Stellar Relationships Discount

Stellar Relationships Discount

[title color=”blue-vibrant” align=”scmgcleft” font=”georgia” style=”normal” size=”scmgc-4em”]Look Over My Shoulder As I Show Beginners the Secret Keys That Allow You to See Into Your chart and End the Suffering Once and For All.[/title]


Hey there, It’s Sam.

Relationship heart aches are some of the most painful experiences in life.

Relationship triumphs are some of the most rewarding.



On a recent weekend in San Francisco I walked a select group of students through universal principles of relationships that have been around since time immemorial.

They not only listened to themes and concepts,..

They Learned How These Principles Come to Life in
Actual Astrology Charts and Now You Can Learn Too.

More Than 10 Hours of Teaching


ONLY $179.00
79.00 Special
(With Coupon Code RELAT-13)

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