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US Iran History – Guru Chandala Yoga – Remarkable Case Study

The recent nuclear agreement deal with Iran is not only a hopeful turn of events, but US Iran History - Guru Chandala Yoga - Remarkable Case Studyastrologically it is a remarkable case study.

It is safe to say that the relationship of Iran with the rest of the world, especially the Western world, actually began in 1979 with the return of the Ayatollah Khomeni to Iran. He was a religious leader exiled by the former Shaw of Iran. This former Shah of Iran was propped up/supported by the United States and other Western countries, for their oil wealth. This “Iranian revolution” was the start of a new nation, or at least a new paradigm for this nation, often referred to as “Persia” by its more secular citizens since the revolution of 1979.

The relationship of Iran to the United States was completely reset later in 1979 with the Iran hostage crisis. On November 4, 1979 Iranian militants stormed the US Embassy and for more than 400 days held those US citizens hostage. Needless to say, since that time there has been no normalized relations with the West, but especially with the United States. For its support of Israel, it’s propping up of enemies of the state (including Saddam Hussein during the Iran/Iraq war” the United States was labeled as “the great Satan”.

Guru / Chandala Yoga and The Vedic Astrology Behind it AllKala_-______11_4_1979__18_36_50________MAIN_SCREEN__

When we look at the astrological charts of both the Iran hostage crisis from 1979 and the recent treaty with Iran, we see something utterly remarkable:
An Exact Jupiter / Rahu Conjunction in Leo in Both Charts.

A Jupiter / Rahu Conjunction is called a “Guru Chandala Yoga”, because the influence of Rahu brings an eccentric/willful nature to our beliefs and principles, as seen by Jupiter. It may also bring enormous fanaticism. Rahu’s tendency to conflate and confuse complex issues does not support the nature of Jupiter, which is to trust, have reverence and be devoted to higher principles. Those principles are not just spiritual, they are also secular. For example, Jupiter does refer to God’s law, but it also refers to man-made law, and a sense of right and wrong.Kala 3

We can see in both of these countries, and in both of these worldviews, a clear choice now. Do we embrace greater tolerance for both our cultural and religious differences? Or do we continue down the road of fear and domination?

Jupiter Retrograde
It is also worth noting that Jupiter is retrograde now, which gives the opportunity to reverse the consequences of the previous conjunction. In fact, this is exactly where we stand now. The more cynical among us saw the recent capture of US sailors by Iran as evidence of difficulty and belligerence. Others, myself included, saw it as a remarkably progressive moment that has not existed for more than 25 years. Meaning, such cooperation is only possible between nations where there is a dialogue, where two ambassadors can speak. At this time last year, had such an action occurred, there would’ve been no phone calls, there would have been no diplomatic channel.

This is the Rahu / Jupiter problem. As much as we would like to find a simple answer and solution, it simply does not exist. So instead, we as a culture become prone to demagogues who conflate complex problems with simple solutions. These simple, dogmatic solutions are attractive in the face of such complexity, but ultimately create as many or more problems than they solve. Mainly because they put people into simplistic categories that also do not exist. Hardline positions that divide are easier to digest than complex ones that unite.

US Iran History – Guru Chandala Yoga – Remarkable Case Study – Video

My Personal / Political Opinion
With the emergence of ISIL in the Middle East, the Arab world needs to come together and push back against this savagery. It would be great if the Western powers offered support in this endeavor. But of course, suspicions run high of the US, and its alliance with Israel and its past history of meddling in the affairs of Iran, Iraq, Saudi Arabia and others. As always, these are complicated issues and there is no clear “right and wrong” path forward. Underneath it all, labels such as “American” or “Mexican” or “Iranian” or “Muslim” are just circumstantial, a matter of geography or upbringing. Ultimately we are all humans and have the same human needs. If we start forming solutions and governments with that in mind, the world will eventually come together under a larger umbrella.

The mixture of corporate greed, its influence on governments and decision-making loom large in these issues, like the invisible hands of a puppet master pulling the strings behind the scenes.

As this reporter has stated for months now, Jupiter’s passage through Leo has been about what type of power inspires us and what philosophies and principles represent us the best. Those philosophies and power structures are governmental, social and financial.

This agreement is a remarkable opportunity to reset the discussion. It brings an opportunity for moderates in both cultures to do the best for their people and the world as a whole. As it stands now, the Middle East is coming apart and Middle Eastern countries need to come together to eradicate the cancer that is destroying the secular Arab world in the name of Allah. In addition, more tolerance, support and compassion from the Western world could go a long way as well. I envision a scenario where both Iran and Saudi Arabia and Jordan and the other stable Middle Eastern countries partner to eradicate ISIS toward a more stable region of the world, rather than one constantly battling over Sunni and Shia issues.

This Guru Chandala yoga In Leo is showing this choice and the potentially dangerous, volatile mix that awaits us for the next one and a half years.

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