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Analysis of Venus in Libra in a natal chart or by transit.

Venus is the ruler of Libra, thus when Venus is in Libra, either in a natal chart or by transit in the sky, the higher qualities of Venus emerges, which includes high desires, accommodating others and sharing joy and beauty.

Venus in Libra in a natal chart or by transit Video

Qualities of Venus

We spent most of our life pursuing Venus things. We all wake up in the morning and want to have good food and be around nice people and have enjoyable and pleasant experiences. This quality of life comes from Venus. She gives us the awareness that we can be happy. And, it’s really the joy of life that we’re all hoping to express.VenuLibrinfo

So, our life on earth is really a very Venus experience. And in fact, it’s true, we are here to try to be happy. But, we must learn to be happy for no reason. This is the higher lesson of,.. READ THE REST HERE

Qualities of Libra

A Libra person will inherently want to make everyone happy. This is why they are notorious for hesitation. The hesitation of a Libra person comes from the fear that if they make a decision, someone might be disappointed, and they would like everyone to feel taken care of. They don’t want to disappoint anyone, but of course that’s not possible. In life, we must do our best with the information we have and then make a decision and live with it. But many times, a Libra person will hesitate, if they’re not sure how everyone can get their needs met. This hesitation tends to make the situation – READ THE REST HERE

Natal Chart or by Transit

When Venus transits through Libra, it is often a time when we can repair relationships, especially from recent demands (Venus is Leo) or criticisms (Venus in Virgo). When Venus is in Libra in the natal chart the qualities of grace and accommodation are pervasive in the person’s mind, but they also need to be careful not to over-do Venus themes.


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