Ayurveda Astrology Master Classes

AyurVedic Astrology Class I

These 2 AyurVedic Astrology Classes are designed to teach Vaidyas how to use Vedic astrology in their practice. Both the beginning and advanced classes streamline Vedic astrology, focusing on the most important things Astrology offers Vaidyas, an understanding of timing and its capacity to stabilize or destabilize Prakruti. I know many Vaidyas who mainly (if not exclusively) focus on Vikruti.

A Vaidya trying to understand a client’s Vikruti, without the knowledge of Vedic astrological timing, is like a blind person groping in the dark.

The Planets Rule Everything
The Planets create and rule the Dhatus and Bhutas. By understanding their movement in the sky (dynamic factors) and their disposition in a natal chart (static factors), the Vaidya can know if a current “Pitta spike” is the result of a transit (2 months for a Mars transit), or a dasha (a 7 year Mars cycle), or if it is mainly affecting the mind (Moon) or affecting the body (ascendant), whether or not it has a lot of strength to harm or heal (based on natal placement and house by transit), etc.

These things are not even that hard to see and know.

In general, it is not necessary for a Vaidya to undergo an entire Vedic Astrology Certification in order to start helping their clients immediately.

This course is designed for that.
It gives the knowledge of astrological timing and how to integrate that into a treatment plan.

A Couple of Questions For You?

  • How valuable do you think it would be to know in advance when your clients are about to experience a spike in “Vata” or “Pitta”?
  • What if you knew your client was going to be having a very stressful and potentially life threatening period about to start – would you like to know that and help them?
  • What if you knew they were about to go through a cycle where weight gain was very likely?
  • How grateful do you think your clients would be to know in advance that they may be feeling stressed for the next couple of weeks “while Mars goes over their Moon” or the next year as “Rahu goes over their Moon?”
  • Do you think this knowledge would allow you to better serve your clients – which leads to more referrals and customer loyalty?
  • Do you think this knowledge will also help you to understand these energy shift and cycles for yourself and therefore be more clear and present for others?
  • How much would you pay to get this information?

We are all under the influence of these universal forces. When planets move into different signs it affects us all. Yet each individual also gets specific parts of their Prakriti activated when Planets move..

In Just 3, Three Hour Classes You Will Learn:

  • The Common Threads Between Ayurveda and Vedic Astrology (How to Approach the Mahabhutas, Dhatus, Vital Essences and Doshas, Gunas, Indriyas, etc).
  • How the Planetary Elements Form Each Person in Body, Mind and Soul.
  • General Nature of Each Planetary Force and the Karmic Lesson it is Teaching.
  • How Each Astrological Sign Shapes the Planetary Elements.
  • How to Blend Planetary and Sign Elements to Better Know Your Client and What is Most Important.
  • How to Decipher the Vedic Astrology Chart with a Focus on Ayurvedic Factors.
  • How To Know With Certainty When Doshas and Difficult Cycles Will Arise, How Long, What They Mean and What to Do About them.
  • Which Specific Illnesses are Related to Which Astrological Factors
    (Ex: Hard to Diagnose, and Fiery, Neuromuscular Problems with Ketu Transits and Cycles)
  • A Comprehensive list of Planets and Signs and the weaknesses / strengths to watch for.
  • Much Much More
Class Syllabus:

Week 1:

  • How to draw the chart and the basic astronomy / architecture of an astrology Chart (I usually explain this to clients in 5 minutes in every astrology reading, so it is not hard to understand)
  • Connecting astrology to Sankya philosophy and Ayurveda with special emphasis on relating the planets to the Dhatus, Mahabhutas, Elements and Gunas.
  • Introduction to astrological timing factors (dasa lengths, transit times, etc)

Week 2:

  • Deeper Qualities of Planets – Their expressions through mind, body and spirit.
  • Planetary expressions through the Signs – Psychology – masculine and feminine – Appearance – constitutional factors explored.
  • Planetary Cycles of Health and illness using Vimshottari Dasa Cycle.

Week 3:

  • Connecting to the Living Sky and dynamic cycles using astrology transits
  • Blending static chart indicators with dynamic factors to determine a course of action
  • Special approach to upayes based on Astrology. (Mainly Mantra remedies for planets)
  • Saturn, Nodes, Jupiter and Mars. Always knowing where they are and why that is crucial to your patients.
  • Many Case studies

NOTE: You will receive extensive manuals and templates that allow you to organize the information into a system that has you simply filling out a worksheet before each consultation to determine what is important astrologically to know.

AyurVedic Astrology – Level II Class

Needless to Say, In Level 1 We Covered A Lot of Ground. In just three short weeks we learned:

  • The astronomy crucial to understanding the seasons and their effects
  • The effect of the Planets in life and as a support to our health.
  • The effect of the signs and how they influence the planets in the sky.
  • Important timing factors in astrology (planetary transits and cycles) and their influence.
  • The most urgent astrological markers in a clients birth chart, compared with the current “weather”.
  • How to synthesize this information into our treatment plan and approach.
  • How to approach remedies from a purely Astrological perspective
  • Overview of Astrology Houses and the four aims of life.
  • In depth explanations of Planets and their connections to the astrology signs.

Now we are ready for a more detailed examination, which includes:

  • Other Astrology houses and their influence on health.
  • The Nakshatras. Their mystical purpose and their effect on health.
  • The body parts of the Signs, House and Nakshatras.
  • Advanced spiritual approaches to remedies. Ways to inspire your clients.
  • Loads of Case study and practical application of these techniques so you can see these things working over and over again.

Why, What, How – Now Let’s Go!!

I don’t have to tell you how valuable it is to your clients to be able to tell when potentially dangerous cycles are approaching. Think of how much better you will be able to serve them.

The connection to Astrology and Ayurveda goes back to the mists of time. Astrology shows the timing of karma and its effect (from the past life to the current one) – Ayurveda shows the results of that karma on the physical and emotional bodies. What a great service you provide – and all the better now given this astrological insight.

Theory notwithstanding, you will get step by step procedures and techniques that help you organize the information in a way that makes sense and worksheets / templates that make it a no-brainer for you.

The only thing to do now is sign up to start listening to the free Nakshatra class immediately – and spend the ensuing time honing the skills you learned in the level one class.

Class Syllabus:

Week 1

  • Nakshatra Qualities and the gunas (light, swift, sharp, etc)
  • Nakshatras most disposed toward healing and those disposed to harm
  • Nakshatra body parts according to Srimad Bhagavatam and stories of Deities.
  • Which Nakshatra rulers (in each chart) lead to a deeper spiritual nature that will inspire each person.

Week 2

  • Astrology Houses discussed.
  • Astrology Houses and health, body parts.
  • Auspiscious planets (as house rulers) for each sign

Week 3

  • Deeper Chart synthesis of planets, sign and house
  • Planetary aspects discussed – both in chart and by aspect
  • Planetary conjunctions discussed – birth chart
  • Harmonic Charts introduced (Navamsa and its connection to the Nakshatras)


NOTE: You will receive extensive manuals and templates that allow you to organize the information into a system that has you adding to the worksheet you used in the last class.

We will be looking at a lot of charts (including your own if you like) so we learn these techniques practically, not just abstractly.


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