Aries New Moon – Next 30 Days

Aries New Moon – Next 30 Days

Vedic Astrology Aries New Moon
Wednesday, April 26, will be the beginning of a new 30 day cycle, related to the themes of Aries. These themes include courage, passion and pursuit of our goals. This is the first sign of the zodiac, and is analogous to birth itself. There could be an innocent, recklessness if we’re not careful. But at best, we are trusting our instincts and acting from a place of courage and enthusiasm.

Ashwini NakshatraVedic Astrology Aries
This new moon cycle began in Ashwini Nakshatra. Ashwini is symbolized by two horses. It shows the speed and power of this sign, and the mad rush, headlong into the excitement of life that is possible. However, we must also be careful not to disperse our energy into many different directions, Or we will waste our energy.

Cool Test
Aries rules the head, which includes the brain. I found this online test to be a great “memory quiz”. Check it out for yourself.

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My Big Secret – How I will be using this Aries Cycle
Without a doubt, the biggest question I get asked over and over again is “what is the most important thing to focus on with astrology”. I always tell people “stay up with the current sun and moon cycles”.

This new Moon in Aries will be completely different for each of the 12 signs. So, if you are Leo, this will be affecting your ninth house of teachings and principles. If you are a Libra it will be affecting your seventh house of relationships. If you are a Capricorn be affecting your fourth house of the heart, home and feelings.

In other words, it’s important to some extent to understand that it’s “Aries”, but it’s more important to know how this will affect you. This is why I started my member site, the Astrology Training Lab, several years ago. I did as a way to share these monthly cycles with others. It evolved to include daily forecasts and updates as well. And recently evolved into live updates each week, and a lot more fresh content..

You can check that out for only $.50, and learn what this Aries cycle means for you, as well as get two weeks of daily forecasts and the updates.

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Aries Forecast Continued – 4 Important Keys to the Next Month:
Four “Slow-moving” planets

This enthusiasm, passion and speed happens in the context of four planets not moving very quickly, three of them being retrograde. Meaning, part of us is feeling quite stuck as it is. This Aries cycle is about busting loose, so be careful about frustraton sabotaging your goals.

Mercury retrograde in Aries
One of the retrograde planet is Mercury, in Aries. The shows where intellectual frustration and haziness may have led to some recent miscommunications. So again, be careful with your words, they may cut very deep now.

Exalted Venus
We Are still feeling a lot of connection to the creative, dream space. But that feeling is shifting. Yet, stay connected to that joy and beauty.

Jupiter in Virgo
It is a time to put your teachings into practice, through practical efforts and daily rituals and routines.

Aries New Moon – Next 30 Days – VIDEO

Vedic Astrology Aries

Exalted Sun in Aries

Exalted Sun in Aries

The Sun is the soul’s light and power. It is that part of you that has a dedicated focus to something much bigger than yourself – a higher vision. It is that Sun / Soul’s light within you that is the source of your true power and generosity. It is that sense of contribution and fullness that makes life worth living.

When the Sun in Aries we act instinctively on this Soul’s power, as Aries is the Sign of instinctive action, courage and enthusiasm. We are meant to act upon that soul’s inner light. When we act upon that power our generosity and spirit become a driving force.

The true Sun is like the pure light within that is not corrupted by the shadow of the world and ego and mind and the lack of confidence we usually associate with the world. That confidence and enthusiasm are magnified in Aries.

Exalted Sun in Aries – VIDEO

Venus in Aries

Venus in Aries

Venus in Aries

Venus in Aries

Venus is the planet of beauty, enjoyment and our desire to experience – for ourselves, with others and eventually through all of existence. We can experience personal happiness most easily in the form of pleasure. but then we seek a higher form of happiness with others – when we can share it with another. eventually we learn that happiness best takes the form of something not dependent upon an experience at all, and it becomes a state of mind, closely related to contentment.

Aries is the first sign of the Zodiac, where life is hot and urgent and fast. it is often experienced as pushy and aggressive when we do not have a proper channel for our passions and enthusiasm.

When Venus is in Aries we are very focused on our desires getting fulfilled and vigilant to whether our needs are being met and our compromises are being appreciated. After Venus in Pisces, this change is noticeable, as Venus is Pisces tends to be very forgiving and Venus in Aries more diligent.

Venus in Aries can also very sexual where we are burning and aggressively pursuing our desires. This can also become extreme as we may get combative toward those who stand between us and our personal pleasure.

Venus in Aries – VIDEO

Brussels Bombing of March 22, 2016

Brussels Bombing of March 22, 2016

Brussels Bombing of March 22, 2016
About 1 day before the Lunar eclipse, releasing the tension of the Sun / Ketu eclipse in Aquarius, this tragedy struck. As I recently discussed, this lunar eclipse actually happens in Virgo, in the 8th Sign from Aquarius – showing a potential obliteration of global togetherness.

Immediately after the bombings there were calls for “torture” of terrorists by the Republican front-runner for US President and increased racial profiling by the other Republican front-runner. Thus, not only do we have danger and fanaticism from the terrorists, but we also see the fanatical response. We are on the precipice of deciding who and what we are looking to be as a country – and indeed, a world.Window_and_Kala_-______3_22_2016__08_00_00________MAIN_SCREEN__

Aries, Leo – Guru Chandal Yoga
At the time of the bombing we see an Aries ascendant, with Mars and Saturn in the 8th house. This is
further showing the potential for annihilation. The Moon and retrograde Jupiter join Rahu in Leo in the 5th house. Leo is the Sign of the government and centralized power. This shows fanaticism (Rahu / Jupiter) assaulting the seat of power (Leo) for injustices, either real or imagined, and the willingness to die for those causes. This is a classic “Guru Chandal” Yoga come to life in the most treacherous way.

Nakshatra of Purva Phalguni
The Nakshatra is Purva Phaguni, ruled by the God, Bhaga – the God of delight. This Nakshatra shows the need for a kingdom / government to share the wealth and be generous with its citizens.

Saturn’s one way aspect to the Moon, Jupiter, Rahu stellium portends the willingness to die for their principles and the danger of the situation.

Brussels Bombing of March 22, 2016 – VIDEO

Vedic Astrology Signs: Aries

Vedic Astrology Signs: Aries

Aries is the first sign of the zodiac. It shows the masculine nature of Mars – expressing himself in an external, aggressive way. By aggressive, it doesn’t mean that they are always aggressive personally or emotionally, but their way of life is very assertive and initiating. As being the masculine expression of Mars, an Aries person will like to take on a lot of external challenges, they can be quite competitive, not just in sports and in activities but in conversation and just in life in general. This enthusiasm for life and lust for life is very important to their growth process.

The real power of Aries is that childlike enthusiasm that no matter what happens, they can bounce back and pick it up again with a lot of zest and enthusiasm, quite incredible. Their ruling planet, Mars, also rules the eighth house of ups and downs, breaks and changes, sudden catastrophes and the Aries person is conditioned to see life this way and realize their enthusiasm is going to create some stress but that’s just the way it goes.

The motto of the Aries may be if you want to make an omelette, you got to break some eggs and they are always looking to make omelettes of some sort and breaking a lot of eggs in the process. Aries must learn to cultivate more patience, learn to deal with people a little bit better and integrate things that are related to the sign of Libra, which has to do with a little more manners and paying attention to others as well. All of the goals that Aries wants to achieve and all the enthusiasm that they are bringing into the world meets with resistance when they act with autonomy and act like a dictator so integrating the qualities of Libra is very important for an Aries person. Once they do this, then they are naturally enthusiastic and passionate nature will become blended with a sense of appreciation for others and the bigger picture, rather than just winning all the time.

Aries rules the head, the body part of the head, which shows they are always following their inspiration that they can be a little bit stuck in their head, however. It is hard for them to feel into situations. They can be disconnected from their heart for this reason. So instead of the Aries always following their head, they need to drop into a more sensitive approach to life and combine that with their naturally enthusiastic and powerful nature.