Svati Nakshatra is from 6:40 to 19:59 Libra. It is ruled by the God called Vayu, the god of the wind who roams around the world and it is related to prana.

Svati – Independent, Sword – Video


Deity: Vayu

Sign(s)/Degrees: 6:40 – 20:00 Libra

Ruler: Rahu

Symbol: Coral, Sapphire

Story: Vayu who is the god of the wind is just like the wind that moves in the sky, and it moves in your mind as well. It is related to thoughts and big powerful ideas. Most of the deities in this section of the sky are Adityas but this one is not.

The god that is often associated with this Nakshatra is Hanuman who is the son of Vayu. The monkey god, Hanuman, is actually the king of the army of monkeys. Monkeys have long been a symbol of the mind — how the mind jumps around. They also just want to steal everything, come up, grab something and runaway with it. This is the nature of the mind.

It is related to getting the mind under control and especially using things like Mantra, service and things that hope to focus and channel the nature of the mind towards something that is uplifting and powerful rather than just having the mind just running all over the place. This is a powerful symbol for the Nakshatra of Swati and the god Vayu.

Air and Vayu is also related to prana which is the vitality in the breath. Breath gives vital energy and vitality. Oxygen is the chemical but prana is the content. Your physical body uses the chemical, oxygen, but your mind and consciousness extract prana from the air that you breathe. This is why breath has a direct connection to vitality and calming the mind.

If you want to change your thinking, just change your breathing, it will happen immediately. It is not anything you can control because it is Science. It is impossible to be upset and breathe deep. You cannot do the two at the same time.

Swati is good for things like public relations, sales and getting the word out on the wind. If you have a good message, Swati is often a very good Nakshatra because it can help you get the message out. This is related to the god Vayu, which is about the wind and carrying that message on the wind.

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