When Saturn and the Sun aspect each other sets up the sort of internal tug-of-war, between two of the most important planets for our spiritual growth and development the Sun and Saturn In many ways they are similar. Both the Sun and Saturn share one important theme: power6a0133f538e9e4970b016768819dfa970b-500wi

The sun is the ultimate power. It is the maker of everything, the life force itself. Without the sun there would be no life or vitality. All of the food we eat is simply sunlight in one form or another. The sun also refers to how we use our vitality to live a life of meaning and purpose. But it also shows how we lose ourselves, and our true power, in the external world – especially in power struggles with others.

Saturn is the real overlord here on earth though. As Saturn rules the limitations of earth, including the biggest one of all, time. no one wants to waste their time, because wasting our time is wasting our vitality (the sun).

Saturn Sun Opposition Aspect in Vedic Astrology – Video