The last Nakshatra in Cancer is called Aslesha Nakshatra. It is from 16:40 until 29:59 of Cancer.

Aslesha – Entwiner, Embracer, Intimate Connection – Video


Deity: Sarpa

Sign(s)/Degrees: 16:40 – 29:59 Cancer

Ruler: Mercury

Symbol: Wheel

Story: Aslesha is called “the entwiner” and it is where we can get tangled up and entwined in our dramas. For instance, a mother has to get tangled up in her child’s life because that is the nature of motherhood. When the child is a baby, the mother just serves the child but as the child becomes an adult, the mother needs to untangle from it and let the child become a grownup.

This tangling up of Cancer is also analogous to our emotions getting tangled up in our personal desires rather than a higher, more Sattvic principle. The Moon and Cancer are Sattvic which means that they are driven by purity. The mother’s love of a child is pure, it asks nothing in return. That is not the same energy that we use in romantic relationships and other relationships with grownups where we have our mutual desire. The Cancer principle is the selfless love like what is described in Pushya.

Aslesha is where that selfless love becomes an entanglement. A mother getting tangled up in the life of the child, that is the appropriate response. But then as the child does not need the entanglement, the mother can untangle and get tangled up in other things that are pure. The problem with Aslesha is we get tangled up in things that are impure. Our mind is very impure especially our desires and the pain of all kinds of things in life.

The deity is the serpent, the Sarpa, which entwines and wraps around things. When it is wrapped around truths, it leads us straight to the source. That serpent energy or power is related to the Kundalini, the depth of life itself.

Aslesha is one of the Nakshatras that is pathologized but we never have to pathologize anything astrologically no matter what it is. It definitely has a diabolical potential mainly because we are not pure but there is a great potential for purification here simply because of that intense entangling nature.

When planets in Aslesha get tangled up in the truth, it is deeply mystical, powerful and profound. But you also have to watch it because that snake might bite you. If it does not bite, then that poison becomes a great elixir. We just need to make sure that the planets in Aslesha connect with a pure, selfless intention.

Aslesha is that part of Cancer that is tangled up in pure love and loving that part of it. Any planets there need to connect with that higher purpose and not get entwined in personal gain and desire.

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