Nakshatras and Recent Events – WEBINAR

Nakshatras and Recent Events – WEBINAR

Vedic astrology has become more and more popular these days due to its connection to Yoga and Indian culture AND its highly scientific timing systems,.. etc.

Yet, for the most part, the only purely “Vedic” part of the system, The Nakshatras, are either lefty out entirely or just vaguely referred to. I am just as guilty of doing this at times.. mainly because the Nakshatras are so dense and there are so many of them – 27 – existing as entirely separate “signs”.

There are many qualities of the Nakshatras and for this reason, approaching them can be overwhelming.

Yet, there is a way to capture the essence of the Nakshatras – and that is what I am going to show in this presentation – using some current modern events and birth charts of public figures.

Differences Between Myth and Fable

Fables are stories that help illustrate life lessons.

Epic stories (Like Bhagavad Gita – and perhaps scriptures) take that deeper.

Myths of Deities take it to an even deeper level and are a way for our limited mind to connect to the unlimited universe.

For example:

Modern Puranic Deities like Shiva and Parvati, Ganesha and Subramanya correspond to the Sun and moon, Jupiter and Mars. Vishnu, Lakshmi and Brahma represent mercury, Venus and Saturn. They are related to energies in our solar system

Ancient Vedic Deities, like those represented in the Nakshatras correspond more directly to Galactic forces – either to actual stars – or important sections of the sky.

The Deities and the stories told of them are to connect our mind to the energy of that section of sky.

For example:

~ Ardra / Mula axis is where there is possible destruction as it exists along the plane of the Galaxy (called the “dark rift” by the Mayan and revered in ancient cultures). The deities there are early forms of Shiva (Rudra) and his consort Kali (nirriti) – as Shiva / Kali are the forces of destruction. The destructive nature here is not just a myth.

Literally this is where the radiation from the center of our galaxy would kill everything on Earth very quickly if it were not for the Heliosphere (the protective bubble cast by the Sun).

~ Kritikka is where the Sun was born (the Pleiades cluster) and so it is called the “First Nakshatra”. The deity Agni (fire) is the flame of consciousness illuminating our mind and activating our soul’s intention.

The Essence of the Nakshatras

The essence of the Nakshatras come from the stories surrounding the Deity and the name or qualities / overall symbolism of the Nakshatra.

Also, understanding where in the Zodiac scheme the Nakshatra falls is very important. I illustrate these things below.

There are several classifications of Nakshatra Deities

The Nakshatra Deities take on the character of their section of sky.

Recent Global Financial Crisis (A few other events)

Mars / Ketu in Mrigashira – Idealistic pursuit, purity restlessness

Greek Bailout – US Stock market begins free fall – Terror Attack in Norway

July 21, 2011

Boehner breaks off talks with Obama

July 22, 2011

New Moon in Pushya 7/30 (w/Sun and Venus) – Sustenance and wealth,

providence regardless of differences or scandal

July 30, 2011

Merc Retro in Magha 8/3 – Empire, established power

Stocks really tanked -500 points then -600 points

Mars enters Ardra 8/4 – Harsh actions correcting a perceived mistake

8/5 = S&P Downgrade happens

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