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Sun in SagittariusThe Sun in Sagittarius aligns the consistent purpose of the Sun with inspiration (Jupiter) and discerning right from wrong. This is a placement where we pursue our “truth” consistently – sometimes in spite of whether that truth is actually “True” or not.

Meaning, Sagittarius may also be a sign of dogma, not actual wisdom. In that case, if we are more dogmatic than wise, the Sun in Sagittarius may just fuel our beliefs with the force of our entire mind, body and soul. Those beliefs may liberate or constrain. It s a mistake to think that the “inspiration” of Jupiter and Sagittarius is always a good thing. Nazism or Fascism are also beliefs, and those beliefs are defended with as much force (and often time MORE force) than kind and wise ones.

Questioning our beliefs and pursuing a higher, transcendent and inclusive course, is the highest expression of Sagittarius. When the consistent vision of the Sun connects to this environment, immense greatness and hope is possible.

This hope keeps our life on track – not just our worldly life, but also our spiritual life. inn this case a great source of fulfillment arise from within and pervades all things.

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Sun in Sagittarius – Video

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