When Jupiter is retrograde, either in a natal chart or in the sky, it shows the need to reflect on our principles, and recycle our teachers and their teachings until they reflect those principles..

Jupiter brings a sense of hope, meaning and purpose into our life. Most of us experience this in the form of our religion, or what we believe in, our belief system.

Since Jupiter is retrograde about one third of the time, it shows the need for us to reflect on our teachers and our sense of purpose about one third of the time. The other two thirds of the time we should be following those teachings with as much devotion and focus as possible.

like all retrograde planets, Jupiter retrograde can show some disruptions, as the outer manifestation of the planet is interrupted. In this case, with Jupiter, we may doubt our teachers and our beliefs for certain period of time. That is a great catalyst for more introspection and penetrating insight to emerge.

However, often when we are in doubt, we interpreted that as “bad”. When in fact, it can just be a time of greater personal reflection, which is not bad at all, but necessary.

Specifically in a natal chart, Jupiter retrograde will show disruption to the living things it produces (teachers and children) and also based on the houses it rules from the ascendant. For example, for a cancer ascendant Jupiter is the ruler of the sixth and ninth houses, so those things will be disrupted when Jupiter turns retrograde in the sky, or if it’s in the natal chart.

Vedic Astrology – Jupiter Retrograde – Video

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