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In a general sense, these are the Big Four main components that show changes in Prakruti. We always want to keep in mind the elements and nature of these factors as we look at a client’s life.

It is especially important to notice when planets in the sky enter the client’s natal ascendant, and/or go over the natal Moon. The ascendant is the person’s body and overall energy – The moon is their mind and how they are feeling. Yet, you see some overlap.

EX: When someone has a difficult planet in their first house, it’s going to affect their body, which in turn affects how they feel (Moon). When a planet goes over at someone’s Moon, it is going to affect how they feel – which in turn affects much physical energy they have and what they do (ascendant).

You would measure these two, in an ayurvedic sense, as the difference between their physical and psychological dosha.

Before each client session, you can look at their astrology chart to scan for acute changes – Either in the recent past – present moment – or near future.

In this case you would scan the chart for certain DYNAMIC factors: (Things that change)

1. What Dasa / Sub dasa are they in? (Two levels generally)
2. What planets (if any) are currently in their ascendant by transit.
3. What Planets (if any) are currently over their natal Moon by transit.
4. Play close attention to the slow moving planets of Saturn, Jupiter and the Nodes.
5. Pay close attention to the EXACT DEGREES of the planets in the sky relative to their planets.

When considering the planets, focus on:

Their General Nature (Ex: Mercury flexible, Jupiter hopeful, Saturn slow and worried, Nodes confused)

The Gentle or Cruel quality (How things will feel)

Their Element (expect an increase toward that dosha)

Their Gender (male planets want to work and take action, female planets want to feel better)

Their Guna (Motivation: Sattwic=do good | Rajasic=enjoyment | Tamasic=protection)

Next, scan the Chart for STATIC indicators, from their birth chart.

1. What is their ascendant sign? (Body)
2. What is their Moon sign? (Mind)
3. What planets (if any) are in the ascendant?
4. What planets (if any) are joined their Moon?

When considering the signs, focus on:

1. The Planetary ruler
2. The Element
3. Gender
4. Modality
5. Size

Click here to read more about its DYNAMIC and STATIC FACTORS

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