Story of the Zodiac Vedic Astrology

The Story of the Vedic Astrology Zodiac is Explored in This 60 Minute Video and extensive Written Report.

I evaluate the 9 major texts that reveal the Story of the Zodiac



Story of the Zodiacs


Table of Contents

1. Introduction
2. What is Astrology
3. Observable science
4. Confirmation Bias and the RAS Effect
5. Ancient Text 1 – Mul.Apin the First Zodiac
6. Ancient Text 2 – Bhagavata Purana
7. Ancient Text 3 – Surya Siddhanta
8. Ancient Text 4 – Yavana Jataka
9. Ancient Text 5 – Tetra Biblos
10. Text 6-8 Varahamihira – Brihat Jataka – Brihat Samhita – Panchasiddhantika
11. Ancient Text 9 – Brihat Parashara Hora Sastra
12. Nakshatra Connections to Signs and the Mayans
13. A Personal, Compelling Experience with the Zodiacs
14. Conclusion and Few Indisputable Facts

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Several years ago I became interested in studying the origins of the Zodiac, as well as the convergence of Eastern and Western astrology systems. Now, I have decided to publish my thoughts and findings on the matter.

This study is equally for the “Sidereal is the Correct Zodiac” enthusiasts, who claim Vedic astrology is using the “correct” zodiac. It is also for the newly emerging “Tropical Zodiac Vedic astrology ” enthusiasts, who now assert the Sidereal Zodiac is a mistake of the Dark ages, the Indians lost knowledge of the precession of the Zodiacs, and on and on.

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