Scorpio is ruled by Mars reflecting upon himself. The nature of Mars is to bring strength and for Scorpio, Mars brings strength to the emotions. Scorpio is a water sign which is related to the emotions and it’s also a fixed sign which wants to stabilize. Somehow Mars tries to stabilize the watery emotions through Scorpio. Of course, this is very difficult because the emotions are always changing and those who we have invested in emotionally are also always changing. So Scorpio tends to worry about those things they are emotionally involved in and try to control those situations and people. They are notorious for being able to penetrate deeply into the emotions of others and know exactly how to reach into their psyche and keep them under control, but of course this only lasts for so long.

Eventually others may get tired of the emotional power struggle and Scorpio can lose the war. When this happens, the dreaded emotional loss feels like a loss of self entirely, so Scorpio needs to learn how to manage their emotions rather than try to control them or the emotions of others. Learning to truly be strong emotionally means not being afraid of their change and their fluidity. Through the nature of Scorpio, we all learn how to concentrate our emotional power on something more than just feeling good and that’s the real genius of Scorpio.

Once Scorpio makes an emotional commitment to something, they are tenacious and will not let go until they feel they’ve exhausted that. Scorpio needs to learn a more calm and easy approach to life and learn to find contentment in the things they’ve done. These are traits associated with the sign of Taurus. Scorpio tends to mistake emotional intensity and difficulty for growth. They need to learn that sometimes growth can happen in a very easy way. It is not necessarily something that’s full of upheaval and drama with everyone’s guts on the floor.

Once Scorpio matures, they can be a great advocate for personal evolution for others and themselves. You will often see Scorpio people helping others strengthen their emotional responses. This is a sign that is excellent for counselors and doing deep transformational work where others are afraid to enter.

Scorpio and the Holistic Zodiac – Video

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