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Week 1. Relevant Vedic Background
Here are several relevant details based on Vedic/Yogic principles that apply to Astrology.
Week 2. General Planetary Attributes – Sun/Leo – Moon/Cancer – Some important qualities of the planets are discussed as well as the Sun and Leo – Moon and Cancer
Week 3. Mars and Signs – Sign Attributes | Anchoring Techniques -1
Mars and his signs are discussed as well as some anchoring techniques and special sign attributes.
Week 4. Mercury and His Signs
Mercury is discussed as a planet and a sign ruler.
Also we discuss the first “Anchoring Technique” – “Its Elemental”.
Week 5. Jupiter and His Signs
Jupiter and his signs are discussed as well as a couple more of the “Anchoring Techniques”.
Week 6. Venus and Her Signs
The Seductive one enchants us all
Week 7. Saturn and His Signs
The Old man – the bringer of wisdom and truth – Keeping it real


1. BONUS Class – Astrology, Numerolgy & Planetary Associations

Week 2 – Astrology Houses 1 through 4 Examined in Detail. The unfolding of Self and those Anchoring Processes
Week 3 – Astrology Houses 5-8 Examined in Detail. The unfolding of relationship with others and the Anchoring Processes
Week 4 – Houses 9 -12 Examined in Detail. The unfolding of our relations to the universe and the Anchoring Processes
Week 5 – Rahu and Ketu Examined in Detail (an overview). See Rahu / Ketu Course for More Detail.
Week 6 – Anchoring Conditions: Combustion and Retrograde Examined in Detail. Anchoring Techniques w/ Houses
Week 7 – Review and Application of Universal Astrology 1 and 2


– Relevant Astronomy and Important Calculations

– Planetary Friendship / Enmity and Dignity

– Houses and Planets as House Rulers

– Harmonic Charts – Calculation, Use and Meaning

– Rasi and Graha Aspects (What They Are and How they Differ)

– Special Characteritics of Signs and Planets (Body Parts, Feet, Directions)

– Yogas (Combinations of Power)

– Components of Shad Bala and How to Use Them


In Level 2 Vedic:

– Nakshatras and Their Use (Extensive – Continuous Focus)

– Integrating Dasas and Transits for Predictive Accuracy
– Dusthana Houses and Rulers

– Reading the Clients Mind, Character and Mood (they are different)

– Shortcuts to Reading Horary Charts and When to use Them

– Zeroing in on What is Most Important in any Chart

– Making Accurate Predictions that Empower Your Clients

– Making A Living Doing Readings (Boundaries, Problem Clients, Your Personal Issues)


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