Vedic Astrology Certification

Vedic Astrology Certification

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There are many articles and free online classes here on Vedic astrology and the other Vedic Sciences. Below is a list of some of the Vedic astrology resources here.

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Vedic Astrology Signs: Pisces

Thumbnail image for Vedic Astrology Signs: Pisces September 22, 2011 [edit]

Pisces is the internal reflective nature from Jupiter. Jupiter is the planet of expansion and growth and through Pisces, we expand and grow internally in a psychological way. This makes for a very mystical and creative mind set. Pisces is the 12th sign of the Zodiac, which shows the need to let go of our […]

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Vedic Astrology Signs: Aquarius

Thumbnail image for Vedic Astrology Signs: Aquarius September 22, 2011 [edit]

Aquarius is ruled by Saturn, expressing himself in an external way, in a masculine way. The external nature of Saturn brings the awareness of time into existence. Once we become aware of the enormity of time, boundaries, structures and limitations – when they become externalized – we see how all of the qualities of smaller […]

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Vedic Astrology Signs: Capricorn

Thumbnail image for Vedic Astrology Signs: Capricorn September 22, 2011 [edit]

Capricorn is ruled by Saturn, expressing his feminine nature. So, the reflective quality of Saturn is what Capricorn refers to. Saturn is a planet of time in our determined efforts over time. The awareness that we need to be safe and protected into the future comes from Saturn. We not only need to eat food […]

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Vedic Astrology Signs: Sagittarius

September 22, 2011 [edit]

Sagittarius is the masculine nature of Jupiter, the planet of expansion, hope, wealth and all kinds of growth. Through Sagittarius, Jupiter expresses himself into the world. You will notice a Sagittarius person because they’re often very optimistic, perhaps even cheerful, in spite of difficulty. They tend to focus on the larger picture, on the larger […]

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