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Solar eclipse in Leo September 13, 2015

There will be a solar eclipse in Leo on September 13, 2015. The solar eclipse happens in the early morning, with the North node in Virgo. A North node eclipse activates a new cycle, where as a south node eclipse closes the door behind previous one.

Solar eclipse in Leo September 13, 2015 – VIDEO


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In this case, we see many themes of this Leo/Virgo energy. Leo is a sign of government, and power in Virgo is the sign of having to organize that power into structures and tasks. Also, Virgo is where communication is important, and a certain level of “checks and balances” of those in power.
We can see these things playing out on both a global scale and a personal one. The political climate in the United States right now shows this quite clearly. Where brazen, outspoken candidates Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders have both shaken up their respective party lines. Internationally, we see a humanitarian crisis, a logistical nightmare, unfolding as Syrian refugees flee tyranny and death.

Sun / Jupiter in Leo
Jupiter in Leo has shown both an environment of hope, as well as a disappointment in those we had invested our hopes in. This astrologer predicted a conservative backlash against liberal social decisions, like gay marriage, a couple of months ago. We saw this week a Kentucky clerk refusing to issue a marriage license to a gay couple. She has now become an inspiring figure. We also see a lot of “blind faith” surrounding the candidacy of Donald Trump. Never before have we seen someone get so far by saying so little. Meaning, he offers no specifics, seems to be wildly misinformed, he even openly declares that he gets a lot of his advice from TV shows, etc. – to Say nothing of his constant thin-skinned attacks on everyone, especially women and their appearance. Yet he leads the Republican race.

In the coming months, with Mercury turning retrograde, and the sun and other planets going through Virgo, voters will insist on more specifics from Mr. Trump. I believe this will be when the wheels finally come off his novelty train.

Mars/Venus in Cancer
there’s been a lot of accommodating energy the last few months, as Mars has been in cancer and so has Venus. The desire to connect with our partners is great now. It may also be compromising our willingness to stand up for our principles. We may see this change in the next week, when Mars enters Leo.

Purva Phalguni Nakshatra
This Nakshatra is related to the Vedic God called “Bhaga”, the God of delight. It is the part of Leo which enjoys the luxury of power. It is also the part which can be generous with that wealth, or selfish. Is important now to allow others to benefit from our wealth and riches, rather than keeping it all to yourself. Notice where you are cliquish or just existing within an echo chamber of ideas.

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