Magic and Information

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We live in an Age of “Magic and Information” and Under an “Illusion of Knowledge”.
These Two Syndromes Are Insidious in Our Lives, Preventing Us from Learning And Living Full On


  1. Audra Lokrantz

    I Don’t Get It…. This video had so much knowledge, knowledge that was not a illusion! As I watched I was saying to myself I do that all the time “I’ve heard that I get it” ,”I know already”, I’m ready to learn something new”, “I know about planets and houses”. Thank you I love the video.

  2. Ajay Prasad

    These 2 syndromes relate well with a folklore story from India.

    Once 2 students went to a master for getting knowledge. One student was fresh, raw with no prior education of any kind. And the other was educated in the particular subject to some extent.

    So the students asked how much fees they have to pay!

    Master said to 1st student Rs.1000 and to the second he said Rs. 2000.

    Second student was upset and questioned why he has to pay double when he knows something on the topic. While the totally ignorant one is paying half ! ☺️

    Master patiently explained that he will have to work twice hard for teaching him because first he has to remove that “illusion of knowledge” and then provide the real knowledge! 😀

    So true Sam – with our illusions of knowledge we create a even stronger barrier by “I get it” attitude. Thanks!

  3. Nancy Raffaele-ILic

    I definitely don’t already “have it” or “get it”. I am ready to learn from you as my first Vedic instructor. Waiting to hear something about that. In the meantime, I am reading your books and watching as many videos as I can. One thing we really know is that we don’t know anything. Thank You, Nancy

  4. Somya

    Thanks for the reminder, Sam. Good perspectives/practices for sadhana and study. In Amma <3

  5. smwow

    Hi Sam. You're absolutely right. It's a great way of putting it across. When I learn or read up on something, I think I've got it, but I realise that when I try to explain it, I haven't got it! I realise that I have to keep visiting it and revisiting, until it sinks in and I get it. Looking forward to learning and getting it! Namaste.

  6. daria

    i get it sam 😉

  7. Julene

    reminded me of what my mother used to tell me when I was a teenager "it's what you learn after you know it all…." Thanks Sam, many great points.

  8. jeannette

    what you’re saying is great Sam… it’s amazing how the mind thinks that he knows the truth, when he knows nothing… it’s a real maya… thanks for the video

  9. Eva

    powwowtalk ;-D thanks
    got a smile inside


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