On Monday, April 10 the moon will be full in Virgo. This full moon will be opposite the sun in Pisces. The full moon will provide a contrast, a point of balance, to the mystical and metaphysical sun in Pisces. Expect a lot of “emotional grounding” to assist us in bringing the metaphysical, romantic nature of Pisces into tangible form.

There’s been a sense of hope and opportunity the last couple of weeks, with the sun and exalted Venus in Pisces. All of that inspiration and hope is fine and good, but it must be brought into tangible form in order to benefit your life.

Virgo is a Dual earth sign, ruled by Mercury. Virgo shows the skills necessary to progress in life. It shows the important details that we must focus on in order to skillfully organize our life and create anything of value and meaning.

this full moon inverter will be in Chitra Nakshatra.Chitra is ruled by the celestial architect. There is a very creative day ahead of us on Monday. For the next couple of weeks, it’s a good time to build a solid foundation and structure to contain your creative inspirations.

This Full Moon in Virgo will be joined Jupiter, bringing a sense of optimism and purpose into this creative quest.

Full Moon in Virgo – VIDEO

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