3D Relationship Astrology – 20 Hours

3D Relationship Astrology – 20 Hours

3D Relationship Astrology Takes a Three Pronged Approach

  • The first prong assesses our individual tendencies.
  • The second prong assesses how those tendencies become activated when our buttons get pushed, shown mostly through Synastry
  • The third prong shows a deeper soul nature and holistic interaction based on the Stellar/Vedic zodiac.

In my opinion, all three of these approaches must be used or it is incomplete. There are specific techniques and ways of blending them together which completes the three-dimensional relationship interaction.

1. Assessing the Individual – You will Learn:

  • A sure fire technique for determining whether what make us happiest (Venus) supports or detracts from what makes us peaceful (the Moon). If this is damaged in a woman, chaos ensues.
  • A “works every time” technique to see whether a woman is pre-disposed to be the “emotional initiator” and the resulting frustration, anger and “strong woman” behavior.
  • A rocksolid technique for seeing if a man is predisposed to have a “crisis of confidence” and the resulting sense of pain in masculinity in his relationships.
  • Crucial information about how to interpret the three relationship factors in each individual (Venus, 7th house ruler, spouse indicator) – and each individuals partner.
  • An invaluable technique to determine whether or not a person will suffer regardless of what you or anyone else says.
  • Much much more.

2. Assessing Synastry – You will Learn:

  • The most crucial and necessary relationship bond and how to see at astrologically (I promise it is not what you think).
  • The hidden power of Aspects through Synastry
  • Certain combinations that almost guarantee there will be stress.
  • How to speak with absolute confidence about any house association (2/12, 3/11, 4/10, etc)
  • There are a few surefire ways to know whether or not people will stay together even in a bad situation. You must know this.
  • Much much more.

3. Assessing Stellar/Vedic – You Will Learn:

  • How to see if the couple will be tied to misfortune and misery, regardless of any other factors!!
  • Sometimes two people are magnetically, hypnotically drawn to each other – inexplicably. Something about their union feels ordained by God, even if they seem to be walking hand-in-hand straight to hell. I’ve seen this over and over again keep people inexplicably tethered to misery, but also keeps people together. This is invaluable specialized knowledge.
  • Mysterious special affinities that help people overcome the problem of the backward “masculine/feminine” flow.
  • The importance of Kuja Dosha (Mars Blemish), how to really apply it and how to see beyond the silliness and hype of it all.
  • The Kama Sutra came from India. Learn the sexual chemistry indicators and how to use them correctly.
  • Much much more.