Today is a special day in Hinduism. It is a day for prosperity – and the best day or the year to make an important purchase.

Like everything in Hinduism, it revolves around the astrology/cosmology.

It is called “Akshaya Tritiya”, “Tritiya” Is literally the third lunar day, after the new moon or full moon.

You can tell by the headlines on google today, for Akshaya Tritiya, that much of it revolves around money and wealth.

Sadly, when it comes to wealth, we often focus on money, rather than the highest wealth there is, “knoweldge or wisdom”. Notice the headlines urging people to purchase gold and silver.

Of course, investing in a prosperous monetary future is important, but what about our spiritual future?, Or the future of our understanding and awareness of life? This is the most special day of the year to make an important purchase. If you are an astrology student, that also includes purchasing astrology classes. So, in that spirit, I have opened this special deal on astrology classes. I usually only offer this for the holidays, but in honor of Akshaya Tritiya I want to offer it to astrology students now.

Sun and Moon – Cosmic Lovers
The reason this day is so special has to do with the exalted sun and the exalted moon on the same day. Of course, the sun and moon are the two main forces in astrology. The sun is the power, and the moon is the feeling and the creative principle that brings that power into form.

In Hindu culture, the interplay between the sun and the moon is shown by the male and female deities. Shiva and his wife Parvati, Vishnu and his wife Lakshmi and Brahma and his daughter Saraswati represent this interplay between power and creativity.

Today has to do with Vishnu and Lakshmi, the god and goddesses of wealth, abundance and love. On this day we feel that full power, and were able to bring it into an abundant form.

Retrograde Planets and Exalted Venus
We also have three important retrograde planets now, and exalted Venus. Those retrograde planets, which will be influencing us for months, show a great time to be reflecting and internalizing our studies (Jupiter) and deepening our commitments (Saturn) to what is most important to us. In addition, Mercury is still retrograde, showing the need to internalize information and the inner dialogue.

You can get any of my most popular course at 50% Off. As many as you want.
I only do this every once in a while, on special occasions, and for a limited time.

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The best deal will get you close to 10 full courses, more than 100 hours, for less than $300.

These Courses represent decades of my research and studies.

I would love to have you take advantage of these classes.


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