be as noticeable. If we have 100 people following each other, the path is much deeper and ingrained. If we have thousands of people, all following each other, a path is automatically created.

Eventually, if someone wanted to pave a cement road through that same section of the woods, they would already have a path through which to pave the road. But they would need act while the path is still fresh. Let’s say 100 people walk through that path everyday for weeks, then never return again or pave over the path, then what will happen? The path that was once clear and noticeable will eventually disappear and be overtaken again by nature’s course, weeds and inertia.

This is how the neural networks operate in your brain. There are stages of neural responses. Some are very new paths, others have been walked over for a few weeks or months, and others are hardwired, with decades of conditioning behind them.

Those decades long hardwired pathways are instinctive, but not necessarily beneficial. Again, when we learn something new, it is usually because were trying to shift some of the difficult instincts and responses, to something more enlightened.

Teachings That Stick – The role of Teachers and “Satsang”
This is why it is crucial when we are learning transformative information to be aware of simply returning to our comfort zone after a stage of learning and transformation is finished. What do we do once we return home from the Yoga retreat or the time spent with our Guru? Although we may “need a break from it” sometimes, we always need to be careful not to revert back to the negative tendencies we were trying to overcome with the new teaching. We need to examine our fears and frustrations during this transition process, to make sure we are not simply reverting back to our comfort zone.

As we are learning something new, especially “life-changing, transformative information” we often need more than the information itself; we need emotional support. This support can come in many forms. Of course, a good teacher understands the need for both information and support. Hopefully he or she knows when to push the student forward and when to comfort them as the student and their worldview changes. But in addition to the teacher, the community of fellow students is also invaluable in offering the necessary support as we integrate life-changing information and teachings.

Full moon in Scorpio Friday, June 9, 2017

Full moon in Scorpio Friday, June 9, 2017

Full moon in Scorpio Friday, June 9, 2017

Full moons create a dynamic tension between two different life lessons, represented by the Sun sign and the moon sign.

This full Moon in Scorpio will be opposite the sun in Taurus. This will create some dynamic tension between those things that are stable and solid (Taurus) and those things that are more emotionally dangerous and transformative (Scorpio).


If you want to know what the FULL Moon in SCORPIO means to you and your sign, you can get access to my member site – the Vedic Astrology Training Lab, where I describe this for your sign and all others as well. You also get daily forecasts for 2 weeks and 3 master classes when you register.

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This is how I use astrology in my life, day to day.

Full moon Libra

The Big Scorpio Problem (Full Moon in Scorpio continued,..)
The biggest problem with Scorpio energy is the tendency to project negativity based on our imagined fears and losing our mental peace to these fears.

We do this as a way to try to stabilize our own emotions. Scorpio gives us the emotional courage to go deeper into our hearts, rather than stay on the surface, tossed about by surface emotions.

In Scorpio we will feel that emotional disturbance, and be challenged to go deeper and connect to transcendent love. If were not able to go deeper, we will generate a lot of emotional turmoil for ourselves and others.

Jyeshta Nakshatra
This full moon happens in Jyeshta Nakshatra, ruled by the god Indra, the god of the sky and the king of the Gods. This is a section of Scorpio where we ay wage war with others over these emotional fears and issues.

The creative option is to do war with our own weaknesses and insecurities, not others who we perceive as being the source of our problems.

Full Moon in Scorpio – Video


Full moon in Libra Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Full moon in Libra Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Full moon in Libra Wednesday, May 10, 2017
On Wednesday there’s a full moon in Libra. This full moon is a balancing point to the individual willfulness of the current Aries cycle. The last couple weeks have had a lot of individual opportunities, and the desire to strike out on our own. But in order to have that individual purpose and mission be meaningful, we need to connect it with others. That is the essence of this Full moon in Libra.

LIBRA FULL MOON CYCLE FOR YOUR SIGN – AND ALL 12 SIGNS ONLY .50 – Click Here to learn moreFull moon Libra

If you want to know what the FULL Moon in Libra means to you and your sign, you can get access to my member site – the Vedic Astrology Training Lab, where I describe this for your sign and all others as well. You also get daily forecasts for 2 weeks and 3 master classes when you register.

Click Here to Learn how this Libra Full Moon will affect you and your sign.
This is how I use astrology in my life, day to day.

Full moon Libra

The Big Libra Problem (Full Moon in Libra continued,..)
The biggest problem with Libra energy is the tendency to compromise too much, then feel cheated and abused later.

Understand this:
Most of our compromises are for selfish reasons.

We mainly compromise because of what it gives us in the short term, happiness. Think about it, the fast track to happiness in the moment, especially with other people, is just a give them what they want. It’s difficult to assert your individuality and willfulness in response to what another person wants from you because it breaks the connection, and we all want connection because it makes us happy. So typically, when were faced with a situation where we are in rapport with another person, then they ask something of us, our first instinct is to try to get along. This is why it’s so important to check in with those “no compromise zones”, especially in any sort of intimate relationship or friendship. This fine line between compromising with others, and holding our own ground, is the big Aries/Libra (apparent) conflict. Of course, romantic relationships bring this out in dramatic fashion.

Vishaka Nakshatra
This full moon happens in Vishaka Nakshatra, ruled by the gods Indra and Agni, the gods of the sky/ lightning and the God of fire. This is a section of lever that is much more interested in social justice and crusading for larger purposes, rather than personal relationships and enjoyment. There is a sense of something high, mighty and purposeful in the air now.

Now is a great time for astrology students to study relationships. If you’re interested in that, look over the special that I put together this week on relationship astrology.

Full Moon in Libra – Video

Relationship Astrology Course Special

This Full Moon in Libra is a great time to study Relationship Astrology.
If you are interested in that, I have a special for you for this week.
Check it out here

May 2017 Forecast

May 2017 Forecast

May 2017 Forecast

May 2 – 3
The Moon will be a cancer now. It is the time when we can connect to our heart and sink deeply into the truth and power that lies within. Usually we are riding up and down on the waves of emotion. Now is the time to crack the surface, and dive deeply into the heart. Connect to the source of love that is your true nature.

May 3
Mercury in Aries turns direct after being retrograde. Now is the time to start moving forward on some of those things/ideas that you have been stuck on or confused about lately. The last few weeks may have been frustrating intellectually. You may need to do a little “apology tour” if you let your frustrations get the best of you recently.

May 6 – 8
The Moon will be in Virgo with retrograde Jupiter. Look up in the sky now and see this beautiful light show! Jupiter is very bright, and the moon is also close to full. This is a great time to connect to what inspires you and take it deeply into your heart and mind. Also, because they are in Virgo, you may actually take some practical steps toward bringing these teachings into your daily life, habits and routines.

May 10
The Moon will be Full in Libra now. This full moon in Libra is opposite the exalted sun, and Aries. This is a time where a powerful and inspired self (Sun in Aries) is being harmonized with the reflection of others, who we must respect as equals (Libra). It’s been important to express your big bad self for the last couple of weeks. But now you need to pay attention to others, those you wish to serve and love.

This full moon happens in Vishaka Nakshatra, which is a “Star of purpose”. This star is related to the gods Indra and Agni, the gods of fire and lightning. It is a place of inspiration and purpose, as well as devotion to larger, social causes.

May 14 – 20
On these successive days, the Moon is joined Saturn, then hemmed between Saturn and Ketu, then joined Ketu. We have been experiencing this each month since January of this year. There’s a feeling of constriction and inhibition, as well as karmic pressure and consequences now. In addition, we have the opportunity to align that pressure with our teachings toward higher, social causes. You may find your teachings and beliefs are requiring more effort to maintain. Yet, if you’re willing to do that work, a new richness is available. That newfound power can benefit not only you, but can help you shape the change you want to be in the world.

May 17 – 19
Venus in Pisces aspects retrograde Jupiter in Virgo now. This connection between mysticism and practical effort is being lit up now. This is a great time to create music, art or just connect with the sublime beauty of the universe, not only emotionally, but tangibly and practically. Jupiter in Virgo brings wisdom through details and daily habits. Venus in Pisces brings a desire for otherworldly beauty. You can be the bridge between those two things, in word and deed. Look for a higher, inspired purpose now.

May 22 – 23
Moon and Venus join in Pisces now, aspected by Jupiter. This is a great time to bask in the beauty of nature, spiritual teaching, romance or just the beauty of life. For spiritual seekers, it’s a wonderful opportunity to learn and study with your favorite teachers, and the subjects that inspire you. This is a great time for devotional practices, like bhakti yoga.

May 25
The New moon happens in Taurus today, beginning a 30-day cycle where Taurus themes predominate. Get ready for a month of enjoying life, finding beauty and comfort, and sharing it with your loved ones. The deeper lesson underneath it all is “contentment”, what we call in yoga “santosha”. It is easy for Taurus energy to get bogged down in the forms of our enjoyments, and just want pleasure. When this happens there is a craving and a lust for objects and even people. Instead, enjoying what we have and sharing with others is important for the next 30 days.
This new moon is joined Mars, bringing some power struggles.

This new moon is in Rohini Nakshatra, which is related to growth and creativity of all sorts. The driving force of creativity is beauty and happiness.

May 31
Venus leaves Pisces where it has been since the end of January, and enters Aries. You may notice a drastic shift in your desire and willingness to compromise with others now. Venus was in Pisces, the sign of accommodation and tolerance of others views for four months. Now, the jig is up with “trying to please” other people. Be very careful about a vicious backlash against those who you have been tolerating. This is the big mistake of Venus. We are not meant to tolerate the intolerable. We are meant to establish a paradigm of “mutual respect”. If you have been confusing these two ideas, there may be a strong snapback now. If you snap back like that, it will be your fault.

May 2017 Forecast

Akshaya Tritiya April 28, 2017

Akshaya Tritiya April 28, 2017

Today is a special day in Hinduism. It is a day for prosperity – and the best day or the year to make an important purchase.

Like everything in Hinduism, it revolves around the astrology/cosmology.

It is called “Akshaya Tritiya”, “Tritiya” Is literally the third lunar day, after the new moon or full moon.

You can tell by the headlines on google today, for Akshaya Tritiya, that much of it revolves around money and wealth.

Sadly, when it comes to wealth, we often focus on money, rather than the highest wealth there is, “knoweldge or wisdom”. Notice the headlines urging people to purchase gold and silver.

Of course, investing in a prosperous monetary future is important, but what about our spiritual future?, Or the future of our understanding and awareness of life? This is the most special day of the year to make an important purchase. If you are an astrology student, that also includes purchasing astrology classes. So, in that spirit, I have opened this special deal on astrology classes. I usually only offer this for the holidays, but in honor of Akshaya Tritiya I want to offer it to astrology students now.

Sun and Moon – Cosmic Lovers
The reason this day is so special has to do with the exalted sun and the exalted moon on the same day. Of course, the sun and moon are the two main forces in astrology. The sun is the power, and the moon is the feeling and the creative principle that brings that power into form.

In Hindu culture, the interplay between the sun and the moon is shown by the male and female deities. Shiva and his wife Parvati, Vishnu and his wife Lakshmi and Brahma and his daughter Saraswati represent this interplay between power and creativity.

Today has to do with Vishnu and Lakshmi, the god and goddesses of wealth, abundance and love. On this day we feel that full power, and were able to bring it into an abundant form.

Retrograde Planets and Exalted Venus
We also have three important retrograde planets now, and exalted Venus. Those retrograde planets, which will be influencing us for months, show a great time to be reflecting and internalizing our studies (Jupiter) and deepening our commitments (Saturn) to what is most important to us. In addition, Mercury is still retrograde, showing the need to internalize information and the inner dialogue.

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Aries New Moon – Next 30 Days

Aries New Moon – Next 30 Days

Vedic Astrology Aries New Moon
Wednesday, April 26, will be the beginning of a new 30 day cycle, related to the themes of Aries. These themes include courage, passion and pursuit of our goals. This is the first sign of the zodiac, and is analogous to birth itself. There could be an innocent, recklessness if we’re not careful. But at best, we are trusting our instincts and acting from a place of courage and enthusiasm.

Ashwini NakshatraVedic Astrology Aries
This new moon cycle began in Ashwini Nakshatra. Ashwini is symbolized by two horses. It shows the speed and power of this sign, and the mad rush, headlong into the excitement of life that is possible. However, we must also be careful not to disperse our energy into many different directions, Or we will waste our energy.

Cool Test
Aries rules the head, which includes the brain. I found this online test to be a great “memory quiz”. Check it out for yourself.

[playbuzz-item url=”https://www.playbuzz.com/tanyablumberg10/only-people-with-flawless-brain-cells-will-pass-this-basic-memory-test” comments=”false”]

My Big Secret – How I will be using this Aries Cycle
Without a doubt, the biggest question I get asked over and over again is “what is the most important thing to focus on with astrology”. I always tell people “stay up with the current sun and moon cycles”.

This new Moon in Aries will be completely different for each of the 12 signs. So, if you are Leo, this will be affecting your ninth house of teachings and principles. If you are a Libra it will be affecting your seventh house of relationships. If you are a Capricorn be affecting your fourth house of the heart, home and feelings.

In other words, it’s important to some extent to understand that it’s “Aries”, but it’s more important to know how this will affect you. This is why I started my member site, the Astrology Training Lab, several years ago. I did as a way to share these monthly cycles with others. It evolved to include daily forecasts and updates as well. And recently evolved into live updates each week, and a lot more fresh content..

You can check that out for only $.50, and learn what this Aries cycle means for you, as well as get two weeks of daily forecasts and the updates.

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Aries Forecast Continued – 4 Important Keys to the Next Month:
Four “Slow-moving” planets

This enthusiasm, passion and speed happens in the context of four planets not moving very quickly, three of them being retrograde. Meaning, part of us is feeling quite stuck as it is. This Aries cycle is about busting loose, so be careful about frustraton sabotaging your goals.

Mercury retrograde in Aries
One of the retrograde planet is Mercury, in Aries. The shows where intellectual frustration and haziness may have led to some recent miscommunications. So again, be careful with your words, they may cut very deep now.

Exalted Venus
We Are still feeling a lot of connection to the creative, dream space. But that feeling is shifting. Yet, stay connected to that joy and beauty.

Jupiter in Virgo
It is a time to put your teachings into practice, through practical efforts and daily rituals and routines.

Aries New Moon – Next 30 Days – VIDEO

Vedic Astrology Aries

Virgo Full Moon in Chitra Nakshatra

Virgo Full Moon in Chitra Nakshatra

On Monday, April 10 the moon will be full in Virgo. This full moon will be opposite the sun in Pisces. The full moon will provide a contrast, a point of balance, to the mystical and metaphysical sun in Pisces. Expect a lot of “emotional grounding” to assist us in bringing the metaphysical, romantic nature of Pisces into tangible form.

There’s been a sense of hope and opportunity the last couple of weeks, with the sun and exalted Venus in Pisces. All of that inspiration and hope is fine and good, but it must be brought into tangible form in order to benefit your life.

Virgo is a Dual earth sign, ruled by Mercury. Virgo shows the skills necessary to progress in life. It shows the important details that we must focus on in order to skillfully organize our life and create anything of value and meaning.

this full moon inverter will be in Chitra Nakshatra.Chitra is ruled by the celestial architect. There is a very creative day ahead of us on Monday. For the next couple of weeks, it’s a good time to build a solid foundation and structure to contain your creative inspirations.

This Full Moon in Virgo will be joined Jupiter, bringing a sense of optimism and purpose into this creative quest.

Full Moon in Virgo – VIDEO

Pisces New Moon in Uttar Bhadra Nakshatra

Pisces New Moon in Uttar Bhadra Nakshatra

What Does this New Moon in Pisces Mean To You?

ONLY .50 and you also get 2 weeks of forecasts, 8 hours of classes and More

It’s the new Moon in Pisces on March 27, 2017 this new moon is the beginning of a 30-day cycle of Pisces, which brings a time of surrender, letting go and connecting with higher creativity and metaphysical wisdom.

Of course, it can also just mean where we space out and escape from the pressures of the world.

We need to be careful about this sort of escape/bypassing for the next 30 days. Pisces is a sign where we sense the momentum of karma and time, and may feel helpless about it.

We are just one, limited person in the face of this big universe, right? Pisces is where we feel that enormity and where we lose ourSlef in it.

Jupiter in Virgo is aspecting this New Moon. Retrograde Venus is also joined. This shows a time of introspection and fantasy, as well as structure and practicality.

I describe these things and a lot more in the 20 minute video forecast.

Uttara Bhadra Nakshatra
The new moon is in the Nakshatra of Uttara Bhadra, ruled by the celestial serpent, Ahi Bhudnya. This serpent allows us to penetrate to the deeper mysteries of life and karma in our mind.

There’s enormous potential for service and enduring the pain and difficulty of spiritual transformation. But it also may be where we feel that pain, and want to escape from it.

I describe these things in great detail in this 20-minute video

Pisces New Moon in Uttar Bhadra Nakshatra – VIDEO

What Does this New Moon in Pisces Mean To You?

ONLY .50 and you also get 2 weeks of forecasts, 8 hours of classes and More


April 2017 Vedic Astrology Forecast

April 2017 Vedic Astrology Forecast

April features two important retrograde cycles, as both Saturn and Mercury turn retrograde, with Saturn and Venus already retrograde. This leads us to introspection and a measured look at where were going and the skills we are using to get there. By the end of the month, we are once again charging headlong into the next chapter of our life with the onset of a new Aries cycle.

April 2-3 – The Moon is in Gemini aspected by Saturn now. It’s a good time to explore new interests with a lot of depth and commitment. What is that new skill or interest you’ve wanted to develop? The aspect of Saturn can help to focus your mind, and stop your restless heart long enough to concentrate and go deep.

April 5 – Saturn turns retrograde in Sagittarius today. He will be retrograde until August 26. When Saturn is retrograde we are reflecting on our commitments and duties. You may notice a refocusing of your goals and long-term commitments now. That is good. We are supposed to be reflecting on our long-term plans almost half the time. For the next week or so, make sure to introspect.

April 7-8 – The Moon is in Leo with Rahu now. Be careful strutting your stuff a little too loudly and proudly now. You may feel mightily impressed with your big bad self, but it may come at the expense of personal connections and partners. Step up and contribute and share your power. Resist overpowering others.

April 10 – Mercury turns retrograde today in Aries until May 1, making this a time to reflect on our words and other forms of communication. In particular now, beware of strong opinions masquerading as intelligence. In many ways, opinions are the opposite of intelligence. Hesitate before dumping your frustrations on others.

April 10 – The Full Moon is in Virgo is today, showing an earthy harmonizing of the watery, Pisces energy. The recent Sun cycle in Pisces created a dreamy nature, and one of escapism. Now, we can ground that creative, metaphysical style with a more practical and hands-on approach. This full moon is also joined Jupiter, bringing optimism and hope. It is also aspected by Venus in Pisces, which confirms that watery, Pisces style. Now is the time for a practical mysticism, where you may bring otherworldly romance and beauty into tangible form.

This full moon happens in Chitra Nakshatra, ruled by the celestial architect, the God who builds the structure of the universe. Now is a good time to create something tangible, yet beautiful.

April 14 – The Sun is exalted now, and will be for the next 30 days. It is a great time to follow your instincts and what “lights you up.” Now is the time to make that inspiration the center of your existence. Trust your gut and act from a place of strength and purpose. Let the chips fall where they may. If you’re connected to your truth, good things will happen.

April 15 – Venus turns direct in Pisces today. Venus had been retrograde since early March, which had us reflecting on our relationship entanglements. Now we are moving forward with our recent reflections. The last several weeks may have seen relationship boundaries dissolve. Now you may be trying to put it all back together again. This is also a great time to be moving forward on your creative projects and devotional practices.

April 17-22 – The Moon will be under some distress, involved with Saturn and Ketu. We will feel the seriousness and pressure of time bearing down on us now. Making peace with the harsh realities in life, and eventually looking deeper than this world for solutions, will be big. Of course, many of us are unclear about those deeper solutions. That confusion and stress will be apparent now, and we must introspect.

April 23-24 – The Moon is in Pisces now with exalted Venus, leading to a lot of devotion and creativity. Now is the time to fulfill your romantic desires and connect with something beyond just this earth. There are many ways to express that. The easiest way to connect to something not of this earth is through drugs or alcohol or escapism. But of course, the more creative option is to escape into yourself, into the truth through a heart centered practice or activity.

April 26 – The New Moon is in Aries now, beginning a 30-day cycle of passion and enthusiasm toward our goals. It’s time to break the mold and set off on a new course, perhaps with new people. Take a chance and live the life you’ve always imagined you could. Take up a new challenge this month. But be careful, as this new moon is also joined Mercury retrograde, which may have us overlooking important details or speaking impulsively.
This new moon is in Ashwini Nakshatra, ruled by the twin horses. These two horses start our journey with enormous power, but they may be pulling us in different directions. It’s important to focus now, not just run quickly in any direction.

April 2017 Vedic Astrology Forecast – VIDEO

Ride the waves of uncertainty to the depths of your soul.

Ride the waves of uncertainty to the depths of your soul.

Ride the waves of uncertainty to the depths of your soul.

There are several shifts happening now, which are quite important. First, we just closed the recent eclipse cycle, which was pretty transformative for everyone. The recent full moon in Leo really pumped us up with our own emotional pride. Combined with exalted, retrograde Venus in Pisces (*cough* – escapism) joined debilitated Mercury (not communicating clearly with ourselves and others), there is a strong temptation to just tune it all out and tell ourselves what we want to hear. Not to mention, Mars in Aries is ready to fight, and “be right”.

All that is fine, as long as we actually are right. If we get the story right, then instead of escaping from reality, we escape into the truth. Escapism takes many forms. Some of the most “spiritual people” are the most disconnected from the “harsh” realities. They actually escape from the painful reality of their own existence into a “spiritual story”.

Be careful of this “Spiritual passing” now, because things are about to get very real – especially with Saturn, who is stationed now, and about to turn retrograde.

Get Real With Career Guidance – Career Reading?
This recent full moon in Leo, combined with the Saturn station (detailed below) is a great time to recalibrate your goals, commitments and contributions. I am offering 30 minute assessments on your career, at this page here. Check it out Here

Intense Week Ahead
We have a pretty intense week ahead, with the moon passing through Libra, Scorpio and then Sagittarius, joined Saturn. In my March 2017 forecast I described this week like this:

March 15-19 – Moon influenced by Mars. There will be a heavy Mars influence on the moon now, with Mars aspecting the moon on March 15 and 16th, bringing emotional frustration with others and a high potential for arguments. Then in Scorpio, debilitated, March 17–19, showing stress and vulnerability, which could lead to emotional power struggles. Expect that your relationship with intimate partners will feel strained now, so don’t take things too personally. Instead, throw yourself into your work and your spiritual practices.

March 20-21 – Moon / Saturn conjunction in Sagittarius now brings together the optimism of Sagittarius, with the seriousness and focus of Saturn. Since the end of January, our long-term focus has shifted from our fears to our inspirations. Although things may seem bleak at times, we are now re-inspired and reinvigorated. Allow the seriousness and potential stress of Saturn to be a catalyst for a recommitment to your purpose and Dharma now.

Feeling Pressure: Saturn Stationary Retrograde
the last week or so we have been feeling the pressure mounts, as Saturn is what’s called “stationary retrograde”. It means Saturn is about to go retrograde, and before he does he completely stops in the sky at 1°. That is 3° of Sagittarius. Anyone with planets there, or at 3° Virgo, Gemini or Aquarius will be feeling quite a bit of pressure right now.

The Trump Presidency and the French Reign of Terror

The Trump Presidency and the French Reign of Terror

Below are the Charts of 2 eclipses, 224 years apart.
The first chart marks the beginning of the Reign of Terror that began during the French Revolution, when idealogue Robespierre assumed power. The second is the chart of the August 8 Eclipse in the United States

Identical Planetary Placements More Than 200 Years Apart

Not a Coincidence or Random Occurrence

In both dates we see 7 of the nine visible planets in the exact same signs, an occurrence so rare as to boggle the mind. Also, in each example, the shadow of the eclipse path passes within a few hundred miles of each nation’s capitol.

Rahu, sun, moon and retrograde Mercury in Leo. These are both days of the solar eclipse. Eclipse is also very tight, with an orb between four and 7°. This eclipse in Leo shows a counterfeit version of power, which usually trends toward tyranny and domination.

The common “Mercury retrograde” connection refers to backward thinking, miscommunication, flawed analyses and the lack of discrimination in support of this despotism and violence.

Additionally, we see Mars and Venus, both in cancer. The debilitated Mars shows a lack of discipline and moral integrity (9th house ruler, from Leo). Venus, which shows diplomacy and tolerance is highly compromised by this weakened Mars.

Additionally, prominent/important planets in Scorpio, a sign of paranoia, are ominous – Especially given the aforementioned debilitated Mars. When the ruler is weakened, the lower quality of the sign emerges. Meaning, Scorpio at best is a sign of emotional courage and resolve. When Mars is weakened however, it trends toward paranoia and emotional reaction.

The Eclipse Path of the September 5, 1793 eclipse
As you can see in this chart, the path of the eclipse passed within a few hundred miles of Paris, the city in question.

The Eclipse Path of the Solar eclipse Path of August 21, 2017
As you can see, the upcoming solar eclipse in August 2017 will pass within a few hundred miles of the US capital, Washington DC.

Chart of the Current President in relation to the August Eclipse Chart
It’s clear to see the connection between the chart of the current president and the 2 eclipse charts. He has a 6° Leo ascendant, with Mars at 3°. The sun will be eclipsed at approximately 5° on August 21, which is right on his ascendant and Mars.

Why the Nodes/Rahu?
Do you remember the story of Rahu and Ketu? Rahu had his head chopped off after being deceived. Rahu is a planet of confusion, deception and trickery. In fact, I discovered the connection to the reign of terror, and the solar eclipse, after a prominent decapitation occurred several years ago on a solar eclipse. This led me to investigate the most notorious rain of decapitations in history, the reign of terror in France. Much to my surprise I learned it both began and ended the days of the solar eclipses.

Why Leo?
Leo Is the sign of the King. The sun being eclipsed by Rahu shows the obsessives and confused expression of power which led to the bloodbath in France more than 200 years ago. This same confused power struggle is looming ominously before us now.

Thoughts / Predictions / Conclusions
We are not 18th Century France, reacting to an entrenched monarchy system. We are a democracy, with many checks and balances in place to hedge against a literal “Reign of Terror”. But we definitely have a potential for harsh, authoritarian power plays and there are provisions in our bylaws that account for things like “Martial Law”, especially if it is to restore “Public Safety”.

We have already seen, not only attempts to silence dissenters (Media, Intel, Justice), but the removal of scientific data and information from official government websites, the installation of Cabinet members hostile to the Agencies they are meant to protect / citizens they are meant to serve, etc. Given the level of mobilized resistance already to these efforts by the current admin, there is no reason to think it will not get worse before it gets better. In the name of “Public Safety” we may see some attempts to over reach – using national guard – for example, or outlawing protests (especially if they get violent which may be coming).

Given the level of mobilized resistance already to these efforts by the current admin, there is no reason to think it will not get worse before it gets better. In the name of “Public Safety” we may see some attempts to over reach – using national guard – for example, or outlawing protests (especially if they get violent which may be coming).

It is my hope that the revolution is against the current regime, that in fact they represent the worn-out aristocracy that began to shift, culturally at least, with Barack Obama. Recognition of mutli-versity and inclusion from the Obama years led to the backlash against it we are seeing – as it was corrupted by the same flawed system of paybacks, elitism and moneyed interests. Those years were seen as a certain Tyrrany by some. Whereas others see this current regime as the real tyrrany.

I am voting for inclusion and openness.

Following the French Revolution (if you set aside Napoleon’s conquest) France settled into a democratic system. There revolution had to be as harsh (in the reverse) as the system / oppression it was replacing in order to find balance.

The French Reign of Terror – The Summer Eclipses and US Politics – Video

March 2017 Vedic Astrology Predictions – Aries Fury | Venus Retrograde | Pisces Passion

March 2017 Vedic Astrology Predictions – Aries Fury | Venus Retrograde | Pisces Passion

March 1 – Mars enter Aries where it will be until April 13. This shows a time of renewed enthusiasm and courage meeting your goals with vitality and passion. You may suddenly be bursting with enthusiasm for all your projects. This is a great time to start something big. But make sure to also stay patient and connected to others. People will follow your lead, unless you run roughshod over their needs and desires. Remember to “fight the good fight”, not just mindlessly compete.

March 4 – Venus in Pisces turns retrograde until April 15. This shows a time when relationships “backup”, causing us to reflect on our connections with intimate partners, both personal and professional. Venus is the energy of compromise, where we value our own values and principles equal to others. Do you always feel like you’re getting the short end of the stick? Would your partners agree with your assessment? Chances are you are not very objective, so pay close attention now to how well you navigate your desires, and harmonize them with the desires of others.

March 8-9 – Moon in Cancer, aspected by Mars is a time of deep emotions and passion, but those emotions may be aggravated and frustrated. Emotional depth is a given when the moon is in cancer. But so is emotional exhaustion, if we just ride the surface. Mars brings willfulness and aggression that must be transformed into discipline now. A vigorous physical practice will lead to devotion now.

March 12 – Full Moon in Leo with Rahu. This shows a 30-day cycle of developing healthy emotional confidence. The sun, the planet of fire, awareness and purification, rules Leo. These attributes may warm our restless heart, or bring those feelings to a boil. It’s necessary when the moon is in Leo to elevate our identity, beyond the ego and power struggles with others. Connecting to a higher purpose automatically elevates your emotional identity, and brings greater confidence.

This full moon happens in Uttara Phalguni Nakshatra, ruled by the God Aryaman, the God of contracts. Being practical and working together toward higher goals is important now.

March 13-14 – Moon is joined Jupiter in Virgo and aspected by Saturn , Mercury and Retrograde Venus. Expect a lot of creative, emotional energy and a lot of possibility now. The power of Goddess Saraswati is very active in this transit. It’s a time to digest pure (Virgo), uplifting teachings (Jupiter), combined with the discrimination to understand them (Mercury), and the desire to make something beautiful with them (Venus), and the commitment to work hard and be thorough (Saturn). You may find yourself working hard, but loving every minute of it now.

March 15-19 – Moon influenced by Mars. There will be a heavy Mars influence on the moon now, with Mars aspecting the moon on March 15 and 16th, bringing emotional frustration with others and a high potential for arguments. Then in Scorpio, debilitated, March 17–19, showing stress and vulnerability, which could lead to emotional power struggles. Expect that your relationship with intimate partners will feel strained now, so don’t take things too personally. Instead, throw yourself into your work and your spiritual practices.

March 20-21 – Moon / Saturn conjunction in Sagittarius now brings together the optimism of Sagittarius, with the seriousness and focus of Saturn. Since the end of January, our long-term focus has shifted from our fears to our inspirations. Although things may seem bleak at times, we are now re-inspired and reinvigorated. Allow the seriousness and potential stress of Saturn to be a catalyst for a recommitment to your purpose and Dharma now.

March 27 – The New Moon is in Pisces now, joined Venus retrograde and aspected by retrograde Jupiter. This begins a 30-day cycle of deeper devotion, inspiration and navigating our desires. Pisces is the sign where our worldly identity merges with our metaphysical/otherworldly one. Through the sign of Pisces all forms of creativity and connection take hold. This is an excellent time for music, nature, spirituality or any other vehicle through which you escape into your deepest self. But it’s also a time to be vigilant against forms of unhealthy escapism, like alcohol, drugs or even entertainment and TV. You need to escape into your highest self, rather than escape from the pain of your ego.

This new moon happens in Uttara Bhadra Nakshatra, which shows service to the highest truth. Ruled by the “servant of the deep”, now is the time to fill the holes in your psyche with love and devotion, in service to the world and your own liberation.

March 29-30 – Moon in Aries with Mars and Mercury shows a time of enthusiasm, combined with intelligent action. But you also must be careful not to fight and argue now, especially with the Mars/Mercury conjunction in Aries. This is a placement for arguing and using words as weapons. This is an excellent placement for fulfilling your career goals, especially through communication channels and talking to the right person.

Eclipse in Aquarius Predictions and Perspective

Eclipse in Aquarius Predictions and Perspective

Beginning at the end of 2015 I described the dynamic between Rahu in Leo and Ketu in Aquarius. I described this dynamic as a very strong focus on “where we find our power centers, both personally and socially”. Since then, in the United States, we elected a very “Leo” figure, who is a strong “nationalist”, which is another strong Leo characteristic.

This solar eclipse in Aquarius is in contrast to the “power center” of Leo. Aquarius is the sign of “the people” and “culture”. On a global/social scale, we are seeing these big questions of “globalism versus nationalism” playing out.

In the United States we are now seeing an enormous backlash against the populist policies of “45”. Congressional leaders are showing up at town hall meetings, greeted by extremely loud protesters, overflowing their Townhall buildings. The opposition from the people is big. In contrast to that however, is the state/administration lashing out at “the media”, and other institutions meant as a check and balance against imperialistic authority. The courts, the intelligence, other countries have all been in the crosshairs of the current regime in the US.

So, this battle between the state and the people is being clearly shown by the eclipse in Aquarius, and we are seeing the people voicing strong opposition.

On a personal level, this refers to your power center, and where you are “king” in your own life.
How do you handle power?
Are you in service to something higher, thereby extending this power?
Are you in service to something higher, or do you feel like a servant to those oppressive forces you can overcome?

These are important questions now, and he will be for the next six months.

Vedic Astrology – Venus Retrograde

Vedic Astrology – Venus Retrograde

Venus Exalted in Vedic AstrologyWhen a planet is retrograde it appears to back up in the sky, relative to our position on earth. This backward motion creates a Disruption in the things produced by the planet, both as a natural karaka and as a house ruler.

Venus is the karaka of relationships, happiness and compromising with others to grow those things. As a house ruler, based on the ascendant, Venus will rule different houses based on where Taurus and Libra fall from that ascendent.

When Venus goes retrograde in the sky, it is a time when our relationships can be strengthened or weakened, based on how we handle the adversity and the disruption that is produced. But we should expect some confusion and reflection on our relationships during Venus retrograde cycles.

In the natal chart, when Venus is retrograde, there will be hesitation about how to move forward with relationships, and whichever houses Venus rules from the ascendant.

Vedic Astrology – Venus Retrograde – VIDEO

Mercury in Capricorn

Mercury in Capricorn

When Mercury is in Capricorn, the speed of the intellect slows down, becomes more serious, rational and practical. Typically, we disperse a lot of intellectual energy mindlessly. When Mercury is in Capricorn the intellect slows down and focuses matters of consequence. Capricorn is ruled by Saturn, a planet of neutrality, just like Mercury. This shows meaningful progress can be made in a sensible and practical way. Also, given the nature of Capricorn to be ambitious and focused on long-term goals, Mercury brings skill, flexibility and curiosity to that process.

In addition, the heaviness of Capricorn benefits a great deal by the tumor and wit of Mercury. Also, language may become more precise and slow down here. Although, we may also feel our speech slowed down and may be insecure about our words.

Mercury in Capricorn – Video

Moon in Virgo

Moon in Virgo

When the moon is in Virgo we bring purity and precision into the emotional/psychological process. Emotions are messy and confusing. Through the sign of Virgo we try to bring some order and structure to those emotions. Virgo is good at understanding and rationalizing our emotions as well. This may lead us into mistaking thoughts for feelings. It will also bring more sensibility and rationality into the messiness of our feelings.

This can be an excellent placement for meditation and saying mantras especially. There’s also a lot of devotion possible, as Virgo is an earth sign (feminine) and the moon is watery (feminine). The earth provides boundaries for the water to flow, as lakes and streams. Also, water nurtures earth, producing plants, flowers and food. So, there is a natural sin biases between earth and water.

Moon in Virgo – VIDEO

Eclipse Cycle – Donald Trump and Losing

Eclipse Cycle – Donald Trump and Losing

These last couple of weeks have been somewhat devastating to the newly minted president Trump. Setting aside false allegations/lies about widespread voter fraud, numerous false allegations against the media, tweets attacking judges and more, the “travel ban” debacle was just reversed the day before Friday’s lunar eclipse. This travel ban itself would be an embarrassing setback, although one he can rectify it by issuing another, more constitutionally sound, EO (and will in this reporter’s opinion).

But in addition to this “travel ban” setback, what I reported a month ago as a potential “ticking bomb” is getting closer and closer to being set off. This bomb is the leaked “dossier” that we learned about on January 10. Numerous news outlets are now reporting that US investigators are corroborating certain parts of the dossier. In fact, it is the most damning parts that seem to be corroborated more and more.

According to CNN’s Jim Scuitto and Evan Perez:
“None of the newly learned information relates to the salacious allegations in the dossier. Rather it relates to conversations between foreign nationals. The dossier details about a dozen conversations between senior Russian officials and other Russian individuals. Sources would not confirm which specific conversations were intercepted or the content of those discussions due to the classified nature of US intelligence collection programs.”

Intercepts from foreign nationals confirm some of the details in the memo. They were able to verify and track communications from the same individuals, at the same times and places as outlined in the dossier. This gives them a much “greater confidence” in certain parts of the memo. Many of these individuals are the same ones who are known to be influential in damaging Hillary Clinton’s campaign and had already been on the “intelligence radar”. This is why it was easier to track/verify certain contacts and events in the dossier. Essentially, the intelligence community have been tracking the same information and events as the British agent in the dossier.

When Sean Spicer, the White House Communications director was told about this news, he said:
“We continue to be disgusted by CNN’s fake news reporting”.

Realize this, if it is revealed that the Trump campaign was having direct conversations with Russia, it is a treasonous act and impeachable. Full Stop. That is it, game over. Proving that, or the correspondences/conversations rising to that level of proof, especially with the knowledge that Trump knew it was happening, is another thing. But if those things are ever proven, it’s game over – especially considering Donald Trump literally calling on Russia to hack Hillary Clinton and leak it to the press during the campaign.

By the way, there are already at least two congressional panels said to investigate these allegations, aside from this reporting. One at least, has the power of subpoena, which is very formidable. The story is definitely not going away.

My Opinion Based on Trump’s Behavior
For expediency, I will restate what I said in January. I do believe, based on Trumps behavior toward Russia, that these allegations are entirely plausible. Never have we seen a president refuse at any time to criticize Russia, even once. Not only that, he appoints a Secretary of State who was awarded a medal from Putin for negotiating oil deals for Russia. The entire Russian economy is based on these oil contracts, and Rex Tillerson has absolutely no qualifications to be Secretary of State. So, why does the president appoint a Secretary of State whose career is mainly based on negotiating lucrative international oil deals for Russia/Putin/Russian oligarchs?

The Astrology – To Backtrack A Little (If you are interested in my predictions)

At the time the dossier was released, the seriousness of the implications were lost in a few salacious details. Of course, Trump denied all of it, called it “fake news” (in fact it was the story that really fueled his current “fake news” fervor). He falsely attacked certain media outlets, especially CNN (who did not report the salacious sections of the memo and were in fact very careful in their reporting). At the time many thought it would fade from consciousness. But I did not. Especially knowing that the eclipses were about to hit him.

At the time (January 10) I said this:
“It has not taken a genius to see that Trump was also going to be targeted and hurt by hackers (most likely Russian), and leaks himself (from intel sources and Wikileaks perhaps) once in office.

The US intelligence agencies know the truth about Trump and he better be careful disrespecting their intelligence gathering the way he has. Let’s see what happens when his taxes, business dealings and connections to Russian oligarchs (and who knows what else) is made public. I am sure Putin will deny the hacking and/or “anonymous intel sources” will leak this (or Wikileaks perhaps) and make Trump look very bad – which will be a dangerous thing.

But I predict something like this will happen, maybe by the end of February or shortly after, when the Solar Eclipse hits in his 7th house. If it is not HIM getting hacked and compromised, then we will see a huge uproar over him and his refusal to accept US intel.”

,… and this:
“The person who compiled this informal brief is a credible British intel source who lived in Russia for many years. I also doubt that anyone would be shocked if even the most salacious parts of the report WERE true.

But the allegations that he and his campaign would have been in contact with Russian agents while they were engaged in hacking / espionage is Treason. Whether you like it, or care, or know (which I doubt that you do) that would be an impeachable offense and would disqualify him to be POTUS. Again, anyone who has tracked Drumpf’s behavior during the entire political season would not be surprised at all to learn that he and his campaign was in cahoots with Russia.

His previous campaign manager worked for a pro-Russian Ukranian leader, he is now appointing Tillerson (a Russian shill who negotiated the huge Oil contract between Exxon and Russia) to be Sec of State – even though he has NO EXPERIENCE. This looks like a total payback for a favor, or a hedge against blackmail. His son’s and Drumpf also have been on record before as saying they have done a lot of business in Russia.

How plausible it is that Russia has intel on him that they are using as leverage? Very plausible.
How plausible is it that Dem and Repub opponents concerned about this hired a PI to investigate last year?
Very plausible.
How plausible is it that the raw report is mixed with some exaggerated claims and hearsay (things that maybe never happened, or would be hard to prove even if they did – minus video proof)? Very plausible.”

Fast Forward to NOW – Secrets, leaks, lies and losses (12th house) Mounting

In the last couple weeks we have experienced a stunning amount of leaks lies and losses from the White House.
LEAKS: It is stunning to see so much leaking from this White House, probably from the inner circle. Information about how he watches too much television, he gets tired and cranky, he wanders around lonely in his bathrobe, not to mention on almost every policy and EO. Steve Bannon constructing executive orders and Trump doesn’t even know the content, details of phone call with world leaders and arguments with them. In itself this is odd, but it shows a deeper lack of cohesion, coherence and togetherness at the White House, which is troubling no matter what your view is of him.

LIES: This administration is completely eroding the expectation of honesty. Whether it’s Kellyann Conway and her litany of “alternative facts” or Sean Spicer’s daily news briefs, full of factual gymnastics, or of course the Prez himself, claiming election fraud, inflated crime rates, and constantly distorting any fact that gets in the way of his opinion, twitter attacking judges, department stores and anyone elsewho gets under his skin.

LOSSES: The immigration ban was a loss. The military action in Yemen was a loss (including unfortunately a loss of an American SEAL and close to 30 Yemenis), KellyAnne Conway lies and embarrassing interviews are a loss.

,… BUT THERE IS MORE – Flynn and the Logan Act
To complicate things even more, on eclipse day it was learned Michael Flynn, the president’s national security advisor may have violated a very important, but obscure, law, call the Logan act. Essentially, it is illegal for any private citizen to negotiate with a foreign government. It is already known that Michael Flynn had a conversation with the Russian Amb. the same day then president Obama stiffened sanctions against Russia. There was a concern that he would have communicated to the Russian ambassador to “not worry” about the sanctions, as they would be lessened once the current admin took office.

Although this is not likely to be prosecuted, it looks ugly and bad, Especially in light of everything in the Russian dossier that I’ve already mentioned.

The Astrology of It All.
In January I predicted, as we get nearer the solar eclipse, these things would explode more. It makes perfect sense that the lunar eclipse before the solar eclipse I mentioned, could start this process (the eclipse cycle this time leads with the lunar eclipse we are seeing now).

These eclipses falling in difficult houses for Trump portends a lot of this trouble. It totally makes sense to see all of these “12th house” themes arriving in anticipation of the next eclipse. We are seeing all of these leaks and lies and difficulties showing up now, as Trump is in a sixth house cycle, with the sun in Capricorn, (The six sign from Leo, his ascendant) which shows how well we are managing all the details in our life. That includes how well we manage the people that manage the details in our life.
Are we surrounded by enemies who betray us? (to the media perhaps)
Are we surrounded by loyalists?
Do we treat people with respect when they oppose us?

These themes are important when we run a sixth house cycle Each year.

As we see with Trump, he is not surrounded with loyalists, but with opportunists. They are out to save their skin, not serve his message. In fact, Trump has surrounded himself with people who are generally at odds with each other. It is well-known that he likes to watch people argue, and then sort through the arguments to find a course of action. Let’s assume that works well for him in business (although that’s debatable). It does not work well in governance, to have competing factions, loyal to their ideology (not president’s) with no past history To him or each other, and no affection or loyalty to the leader.

Also, he does not manage details or words very well (other 6th house virtues). So there is constant confusion and disarray. Then, at times like this, on the full moon/eclipse, we have to bear the results of those decisions, for good or ill. At times like this, when people manage six house events well, there is relaxation, bliss, escaping into something “dreamlike” and otherworldly, taking a vacation from all the problems of the world and the difficulties and enemies. Parties and celebrations are also part of the 12 house, where we escape from all of the hard work for a while.

Final Thoughts – Conflicts of Interest, “Letting go” of People and Looming Scandals
For the next couple of week’s it would be interesting to watch what happens with these investigations and potential scandals that are coming to light. I would not be surprised to see some changes in the inner circle. It has already been mentioned that Sean Spicer might be replaced, and they will hire a professional “spokesman”. Ms. Conway also may be downgraded. I would not be surprised even see Steve Bannon curtailed a little bit, as it must be very hard for Trump to listen to people describing Steve Bannon as a puppetmaster. Trunk will not be “eclipsed” by anyone, at least in his own mind, and that is surely happening now.

We must keep our eye on these investigations into conflicts of interest and the leaked dossier, And hold elected officials accountable for investigating these things. We are now seeing a lot of pressure being brought to bear on the House oversight committee chairman, Jason Chaffetz to not sweep this stuff under the rug anymore and “Do his Job” by investigating the unprecedented conflicts of interest shown by the president. If you remember, this is the guy who stated that if Hillary Clinton were elected president there would be “at least two years of investigations” right out of the gate, just based on the email scandal and Clinton foundation scandal.

Here is an excellent article by Republican journalist SE Cupp about the hypocrisy with the Republicans in Congress now, not holding Donald Trump accountable for putting up a firewall between his businesses in honoring the emoluments clause.

Inauguration Chart

On January 20, 2017 Donald Trump will be sworn in as the 45th president of the United States.

Notable on that day are three planets sandhi (last or first degrees), (I am including Jupiter at 28:33) either the last degree in their current sign or the 1st° of their new sign.

When planets are at the last degree, or extremely close to it, their energy is less “together”. A good analogy is when you are moving/changing residence. Half of your things are in boxes, you feel totally in transition and not quite settled. After 1°or before 29° (at bare minimum) the energy settles down.

Mars is changing signs, moving from Aquarius into Pisces today. This may portend more peace and less combativeness than we expect. It also may show confusion / disarray and escapism from facts/precision (negative qualities of Pisces).

Saturn is at the very last degree of Scorpio, about to enter Sagittarius on January 26. This could show less emotional/psychological manipulation (the negative qualities Scorpio) and more commitment to an inspired vision (higher qualities of Sagittarius) then we may expect. But it may also show the last vestiges of the darkness, fear and manipulation of the recent political campaign. It is my opinion that those same tactics will be disastrous for his presidency, as the upcoming transit of Saturn into Sagittarius will demand a more hopeful vision.

Jupiter is almost at the very last degree of Virgo, showing less attention to detail / precision and more emphasis on social concerns.

Also, based on exact degrees, Mars is casting a very tight 8th house aspect (though the aspect is now separating) to Jupiter from the sixth and 12 houses (on the cusp of the 5th and 11th houses). I interpret this to show quite a lot of battles ahead (Mars) especially ideological battles (Jupiter) about policy and the soon to be president’s ethical conflicts of interest.

The exchange between Jupiter and Mercury is probably the most positive part of this chart, Especially considering Mercury is in the ninth house. This shows the potential for cooperation between practical and ideological concerns. Trump will likely try to find practical solutions, to what he sees as big problems. He may be surprisingly bipartisan (infuriating Republicans even) if he thinks it will advance the agenda he thinks is correct.

However, Mercury is a vicious, functional malefic for an Aries chart, ruling the third and sixth houses of self-will and ego (third house) and combativeness (sixth house). It shows the Aries tendency to use language and ideas for arguments, when they are better in action. This may show Trump using his words, language, and skills at propaganda (Mercury) to either benefit or detract from the principles (ninth house) of the country. Of course, that benefit or detraction is largely based on one’s political views. With Jupiter and Mercury exchanging between the sixth and the ninth houses, we can expect a lot of ideological battles during the Trump presidency.

The moon is in the 7th house, showing a “populist” message and that he will try to appeal to the masses. We can already see how he does this / bypassing the conventional media through the use of Social media and Twitter. He may wind up being surprisingly more popular than many believe. He may also get boggled down in gossip and the shallow end of the “Libra Pool” – and disperse his authority through the constant tit-for-tat personal feuding. The Moon in Swati has that potential to scatter and waste energy.

Overall, it is concerning to me that so many planets are in very late or very early degrees. After thousands of chart readings and close to 15 years of research I have seen these placements to show a lot of instability and volatility. When someone has multiple/many planets sandhi like this. When one is the chart ruler (in this case, Mars) and the other is the 10th house ruler (Saturn) it can show a person not meeting their responsibilities or duties with clarity.

There are already many reports/complaints of the new administration “not being ready. It has been noteworthy to witness some (if not most) of his cabinet picks. Most are highly unqualified, have never held jobs in the agency they will lead, are totally antagonistic toward what the agency does, etc.

On a more positive or neutral note, such a weakened Mars, is rendered somewhat toothless. So the power (Or perhaps desire) to harm becomes less. The ruling planet in the 12th house also can show deceitfulness and secrets.

Trump Update and Video Prediction

CURRENT UPDATE – Lunar Eclipse in Cancer

CURRENT UPDATE – Lunar Eclipse in Cancer

CURRENT UPDATE – Lunar Eclipse in Cancer
On February 10 the moon will be eclipsed in cancer, the sign that it rules. This is a time for us to go much deeper than just the surface level of the mind, deeper than the emotions, toward the depth of feeling, love and devotion in our hearts. Not only is this a full moon in cancer, it is an eclipse in cancer.

The real issue with the moon, and the signit rules, , has to do with favoring emotions and comfort (or comfortable emotions) instead of doing what we know is right. Through the sign of cancer we can see a higher motivation at work (cancer is Sattwic). Much like a mother sacrifices for children, and not just gravitating toward “happy experiences” with her children, so too we must sacrifice our sense of personal happiness if we are ever going to learn the truth of who we are, and act in accordance with the truth (Dharma).

It is through the moon that we experience these positive and negative emotions, and develop strong attractions and aversions as a result. Now is the time to be noticing how much you are stuck in your comfort zone, rather than showing up with a willingness to do what is necessary in all situations.

Notice the difference between your actions when they are aligned with what you love (like children or pets or other things you serve), and with everything else. When we are aligned with love, Dharma and truth we are not interested in just staying comfortable and happy. We are interested in serving that thing we love. If that means we need to take on some difficulty, then we will take it on.

Alesha Nakshatra
This full moon/eclipse is in Alesha Nakshatra, which is ruled by the serpent God. Much like a serpent intertwines around us, this Nakshatra is called “the entwiner”. It shows the need to become intertwined and entangled in pure love, not the relationship/conditional love (shown by Venus). When we are entangled in pure love and devotion, we are taken straight to the source of love itself, the silence and stillness in our heart. When we are tangled up in desires, there are many emotions, both positive and negative, as I’ve already discussed.

When the moon is eclipsed, will brings an enormous intensity to the emotional seams being activated. Eclipses occur when the orbits of the sun, moon and earth line up in the same plane in three-dimensional space. This only happens for several hours per year. Although they are not uncommon, they are rare.

Exalted Venus
Venus is currently exalted in Pisces. This pulls Venus out of the “physical, psychological” and more toward a spiritual expression – which has more to do with devotion. So, both Venus and the moon are very developed and powerful now. Of course, this can be quite good, connecting us to what we love and a sense of beauty. But it can also bring it contrast the conflict between the two. The issue of selfless love and conditional love is big now. In addition, this exalted Venus is joined Mars in Pisces. The Venus / Mars conjunction creates a lot of passion, perhaps sexual passion. But it can also bring about a sort of “spiritual warrior” energy, which allows us to elevate the nature of Mars to something beyond just fighting and battling with no purpose, And instead become more disciplined in our spiritual life.

Saturn in Sagittarius
Saturn is also in Sagittarius now, having moved out of Scorpio. This shows more of a willingness to commit to what inspires us, rather than what we fear, which are the negative qualities of Scorpio.

Jupiter retrograde
Jupiter is also retrograde now, which shows a reflection on our teachings and where they are taking us. Now is the time to be reevaluating what inspires you and who. You may notice some difficulty with your teachers now.

CURRENT UPDATE – Lunar Eclipse in Cancer – VIDEO

Vedic Astrology – Jupiter Retrograde

Vedic Astrology – Jupiter Retrograde

When Jupiter is retrograde, either in a natal chart or in the sky, it shows the need to reflect on our principles, and recycle our teachers and their teachings until they reflect those principles..

Jupiter brings a sense of hope, meaning and purpose into our life. Most of us experience this in the form of our religion, or what we believe in, our belief system.

Since Jupiter is retrograde about one third of the time, it shows the need for us to reflect on our teachers and our sense of purpose about one third of the time. The other two thirds of the time we should be following those teachings with as much devotion and focus as possible.

like all retrograde planets, Jupiter retrograde can show some disruptions, as the outer manifestation of the planet is interrupted. In this case, with Jupiter, we may doubt our teachers and our beliefs for certain period of time. That is a great catalyst for more introspection and penetrating insight to emerge.

However, often when we are in doubt, we interpreted that as “bad”. When in fact, it can just be a time of greater personal reflection, which is not bad at all, but necessary.

Specifically in a natal chart, Jupiter retrograde will show disruption to the living things it produces (teachers and children) and also based on the houses it rules from the ascendant. For example, for a cancer ascendant Jupiter is the ruler of the sixth and ninth houses, so those things will be disrupted when Jupiter turns retrograde in the sky, or if it’s in the natal chart.

Vedic Astrology – Jupiter Retrograde – Video

Vedic Astrology – Mars in Pisces

Vedic Astrology – Mars in Pisces

Mars is the planet of personal power and discipline. It shows the need to destroy the things that are making us weak, so we can be free of them. It is like pulling the weeds from the garden.

When Mars is in Pisces we can fight for things that inspire us, rather than just things that serve our ego or make us happy. There is a spiritual warrior energy here.

Pisces is the sign of dual water, where water flows in all directions and fills in the holes in our life, mind and heart. Mars can show how attention and will can flow in between the cracks of our life and strengthen them.

Mars in Pisces – Video

New Moon in Capricorn – January 27, 2017

New Moon in Capricorn – January 27, 2017

The Sun and Moon will come together at 14° of Capricorn on the evening of January 27, in the United States. This conjunction of the sun and moon will begin a 30 day cycle based around themes related to the Capricorn. They include hard work, commitment to our long-term goals, facing emotional difficulty and the “hard truths of life”.

These are themes related to Saturn, the ruler of Capricorn. Through Capricorn we feel those attributes internally, in our heart. Facing these harsh realities, which are actually not that harsh once we face them, gives us the maturity to grow up and the capacity to persevere and eventually make peace with our fears.

Until we make peace with our fears, we are controlled by them. Then we try to control external circumstances, and people, as a hedge against the inevitable march of time and the feeling of powerlessness we have before such enormity and helplessness. Eventually we have to work through this salvation in solitude, one breath at a time, honoring the simple moment, one after the next. That is the great power of Capricorn energy. When we can do that, we master time itself, and enter timelessness.

Shravana and the Power of Hearing
This new moon is in the Nakshatra of Shravana, which literally means hearing. This is a great time for mantras and chanting, as well as other spiritual practices. This Nakshatra is ruled by Lord Vishnu who maintains creation through careful and meticulous attention to detail, and willingness to change and transform based on new information.

Pay close attention to the information coming your way now, and be diligent the slight changes and modifications that need to be made to your environment, your relations with people, and other “voices in your head”.

I. Saturn Changes Signs – Moves into Sagittarius
Capricorn themes can be pretty heavy. But this cycle may be surprisingly lighter and more inspiring. This is because Saturn, the ruler of Capricorn, is moving into Sagittarius now. This is a much more hopeful placement then it has been for the last 2 1/2 years. We are undergoing a shift, where our commitments will be more aligned with hope (Sagittarius) not fear and paranoia (Scorpio).

II. Venus Is exalted in Pisces
adding greater beauty and connection, is the transit of Venus into Pisces now, also occurring on January 27, the same day as the new moon. Venus is exalted in Pisces, the sign of a mystical connection with God. This is the place where our desires become aligned with something higher than just our personal pleasure or relationship happiness. Connecting to the source of love and joy itself, something internal, cosmic and mystical – is possible for the next four months!

New Moon in Capricorn – January 27, 2017 – VIDEO

Venus Exalted in Vedic Astrology

Venus Exalted in Vedic Astrology

Venus on the Half-Shell

Venus is exalted in Pisces, the sign of otherworldly energy and creativity. With Pisces we seem to have 1 foot in this world and 1 foot in the other. Venus, the planet of desires becomes elevated in Pisces, where we find happiness in the highest, most metaphysical ways. Instead of seeking pleasure, the lowest quality of Venus, or happiness through others, we seek a sort of divine love.

Typically, human beings disappoint us, because we have extremely high expectations and desires we are trying to fulfill through them. When Venus is in Pisces our desires are elevated toward things more eternal. We find the highest beauty in teachings from great spiritual masters and other elevated things.

Venus Exalted in Vedic Astrology – VIDEO