Sun in ScorpioSun in Scorpio – Illuminating our fears

When the sun is in Scorpio, the dark, imagined fears of that sign becomes illuminated by the inner light. Scorpio is a sign where we may succumb to our darker instincts, obsessions and tendencies. At times this can lead to a manipulative, even dishonest, approach to things – especially in situations where our emotions are deeply involved, like family and romance.

However, Scorpio is a sign of emotional depth, concentration and power. These qualities take the sun much deeper than worldly concerns and power plays of the Sun.

The sun in scorpio can be one of the most empowering places for the sun, because it internalizes the inner light, stabilizes it and concentrates it as well.

This can be an excellent placement for healers and counselors, as Scorpio is a great sign for holding deep, transformative space for others in transition.

The Sun rises to the occasion here, interested in illuminating the darker corners of our psyche, and the psyches of others.

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