Libra is ruled by Venus, expressing herself in a masculine way. The external nature of Venus is related to the element of air, and show us initiating contact with others and initiating harmonious communications and connections. Through the sign of Libra, Venus wants to initiate beauty as well. The nature of Libra puts a high importance on partnerships and all sort of intellectual connections. This includes social contacts, work contact, business contacts, and global connections as well.

A Libra person will inherently want to make everyone happy. This is why they are notorious for hesitation. The hesitation of a Libra person comes from the fear that if they make a decision, someone might be disappointed, and they would like everyone to feel taken care of. They don’t want to disappoint anyone, but of course that’s not possible. In life, we must do our best with the information we have and then make a decision and live with it. But many times, a Libra person will hesitate, if they’re not sure how everyone can get their needs met. This hesitation tends to make the situation even worse, especially if they’re in the position of authority.

Libras often will then become frustrated with the situation and act in a very impulsive way, as a way to bring in the opposite qualities of the sign of Aries, which is also impulsive. Libra is very good at diplomacy and jobs that require this kind of interpersonal skill because they’re so aware of everyone’s needs and everyone’s values. So Libra’s are often very good negotiators, able to find the most important needs and qualities of each person in a negotiation, and then satisfy them.

But the nature of Venus makes Libra a sign of high desires, and learning to manage their desires, as well as accommodate the desires of others is the big growth process for them in this lifetime. Venus shows our desire for happiness and through Libra, we activate that by interactions with others, interactions with the world of beauty and form and culture, but we must also balance that need to compromise and interact harmoniously with honoring our own individual strength and power.

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