Aquarius Eclipse Season in Vedic Astrology
This Ketu / Sun eclipse cycle is getting heated up now, as many themes related to the Leo/Aquarius axis are getting destroyed. Ketu Solar eclipses show an “erasing/destroying” effect, relative to the most important themes. In particular, now we are seeing the utter destruction of social / governmental structures and how they implicate our personal lives.

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Meaning, we all have a certain amount of personal power and we also have a desire to connect that personal power with others, socially. We experience these things as “politics”, “social causes”, “community” and even “religion”.

The Leo/Aquarius axis has a lot to do with governments, and their need to represent the people. History has shown, no matter how much power a government or a kingdom possesses, they do not have the numbers. Even the most powerful monarch is subject to citizen reprisal if they abuse of authority.

The political climate in the United States clearly reflects this now. On the Republican/right side of the aisle we have extreme hard-line, protectionist ideologies and a standard of conservatism never seen before. On the Democratic/left side of the aisle we have an openly declared socialist pushing the agenda toward more and more forms of liberalism.

In many ways, these extremes are reactions to a general abuse of authority, and maintenance of the status quo. Over the last 20 to 30 years there has been a deep blurring of the lines between right and left, toward a more centrist model where both parties simply worship power. Implicated in this corruption is the media, big business, lobbyists, Wall Street and on and on.

Aquarius Eclipse Season in Vedic Astrology – Video

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