Nakshatras – The Keys to the Cosmic Doorway

Nakshatras – The Keys to the Cosmic Doorway

Nakshatras – The Keys to the Cosmic Doorway

Your Moon Star is Aswinni:
Ashwini means horse.
Ashwini is the physician of the gods. Ashwini is ruled by the South Node Ketu, who is related to concentration and internally focusing energy. This gives you good powers of concentration and inner focus, especially when striving to fulfill personal goals.

Mythologically, the Ashwins, the twin horses are the deities of Ashwini. The wife of the Sun, Sanjna, turned herself into a mare, attempting to flee the Sun after, due to trickery and a case of mistaken identity, the Sun had an affair with her sister. The Sun also turned himself into a stallion and pursued Sanjna to explain. Eventually the Sun found Sanjna, explained the situation, and the two united as horses. The results of this union were the Ashwins. These divine horses were made immortal and given an honorable place in the sky at the beginning of the zodiac. They were given the power to heal and bring healing therapies to the earth so as to rid the world of disease and illness. They are known as the physicians of the gods.

Strengths: You may be very interested in medicine and healing therapies. Especially ones related to unorthodox and mystical teachings, such as Yoga or other alternative therapies, including Astrology. You may also have a special fondness or affinity for animals, especially horses. Horses are related to vitality, strength and power. You will embody many of these qualities, making you very good at initiating activities. You will also possess a regal and prominent gait.

Shadow issues: You may be moving too fast and to powerfully for others. This impatience may hinder your progress. Also, your naturally mystical mindset may be more advanced than others. More patience and teaching, less criticism and directing will take you far.

Your Moon Star is Bharani:
Bharani means bearing – it is the star of restraint.
The symbol of Bharani is a clay pot. Bharani is ruled by Venus, who is related to sensuality, cre- ativity and the pursuit of wealth and worldly comfort. You will be aware of the need to conserve energy and express it wisely as you may spend a lot of energy fulfilling desires.

Mythologically, Lord Yama is the presiding Deity of Bharani. Yama is the God who escorts the soul after earthly life. Yama was the first man on Earth (similar to Adam in Christian thought) and also the first to die. He is the son of the Sun and was given to the Earth so that all who followed would appre- ciate the creative potential possible in restraint and preservation of energy. Yama lived to be 1,000 years old through practicing Yoga. The word Yama means “restraint” as this section of sky has to do with honoring our limitations and using our energy wisely. When we do this, rebirth is possible.

Strengths: You have a serious nature and may be able to lead others to face the painful realities in life. You may feel yourself as carrying heavy burdens as you have an innate awareness of life’s transformations, including death. You will be able to use power wisely. Venus as the ruling planet will compel you to seek a humane and practical use of power. You will possess a certain feminine magnetism, even if you are man. This refers to the capacity to gather and hold energy.

Shadow issues: You may appear overly serious, even sullen at times as the awareness of life’s transformations weigh you down, uplifting spiritual messages and philosophies will be important. Also, irritability and impatience from pushing your own agenda too strongly must be watched.

Your Moon star is Krittika:Nakshatras – The Keys to the Cosmic Doorway
Krittika means cutter.
Krittika is the star of fire. Krittika is ruled by Sun, which relates you to physical activity and clean living, purification and powerful self-identity. You will have a high capacity to rid yourself of things that are not serving your long-term goals.

Mythologically, the Deity Agni, Fire deified, presides here. Fire not only cooks and purifies your food, it also illuminates your path through life. Thus you will place importance on wholesome food and eating and realize that to be important part of living a clean life. This may be hidden trait however. There are many stories of Lord Agni hiding in candle flames and in trees and plants, revealing the deeper and hidden nature of fire to be the quality of illumination in our mind. Fire is hidden in the body of plants, just as your inner fire is hidden in your body and mind. Humans can only produce fire intentionally, though heavenly fire visits the earth in the form of lightning. So too is the case with the fire of our awareness, we must stoke it intentionally.

Strengths: You have an innate awareness of the hidden inner light, which motivates you to seek truth and nurture others. You have a love of spiritual ceremonies, especially related to fire. You will have powerful desires that you want to fulfill, and may pursue them with gusto. You have the ability to cut your losses when necessary

Shadow issues: You may exhibit a passive aggressive nature or an excessively dominant, directed personality at times. Anger issues and stubbornness may plague you, especially with lovers or those expected to satisfy your desires. Religious orthodoxy, atheism or hypocrisy may also be present if the religion or religious figures from your childhood were disappointing or corrupt.

Your Moon Star is Rohini:
Rohini means growth.
The symbol of Rohini is an ox cart. Rohini is ruled by the Moon, which shows you have a desire for connection, beauty and receptivity to what life has to offer. You would like to experience growth in all areas of life. You may have beautiful eyes.

Mythologically, Prajapati, the creator, is the deity here. Rohini is the daughter of Prajapati, the creator. She was his most beautiful, creative and cherished daughter, existing only in the celestial realm. When the time came for Prajapati to create earthly beings, he wished to create them with Rohini. Since Prajapati was the creator, everything was his child, and thus a union with Rohini was also an incestuous one. The other gods were enraged, you could not understand Prajapati wished to engage in sexual union with his most beautiful daughter so as to produce the most beautiful earthly beings. This compelled Rohini to escape from her father, and Earth to be populated by less than divine beings.

Strengths: You will have strong and magnetic powers of attraction. This natural charm and cha- risma will support your rise in life, but may also nourish resentments and jealousies in others. Devotion, an Earthy sensuality and charismatic charm will also come very naturally to you. You will have a love of travel and luxury and be motivated to fulfill personal goals and desires. Yet you would like your actions to be of service in a practical, tangible way.

Shadow issues: You may become too enamored with worldly interests and sensual pleasures. And cling stubbornly to maintaining situations that only serve worldly life. Transformation and stepping out of your comfort zone may be difficult for you at times, especially if you are in a situation where you are receiving praise or being honored.

Your Sun star is Mrigashira:
Mrigashira means Deer’s head
Mrigashira is the searching star. Mrigashira is ruled by Mars, which shows you have an active, bold and restless nature. There is a searching, naïve and creative quality that keeps you seeking the idyllic vision of beauty in your heart.

Mythologically, Soma is the deity of Mrigashira. Soma is the God of the immortal nectar. The gods would drink Soma in order to become intoxicated, drunk with divine bliss. Soma refers to the drink and the experience itself. In Mrigashira Prajapati, the creator, chases after his daughter Rohini, in order to create the most beautiful beings to populate the Earth. Prajapati’s illusions become shat- tered later on when the other gods conspire to bring him down. However, divine bliss and divine possibility compel Prajapati forward in the nakshatra of Mrigashira. His courage and innocence, in spite of the consequences are revealed here.

Strengths: You have the courage to pursue your hearts desire and the innocence to continue to do so even after life’s disappointments threaten to shatter your illusions. You have a very creative mind and finely tuned perceptions as well as persuasive speech and communication abilities. Your main motivation is freedom yet you will seek it in a soft and tender way. You have a multitude of creative gifts, which includes creating wealth, comfort and love for yourself and others.

Shadow issues: You may be fickle, unfocused and prone to the “ Jack of all trades, Master of none” syndrome. You may spend too much time indulging creative idyllic fantasies, yet become frustrated when faced with reality. Be careful overtaxing your delicate nervous system, you may be easily overwhelmed. An underlying hostile and angry nature is also present should your frustrations be- come too great.

Your Sun star is Ardra:
Ardra means moist
The symbol of Ardra is a teardrop. Ardra is ruled by Rahu, the North node, which shows you seek to harness subconscious forces and hidden powers. You will be oriented toward achievement, action, self-negation and self-sacrifice.

Mythologically, Rudra, the storm God prevails here. The elemental gods conspired to make Lord Rudra in order to stop Prajapati, the creator from trying to mate with his daughter. The lesser gods were not strong enough to defeat Prajapati themselves; thus their most menacing qualities, including their weapons were assembled to create Rudra. He was one bad dude! Rudra fulfilled his mission and stopped Prajapati from the shameful union with his daughter, thereby protecting integrity and honor of his daughter. Yet the lesser gods, and Lord Rudra, lacked understanding. Prajapati sought union with his daughter in order to create perfect, divine beings, not satisfy desires or bring disgrace.

Strengths: You will act powerfully in defense of a just cause. There will be a protective quality to your actions. There will be high ambitions and desire to expand. You possess a keen ability to anticipate societal trends, making you good and marketing and planning for the future. You will have a fierce and stormy side to you, an obsessive and tempestuous psychology. Much like a cyclone, this is necessary to destroy and regenerate your life; much spiritual potential is hidden in these moments.

Shadow issues: You must be careful with abuse of power and having the means justify the ends when fighting for a just cause. You may appear ungrateful, haughty and excessively willful when pursuing your goals. At times, you may lack the vision necessary to see the bigger picture, espe- cially in defense of the righteous. You must align your destructive nature with the right cause – destroying darkness and ignorance, rather than destroying the positive things in your life.

Your Moon star is Punarvasu
Punarvasu means a ray of light returning
Punarvasu is symbolized by a bow with a quiver filled with arrows. Jupiter is the ruling planet, giving you a generous, expansive, abstract and intellectual approach. A mindset of growth through teaching, children, wealth and creativity of all sorts will be a familiar theme to you.

Mythologically, Aditi the sacred Goddess prevails here. She is the celestial divine mother. Her children are the Adidtyas, the protective sovereigns of creation. Each of the Adidtyas are portions of the Sun distributed for growth, maintenance, sustenance and nourishment here on Earth. Adityas include, Tvastar the divine architect, Bhaga the God of delight, Aryaman the lord of contracts, Pusan the Fosterer and shepherd. Your star, Punarvasu refers to the clear skies and fertile ground of intention after the storm rains fall and the flood waters recede. This fertile ground generously sup- ports the deepest roots to yield the highest tree.

Strengths: You have abundant optimism and a “can do” approach which supports ingenuity and thinking outside the box. Where others may waver, your quiver of arrows is ever aimed at the highest possibility. You possess a good combination of long term vision and worldly application that allows your life to bear tangible fruit over a sustained period of time. Not only in worldly matters, but also spiritually you will have an innate optimism and understanding of the bigger picture which is not easily defeated by life’s ups and downs.

Shadow issues: You must watch over-optimism and trying to do too much. This will lead to a scattered approach that leaves you thinking about all of the wonderful things you wish you had time to do, rather than enjoying the things you are doing. Also you may over-intellectualize things or be excessively critical. .

Your Moon star is Pushya
Pushya means to provide nourishment
The symbol of Pushya is a cow udder. Pushya is ruled by Saturn, giving you a practical, serious and determined nature. You will have a dutiful, conservative and realistic approach, one that appreci- ates the value of our daily efforts as they magnify over time.

Mythologically, Brihaspati, the priest presides here. Brihaspati was the husband of the beautiful Tara. The moon God Soma fell in love with Tara and she with him. The two ran away together and had a passionate affair. After some time she was convinced to return home, but she had become pregnant. She gave birth to a child (Mercury) from the union with Soma. In spite of the child not being his own, Brihaspati agreed to raise him and loved the child as his own, even though Mercury did not reciprocate the affection. A deep compassion and desire to nourish others in seen here; as well as the capacity to endure humiliation for the sake of duty and responsibility.

Strengths: You are very good at putting into practice what you have learned, walking the walk, not just talking the talk. You will have a deep sensitivity to others and the capacity to endure humiliation and difficulty without excessive ego in order to achieve your goals. You are also a good planner, particularly adept at putting into place the right steps that allow your dreams to manifest through patience, humility and service.

Shadow issues: You may be stuck in your ways and slow to change, convinced that the old ways are the best, stuffy and conservative. Be careful not to become the martyr, suffering silently, endur- ing too much for the sake of your long-term goals, or else arrogance, jealousy and bitterness may result. Your self-contained efficiency may simply be a wall of protection against the fear of change or the difficulty of facing your emotions honestly.

Your Moon star is Aslesha
Aslesha means the entwiner or to entangle
The Symbol of Aslesha is a coiled snake. Aslesha is ruled by Mercury, thus you will possess a communicative, intellectual and skillful approach to life. Somewhat intense and impulsive at times, you will be challenged to be more playful and flexible.

Mythologically, Adishesha, the 1,000 hooded serpent is the presiding deity. Adishesha supports a couch upon which Lord Vishnu sleeps. Everything in the physical world is the dream of Lord Vishnu in union with his wife, Goddess Lakshmi (Prosperity). However, beyond the dreamlike, illusory nature of the physical universe, there exists a hidden spiritual realm, this is represented by Adishesha. Serpents refer to powerful hidden energies that may be used for good or ill. They represent the enchanting and hypnotic power of life’s deep mysteries and also reveal how these energies may bite us or bite others if we are not careful with them. Much like a caduceus, this coiled serpent is ready to rise and heal, but this means we must be ready to awaken from our slumber.

Strengths: You have a natural desire and courage to dig deeply into life’s mysteries in order to strengthen your weaknesses and gain a greater intellectual understanding afterward. You can paralyze and destroy your adversaries with a powerful, hypnotic glance. You have natural ability to embrace, ensnare and entangle yourself around that which you are focused upon.

Weaknesses: Your main weaknesses revolve around becoming obsessed with the objects of your attentions and affections. Realizing your vulnerabilities in partnerships, you may become quite possessive and jealous, obsessively strategizing ways to defeat your rivals and more deeply en- snare your partner. This controlling and potentially smothering behavior leads to much pain for all. You may also have obsessions with food and other sensual pleasures, like sex.

Your Moon star is Magha
The symbol of Magha is a throne. Magha is ruled by the South Node Ketu, which shows you will have a focused, directed mind, one well suited for critical thinking and introspection. Ketu also gives you a love of ancient teachings and their modern relevance.

Mythologically, the Pitris, the divine ancestors, preside in Magha. The Pitris are the celestial guardians of earth and the cosmos that keep universal law (dharma) operating in times of calamity and stress. They maintain the relevance and continuity of ancient wisdom with modern thought and application. The Pitris connect us to the power or our specific tribal lineage and their teachings. These ancient, royal bloodlines of spiritual and cultural heritage sustain us through life’s ups and downs and times of calamity and stress. This legacy of ancestral honor and duty is like a throne or a royal seat upon which we are carried and supported in life.

Strengths: You are very family oriented with a love of tradition and those who came before you. You have a commanding and regal presence, which easily yields respect and honor. You are ambitious and idealistic and maintain a very big hearted nature for those you love, especially family. You easily maintain a connection to the universal principle of spiritual liberation.

Shadow issues: You may tend to orthodoxy and a narrowness of vision, placing your set of teach- ings and philosophies above all others, possibly leading to fundamentalism. Also, you must watch clannish behavior, looking to simply maintain your personal kingdom and legacy, rather than extend- ing your family to include all of humanity and the world. High ambitions and standards may also make you a perfectionist and have you setting unreal expectations for yourself and others.

Your Moon star is Purva Phalguni
Purva Phalguni means the former Red one
The Symbol of Purva Phalguni is a hammock. Purva Phalguni is ruled by Venus, which shows a comfortable, sensual and possibly indulgent or lazy course through life.

Mythologically, Bhaga, the God of Delight is the deity of Purva Phalguni. Bhaga is one of the Adityas, the celestial brothers who endow and protect our earthly life. Bhaga teaches that life is delightful and splendorous. The swinging hammock symbol alludes to a relaxed, carefree and breezy approach to life that allows for our triumph’s and trouble’s to both be harmonized effortlessly as we relax into life’s great dance. Bhaga gives the desire for sensual gratification, luxury, romance and the courtship that leads to marriage. A deeper lesson refers to the capacity to transform our worldly desires into other worldly dimensions. A healthy association with wealth and being respon- sible with it is also being cultivated here.

Strengths: You have a natural zest for life and high capacity to celebrate and enjoy everything the world has to offer. Your natural zeal and enthusiasm can be a powerful catalyst for many creative endeavors, both for yourself and others. Such natural virility, charisma and charm are contagious. This makes you popular and attractive as you are generally prone to a sweet disposition.

Shadow issues: You must be careful with unchecked materialism, hedonism and sensuality. Your connection to worldly pleasure, wealth and luxury is a gift to be enjoyed, but may become like an addictive drug. Also, you may be prone to shallow displays of vanity and a showy self – image. Manipulating others for personal sensual gratification or to inflate your worldly ego is also possible.

Your Moon star is Uttara Phalguni
Uttara Phalguni means later Red one.
The Symbol of Uttar Phalguni is the back legs of a cot or bed. Uttara Phalguni is ruled by the Sun, which shows issues of truth, clarity, power and responsible actions to be most important to you.

Mythologically, Aryaman, the god of contracts and agreements, rules Uttar Phalguni. Aryaman is one of the Adityas, the celestial brothers who protect and care for the Earth. It is Aryaman that assures all are taken care of and that universal laws are adhered to. As such Aryaman oversees marriage contracts and other legal affairs and presides with fairness and virtue in such matters. Family relationships, legacies and involvements are his concern, as is the capacity to help all others in need. As such, the power of friendship and being of service to humanity are also within his do- main. This service-oriented nature allows for prosperity and advancement through partnerships of all sorts. The financial and monetary advantage of playing fair and being a good friend is realized here.

Strengths: You are a good business person with a keen ability to strike a deal that satisfies all parties in an agreement. Others look to you to be a moderator and leader in such matters as you inspire the trust and confidence. Your naturally pleasant, generous and humble nature takes you far and allows for success in business and personal relations. Your emphasis on formal education also earns high marks in the eyes of others when appropriate.

Shadow issues: You may be too dependent on relationships and association with others, leading to isolation and depression when not involved in a meaningful relationship or partnership, or when your attempts to fix or moderate them fail. This may lead to co-dependency and over-giving or excessive criticism and a martyr complex if one is not careful.

Your Moon star is Hasta
Hasta means hand.
The Symbol of Hasta is a hand. Hasta is ruled by the Moon, which shows you have a natural tendency to nurture and comfort others. You will also place a high level of importance on your own state of mental peace.

Mythologically, Savitur is the presiding deity of Hasta, the Sun as manifest creative energy. Savitur is one of the Adityas, the celestial brothers, who care for and protect the Earth. It is praise to Savitur which infuses the most powerful of Vedic Chants, “The Gayatri Mantra”. The Gayatri shows the manifest power of the Sun as the force who empowers all beings and the necessity to ground that energy in practical work. Hasta gives the power to take our hearts desire and place it in our hand.

Strengths: You are gifted with a powerful and transformative healing touch and the desire to use this gift for the betterment of all. You easily combine an industrious and practical approach with creativity, wit and discrimination. This makes you a valuable friend, worker and associate. You are innately aware of how to achieve your goals most efficiently and in a way that honors and dignifies all. You are also quite flexible, and present a pleasant speaking manner and style that puts people at ease and allows them to do their best.

Shadow issues: When under physical or emotional stress you tend to be critical and fault finding due to your delicate constitution and nervous system. Thus you must manage your daily routines and live a clean life. You may also relish the role of the martyr at times, co-managing the healing of another as a way to avoid healing yourself. A life lived aligned with a worthy goal is mandatory for you.

Your Moon star is Chitra
Chitra means brilliant shining or beautiful.
The Symbol of Chitra is a pearl or precious gem. Chitra is ruled by Mars, which shows you have a courageous, active and searching nature, which brings you face to face with many challenges.

Mythologically, Tvastar is the deity of Chitra, the divine architect. Tvastar is one of the Adityas, the celestial brothers who protect and care for the Earth. It is Tvastar who built the cosmos for all to enjoy. There was a time when the Sun was so bright it was overpowering all of creation. Lord Brahma asked Tvastar to place the Sun on the cosmic lathe, so as to thin out his powerful rays. Tvastar obliged and created other planets to reflect smaller portions of the Sun’s light. The planets are the bodies that reflect smaller portions of sunlight that we can observe. Tvastar rules mystical, celestial magic and its power of illusion. He also created Lord Indra’s thunderbolt and Lord Vishnu’s discus (their weapons) to combat this illusion.

Strengths: You possess an abundance of beauty and charm as well as a natural vibrancy and style. This brings you creativity, happiness and prosperity. You have a naturally magical and mystical nature, which leads to spiritual awakenings through sudden flashes of inspiration. You also have a natural flair for color and presentation which makes you an artist or able to arrange all environments in a beautiful way.

Shadow issues: You may have an excessive sensual nature and must work to transform worldly passions into service and love for things more that personal gratification. You must be careful not to delude yourself or exploit others as your spiritual awakenings occur. Less preaching more practic- ing, is a good mantra for you. Vanity is possible here as well as a smug, arrogant presence.

Your Moon Star is Swati
Swati means Sword.
The Symbol of Swati is a Pearl. Swati is ruled by Rahu, the North Node, which shows you feel a connection to power, both worldly and otherworldly. You will have an innovative and unusual ap- proach.

Mythologically, Vayu, the God of wind, is the deity of Swati. Wind is related to inner vitality (Prana) and its capacity to animate creation. This inner vitality is contained in breath. Oxygen nourishes the body chemically, prana nourishes the mind psychically. In this way mind and body are empowered through breathing. Vayu is related to the monkey God, Hanuman. It was Hanuman who saved Lord Rama’s kingdom from the evil king Ravana through heroic acts of superhuman strength and de- voted, selfless service. Similarly, it is the breath and our connection to its vital process that allows our superhuman qualities to unfold and deliver us from the darker aspects of our nature. This hidden potential is like a Sword cutting the rope of illusion and freeing us to be all we truly are.

Strengths: You have an innovative mind and approach to problem-solving. You’re eager to help and defend a righteous cause. You’re not afraid to take a risk or destroy something in order to create something better in its place. You are a good businessperson and generally fair-minded in your dealings. Your ideas and actions may have a lasting impact, scattering far and wide, bringing you fame and recognition.

Shadow issues: You may exhibit an impulsive nature or be too quick to change course. Self- centeredness may be present if your energies are not aligned with a worthy goal. Your inner rest- lessness must be harnessed and directed properly or else your powerful actions will lack under- standing and lead to personal fatigue and destruction for all.

Your Moon star is Vishaka
Vishaka means the star of purpose.
The Symbol of Vishaka is a triumphal archway. Vishaka is ruled by Jupiter, which shows you have a faithful and optimistic outlook personality, which compels you to expand through teachings, chil- dren and other creative efforts.

Mythologically, Indra and Agni are the presiding deities of Vishaka. Indra is the king of the Gods as well as the God of the sky and atmosphere. It is Indra who leads us to the etheric realm of space, beyond Earthly forms. Agni is the God of fire and sacrifice. His fire illuminates our path to truth and allows us to purify and detoxify. Both Indra and Agni are rather fierce in nature. Both Gods are re- nown for heroic feats in battle and for upholding universal law. Both also carry weapons, showing the importance of choosing our battles wisely. These two deities reveal the unification of our focused awareness with the intelligence and capacity to expand. Agni and Indra are the most glorified of Vedic deities, showing the power and prominence of Vishaka.

Strengths: You have a naturally ambitious and motivated nature and desire to good things with those ambitions. Strong actions and clear ideas will inspire many with whom you associate. Through faith, patience, courage and optimism you can produce many and various fruits from your tireless efforts. You aspire to virtuous conduct and inspire that in others. Your efforts gain in importance and value over time, bringing great results later in life.

Shadow issues: Pushing your own agenda too strongly may ruin your lofty plans. Learning to turn potential enemies into allies is one of your great life lessons and will delay success. Choose your battles wisely! You possess a high passionate nature, which may make you quarrelsome at times or divert your attention. You may get into passionate power plays and domineering behavior. Be careful not to take on too many projects at once.

Your Sun star is Anuradha
Anuradha means the power to worship.
The Symbol of Anuradha is a lotus. Anuradha is ruled by Saturn, which shows you have a serious and determined nature as well as a natural humility and desire to serve.

Mythologically, Mitra is the deity of Anuradha. Mitra means “friend”. He was one of the Adityas, the celestial brothers who nurture and protect the Earth. In ceremonies, the protection of Mitra is often times evoked first in order to convey friendliness, respect and courtesy toward the other deities. The spirit of cooperation and compromise is abundant here. Putting this friendliness and cooperation into practice, not just acknowledging it mentally is being cultivated. However, here may be trials and tribulations to overcome along the way. A certain level of respect and loyalty is being tested in Anuradha. Yet once loyalty and respect are earned, it is earned for life and expressed selflessly. Dedication and a practical approach to cultivating friendliness and cooperation leads to success in all endeavors.

Strengths: You have the ability to persevere through life’s ups and downs through a friendly and devoted approach; this makes you loyal, dependable and leads to your success. You are able to maintain powerful connections to friends while preserving your personal autonomy. You have great organizational skills and the ability to motivate others toward meaningful action.

Shadow issues: You may be sullen and moody at times, which may affect your relationships with others. At times you may have a strict nature which will make others avoid you. Unable to manage certain emotions, you may try to mange others emotions instead. Be careful with perceived slights and jealousy. Insulating yourself from others in demanding they prove themselves first may be an obstacle.

Your Moon star is Jyeshta
Jyestha means eldest.
Jyeshta is symbolized by an earring. Jyestha is ruled by Mercury, which shows you exhibit a playful and curious nature and tend to have a lot of skills and ingenuity.

Mythologically, Lord Indra, the king of the Gods, is the deity of Jyestha. Indra became king of the Gods by slaying Vrtra the dragon who stole the water from Earth. His heroism, bravery as well as ego became legendary. Especially in later myth, Indra becomes the subject of ridicule as his false pride extends beyond his heroism. In one instance, while receiving counsel from his chief minister, a procession of ants became visible. The minister said, “Careful my Lord, each of those ants at one time were also mighty Indra’s!” Yet, in spite of losing the throne many times, Indra was able to maintain the kingdom through ingenuity, skill and a strategic, cunning nature.

Strengths: You are able to courageously meet life’s challenges and gain victory over obstacles and enemies using your skills, ingenuity and power. You are a natural leader and many times thrust into a prominent role, even when you are not the most senior person. Your independent streak and natural ingenuity make you a maverick in your field. You’re an excellent manager, planner and organizer. You have an innate ability to know which buttons to push and when.

Shadow issues: You are easily seduced by power and may knowingly step on others to get ahead. Your individual streak can turn into an eccentric, even diabolical isolation if you are not careful.

Repressed anger and frustration over a loss of power or status may emerge at times when your plans fail. Cultivating a healthy detachment from your goals is wise. Be careful communicating when angry or emotionally upset, take a few deep breaths first.

Your Moon star is Mula
Mula means Root.
The Symbol of Mula is a bunch of roots tied together. Mula is ruled by Ketu, the South Node, giving you a sharp and internally focused mind and respect for tradition.

Mythologically, Nirriti the Goddess of calamity, is the deity of Mula. The calamity brought forth here refers to the destruction necessary for rebirth. Nirriti is a precursor to the female deity Kali, whose fierce nature destroys our ignorance and attachments to lower forms of power and worldliness. Goddess Kali is depicted ecstatically dancing in a graveyard, wearing a garland of severed heads and a skirt made of dangling arms. This stark image reveals the divine necessity to destroy our mental preconceptions (the severed heads) and our selfish grasping and need to possess (the severed arms). We must lose our limiting ideas of how life should be and reassess the actions that bind us to that idea if we are to grow in truthful understanding.

Strengths: You have a deep philosophical mind and one that enjoys digging into life’s darker and troubling mysteries. You enjoy penetrating to the source of ideas and motivations. This gives an innate awareness of human motivations and psychology and a natural intuition that helps you deal with people. You are able to change course easily when necessary, possessing an easy tolerance for life’s changes and uncertainties.

Shadow issues: Transforming destruction into a force of good is a theme for you as there is a tendency to cut or break things. You may be convinced you are breaking the person or thing “for their own good”, be careful with this idea. Arrogance, violence and cruelty are possible if this darker side is not channeled toward destroying your own limitations rather than appointing yourself as the one to destroy the limitations of others.

Your Moon star is Purva Ashada
Purva Ashada means early victory
The Symbol of Purva Ashada is a folding fan. Purva Ashada is ruled by Venus, which shows you will place an emphasis on love, beauty and finding happiness in life.

Mythologically, Apas is the deity of Purva Ashada. Apas is the Goddess of the ocean and the terrestrial waters. Apas means water; it is her waters that cleanse and nourish us. Water is needed to grow the food we eat that nourishes our body; it also refers to the love and joy that nourishes our heart. The fuel for the ceremonial lamps placed on the altar and used in Vedic rituals is a consum- able food source such as Ghee (clarified butter) or other essential oil. This edible fuel is an offering of love to the divine within us. When the fire of the mind is fueled by the waters of love in the heart, the flame shines bright and sweet and our path is illumined.

Strengths: You have a natural ability to connect and empathize with people, which makes you popular and able to gain recognition and influence over the masses. You have a natural gift for nurturing others, which shows you will likely wield that influence with integrity. You exhibit a deep philosophical nature, and one that senses the method of unifying our long-term vision with our everyday needs. You can also be quite attractive and appealing.
Shadow issues: You must be careful not to simply do what you like without considering the outcome, appearance or the opinions of others. The good graces you gain from others can be quickly destroyed by this arrogant approach. Your philosophical nature must be tested and remain open and not allowed to calcify into a heavy handed dogma or conditioned upon obedience to you or agree- ment with you.

Your Moon star is Uttara Ashada
Uttara Ashada means later victory.
The Symbol of Uttara Ashada is an elephant’s tusk. Uttara Ashada is ruled by the Sun, which shows you will want to act with power, clarity and illumination in order live the deepest truth and purify your mind.

Mythologically, The Viswa Devas are the deities of Uttara Ashada, The Viswa Devas are the univer- sal Gods. They are the all inclusive benevolent forces of the universe which lead us to the promised victory mentioned above. These Gods include, Kala (time), Satya (truth), Madrava (bliss), Vasu (goodness), Kratru (will power), Daksha (skill), Kama (pleasure), Dhriti (perseverance) and Kuru (ancestry). These universal demi-gods are the offspring of the God Dharma, the main deity associ- ated with living a life of dignity, prosperity and virtue. Dharma means “universal law”. His sacred offspring were entrusted to be the guardians and shepherds of living a worldly life. Consistent and inspired effort is required and granted here.

Strengths: You have the capacity to the act with clarity and power in order to achieve your worldly goals. Those goals are generally aligned with a righteous purpose and in the spirit of what is best for all concerned. Your efforts will be helped by many blessings especially when aligned with humanitar- ian concerns. You have the integrity and vision to sacrifice temporary pleasures for more meaningful long-term goals.

Shadow issues: You may be too driven at times, too idealistic. You may take on too many projects at the same time, failing to complete any of them. Early disappointments in life may lead to bitter- ness and the need to overcompensate with excessive ambition and unrealistically high goals and standards for yourself and others.

Your Moon star is Sravana
Sravana means hearing.
The Symbol of Sravana is an ear. Sravana is ruled by the Moon, which gives you a desire to nurture others and feel emotionally connected and peaceful. Your happiness in life will be determined by your emotions.

Mythologically, Lord Vishnu is the Deity of Sravana. Vishnu is the maintainer of the universe. Lord Vishnu pervades all of existence and senses the hidden truth and meaning in all actions. He hears the truth behind words we speak. He sees the truth behind the actions we take. Lord Vishnu empow- ers Sravana with the capacity to feel into the deeper meaning veiled by the illusory appearance of the world. A practical intuition and earthy sensibility has been anointed the nakshatra of Sravana. The capacity for spiritual growth and meditation using sacred sounds (mantras) and music is found here. The power to connect all things in a meaningful way is given here.

Strengths: You will be hard to deceive, always sensing the subtle meaning behind what words are spoken and what actions are performed. An angelic presence and mentality draws others to you. You easily earn the respect and trust of your peers and act responsibly when trust is given. You are an expert at helping others find their station in life and connect people to each other. You also possess a naturally devoted mentality.

Shadow issues: Be careful with the tendency to wrap up too much of your identity in the opinions of others and the bonds formed with them. This may lead to destructive habits such as gossiping, jealousy and an over-sensitivity, which brings enemies your way. You also must be careful with a stubborn mindset. You may expect a lot in return for your care and service to others. Be careful not to become a martyr, satisfying your needs through guilt trips.

Your Moon star is Dhanista
Dhanista is called the star of Symphony
The Symbol of Dhanista is a Mridangum (two sided drum). Dhanista is ruled by Mars, which shows a courageous and daring nature as well as an enthusiastic one. You will welcome any chal- lenge.

Mythologically, the Vasus are the deities of Dhanista. The Vasus are the eight raw elements of life. These terrestrial deities form our material life on Earth and give abundance and wealth to it. The building blocks of life reside in Dhanista, waiting to be arranged into the many different perceptible forms. The Vasus are, the Sun, Moon, earth, fire, space, wind, sky and the stars. The physical universe comes into being when these raw elements animate and become orchestrated into life’s great Symphony. The rhythm of this Symphony is the drum of Lord Shiva, the mridangum, the drum of creation. Lord Shiva refers to the Sun, and the source of universal power.

Strengths: You have great skill in organizing the details of life in a way that brings wealth and sustenance. You can create something out of nothing as if by magic, especially if it’s related to material prosperity. A strong adventurous nature as well as keen powers of insight and perception our also present in you. The hidden spiritual nature of our material world does not elude you. You are just as comfortable earning money as you are performing deep, mystical practices.

Shadow issues: Ruling planet Mars makes you a bit of a warrior, thus you must be careful acting too forcefully at times. Anger issues are possible with you. Also you may be excessively materialistic as you’re able to accumulate wealth easily. You may be ruthless at times and lose the bigger picture especially in personal relationships.

Your Moon star is Shatabishak
Shatabishak means a hundred doctors.
The Symbol of Shatabishak is a thousand flowers. Shatabishak is ruled by Rahu, the North node, which shows you will feel a connection to power and the hidden mysterious forces of the universe.

Mythologically, Varuna presides here. Varuna is the God of the celestial water, the rains that give life and nourishment to the Earth. Varuna is the deity who manages the seasons and separates the day from the night and maintains cosmic order. Under the watchful eye of Varuna not only is the Earth replenished, but it is also healed. It is the healing rain that produces medicine. Varuna is the God of medicine (especially herbal medicines) and knowing which remedy heals which ailments. Varuna is very much the deity of order and the capacity of cosmic law and its power to be a healing force on Earth.

Strengths: You are very organized thinker and worker. Your ability to maintain dignity and compo- sure under pressure can work in your favor. Your ability to arrange, harmonize and expand upon the details brings management success in your career. Esoterically, these skills make you a gifted healer of yourself and others. You also possess a very mystical mind and one connected to searching for life’s deep mysteries.

Shadow issues: Your eccentric viewpoint may be an isolating factor, as few people will naturally grasp your progressive thinking. Take the time to explain things carefully and slowly. You must be careful with depression and loneliness and simply living to perform life’s humdrum duties. You may be too sacrificial, allowing yourself to be victimized. Don’t forget to take care of yourself. Your life needs a spiritual direction or else isolation and paranoia could set in.

Your Moon star is Purva Bhadra
Purva Bhadra means early auspicious result.
The symbol of Purva Bhadra is a sword. Purva Bhadra is ruled by Jupiter, which shows main- taining an optimistic and hopeful mentality will be important to you. An expansive vision and proper teachings will take you far.

Mythologically, Aja Ekapada is the presiding deity. Aja Ekapada is a one footed to goat, which symbolizes lightning striking the Earth (lightning hits one spot, like one foot). Lightning shows the fire of heavenly inspiration striking the Earth and made tangible. The necessity to ground our heavenly inspirations in the practical soil of daily routines is referred to here. Air and water (intellect and feeling) provide the environmental conditions for this divine spark to strike. Aja Ekapada is one of the 11 Rudra’s, those who do battle to preserve and uphold the relevance of universal law. (Dharma)

Strengths: You have a very expansive, yet focused and unique mind. You bring idealism and hope to daily life situations as well as to your vision of humanity. Your strong opinions are balanced with a deep philosophical outlook and a naturally inquisitive mind, which prevents your strong will from becoming rigid or dogmatic. You have the courage to fight to preserve the honor of a worthy cause.

Shadow issues: You may aim too high and push too hard, expecting others to naturally fall in line with your expansive views. This can lead to some very pushy and harsh behavior if you’re not careful. At times the means can justify the ends and you can be two-faced in order to reach your goals. Be careful not to blow things out of proportion. Impatience with those unable to grasp certain abstract concepts may be seen.

Your Moon star is Uttara Bhadra
Uttara Bhadra means later auspicious result.
The Symbol of Uttara Bhadra is two legs of the bed. Uttara Bhadra is ruled by Saturn, which shows you have a serious, practical and determined nature. You will prefer what works and is useful to what is imagined and theoretical.

Mythologically, Ahir Bhudnya is the presiding deity. Ahir Bhudnya is a wise and benevolent sea snake. He plunges the depths of emotion and burrows deeply into each hole in our psyche in search of self-knowledge and knowledge of the world. Ahir Bhudnya is one of the 11 Rudra’s, the defenders of universal law. He acts with courage and forbearance, exploring life’s great mysteries and facing the answers truthfully. This leads to profound breakthroughs and compassion for all. There is a high capacity to endure personal suffering for the greater good as the motivation is higher law (Dharma), not personal gain or comfort. The hidden electric power of the nervous system is also enlivened and aligned with mystical energy by Ahir Bhudnya.

Strengths: You act powerfully and with principled and determined effort in order to reach your goals. You are good at generating wealth due to a consistent, inspired nature and the capacity to wait for the most opportune projects and moments. Your down-to-earth and humble nature makes you a good friend, with realistic expectations of others. You are good at sensing what’s hidden in situations and people. Psychic ability may be observed.

Shadow issues: The means may justify the ends due to your lofty goals, thus you must be careful to maintain your integrity. You may be tempted into excessive control issues and manipulation in your dealings. Escapism and laziness is also possible when lacking a clear direction and worthy teachings. Preserve you’re alone time. Be careful using your natural intuition and psychic ability toward selfish ends.

Your Moon star is Revati
Revati means the wealthy.
The Symbol of Revati is a fish. Revati is ruled by Mercury, which shows a humane and even course through life will feel appropriate. Communication, playfulness and fairness will be important to you.

Mythologically, Pushan, the Sun as a nourisher is the presiding deity here. Pushan is the divine shepherd. He leads the flock’s and herd’s home safely after a long journey. His protective influence presides through these last degrees of the zodiac, providing shelter for the weary soul wishing to return home or simply rest. Fertility, growth and generosity of all sorts are the domain of Revati. There are many blessings and rewards here for having stayed the course and completed the jour- ney. Among those blessings are wealth and success in all endeavors. Revati is perhaps the most selfless of all the star groups. A love of animals and helpless creatures of all sorts is also seen here. A mystical mind that appreciates the value of self-sacrifice is pervasive here.

Strengths: You have a highly creative mind and the desire to use it for the good of all. You are protective of others and willing to help those in need. You have good luck in business and all moneymaking pursuits. Your sincere efforts will be rewarded due to good past life merit and gener- osity in this lifetime. You prioritize connections to family and community.

Shadow issues: You may be self-sacrificial to the point of masochism at times and grow to resent others for it. This painful crisis will undermine your natural desire to give selflessly. Self-destructive behavior through indulgence and escapism is possible. You may be prone to misdirection and wandering if depression and cynicism take hold.

Nakshatras and Recent Events – WEBINAR

Nakshatras and Recent Events – WEBINAR

Vedic astrology has become more and more popular these days due to its connection to Yoga and Indian culture AND its highly scientific timing systems,.. etc.

Yet, for the most part, the only purely “Vedic” part of the system, The Nakshatras, are either lefty out entirely or just vaguely referred to. I am just as guilty of doing this at times.. mainly because the Nakshatras are so dense and there are so many of them – 27 – existing as entirely separate “signs”.

There are many qualities of the Nakshatras and for this reason, approaching them can be overwhelming.

Yet, there is a way to capture the essence of the Nakshatras – and that is what I am going to show in this presentation – using some current modern events and birth charts of public figures.

Differences Between Myth and Fable

Fables are stories that help illustrate life lessons.

Epic stories (Like Bhagavad Gita – and perhaps scriptures) take that deeper.

Myths of Deities take it to an even deeper level and are a way for our limited mind to connect to the unlimited universe.

For example:

Modern Puranic Deities like Shiva and Parvati, Ganesha and Subramanya correspond to the Sun and moon, Jupiter and Mars. Vishnu, Lakshmi and Brahma represent mercury, Venus and Saturn. They are related to energies in our solar system

Ancient Vedic Deities, like those represented in the Nakshatras correspond more directly to Galactic forces – either to actual stars – or important sections of the sky.

The Deities and the stories told of them are to connect our mind to the energy of that section of sky.

For example:

~ Ardra / Mula axis is where there is possible destruction as it exists along the plane of the Galaxy (called the “dark rift” by the Mayan and revered in ancient cultures). The deities there are early forms of Shiva (Rudra) and his consort Kali (nirriti) – as Shiva / Kali are the forces of destruction. The destructive nature here is not just a myth.

Literally this is where the radiation from the center of our galaxy would kill everything on Earth very quickly if it were not for the Heliosphere (the protective bubble cast by the Sun).

~ Kritikka is where the Sun was born (the Pleiades cluster) and so it is called the “First Nakshatra”. The deity Agni (fire) is the flame of consciousness illuminating our mind and activating our soul’s intention.

The Essence of the Nakshatras

The essence of the Nakshatras come from the stories surrounding the Deity and the name or qualities / overall symbolism of the Nakshatra.

Also, understanding where in the Zodiac scheme the Nakshatra falls is very important. I illustrate these things below.

There are several classifications of Nakshatra Deities

The Nakshatra Deities take on the character of their section of sky.

Recent Global Financial Crisis (A few other events)

Mars / Ketu in Mrigashira – Idealistic pursuit, purity restlessness

Greek Bailout – US Stock market begins free fall – Terror Attack in Norway

July 21, 2011

Boehner breaks off talks with Obama

July 22, 2011

New Moon in Pushya 7/30 (w/Sun and Venus) – Sustenance and wealth,

providence regardless of differences or scandal

July 30, 2011

Merc Retro in Magha 8/3 – Empire, established power

Stocks really tanked -500 points then -600 points

Mars enters Ardra 8/4 – Harsh actions correcting a perceived mistake

8/5 = S&P Downgrade happens

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