Aquarius is ruled by Saturn, expressing himself in an external way, in a masculine way. The external nature of Saturn brings the awareness of time into existence. Once we become aware of the enormity of time, boundaries, structures and limitations – when they become externalized – we see how all of the qualities of smaller self must be let go of. We must concentrate on something bigger in order to grow something bigger in our lives. Culture, politics, the sciences and other things that are much larger than our individual needs and much longer than our individual lifetime are all related to Aquarius. This is why Aquarius has a humanitarian bent to it.

Saturn brings humility and a connection to humanitarian causes here, as it’s his energy that pushes down the glory of the individual in order to show our larger context. Through Aquarius, Saturn rules the 1st and the 12th, which literally shows a loss of confidence, a loss of self. This is why the Aquarius person naturally has a weak self-image. But Aquarius needs to be careful mistaking “humility” for a lack of confidence. May times, an Aquarius seems to be humble, but actually, it’s just a lack of confidence in disguise. This kind of Aquarius energy leads to bitterness and resentment in old age because they never expressed themselves powerfully.

Aquarius needs to aspire to express traits more associated with the sign of Leo, which is a healthy connection for confidence and individual personal power. There’s nothing glorious or dignified about a subservience disguising or masquerading as humility. But in general, an Aquarius person will have an innate sense of the enormity of time and the willingness to let go of all of our ups and downs, gains and losses, victories and defeats. An Aquarius person sees how everything fits into the larger scheme on Earth and how ultimately, we are not of this Earth, so we must make peace with the laws of karma and the march of time.

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