Brussels Bombing of March 22, 2016

Brussels Bombing of March 22, 2016

Brussels Bombing of March 22, 2016
About 1 day before the Lunar eclipse, releasing the tension of the Sun / Ketu eclipse in Aquarius, this tragedy struck. As I recently discussed, this lunar eclipse actually happens in Virgo, in the 8th Sign from Aquarius – showing a potential obliteration of global togetherness.

Immediately after the bombings there were calls for “torture” of terrorists by the Republican front-runner for US President and increased racial profiling by the other Republican front-runner. Thus, not only do we have danger and fanaticism from the terrorists, but we also see the fanatical response. We are on the precipice of deciding who and what we are looking to be as a country – and indeed, a world.Window_and_Kala_-______3_22_2016__08_00_00________MAIN_SCREEN__

Aries, Leo – Guru Chandal Yoga
At the time of the bombing we see an Aries ascendant, with Mars and Saturn in the 8th house. This is
further showing the potential for annihilation. The Moon and retrograde Jupiter join Rahu in Leo in the 5th house. Leo is the Sign of the government and centralized power. This shows fanaticism (Rahu / Jupiter) assaulting the seat of power (Leo) for injustices, either real or imagined, and the willingness to die for those causes. This is a classic “Guru Chandal” Yoga come to life in the most treacherous way.

Nakshatra of Purva Phalguni
The Nakshatra is Purva Phaguni, ruled by the God, Bhaga – the God of delight. This Nakshatra shows the need for a kingdom / government to share the wealth and be generous with its citizens.

Saturn’s one way aspect to the Moon, Jupiter, Rahu stellium portends the willingness to die for their principles and the danger of the situation.

Brussels Bombing of March 22, 2016 – VIDEO